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  1. Regulator, rectifier or both?

    Hey meadowfield: Thanks for the response. When I measured such high DC voltage I knew enough to ask rather than hook it up to the battery and carry on. I built the rectifier cause it cost $6 rather than the $50 plus I saw on line for the proper replacement part. Obviously the stock unit uses more than diodes like I did. Does anyone know what else is in that "brick" other that rectifying diodes? :eusa-think: :eusa-think:
  2. Regulator, rectifier or both?

    hey can whlvr: Ingenious...nah............ I copied the design from a youtube video. It works fine, I hope someone can answer my question about regulating the voltage and no load versus load. I live in Hamilton.
  3. Hi Guys: Checking the charging system on my 312-8. found this after chasing wires. It was attached to the fan shroud with two bolts. I did a bit of reading and got out my meter to measure. I grounded one of the bolts directly to the battery to be sure of a good ground. The outside terminal supplied AC voltage in the 30 volt range at mid throttle and more at higher rpm. The center terminal connected to a violet colored wire. There was no output voltage. Did some more reading and figured the unit was N.F.G. Built this out of 6 amp diodes from The Source (Canadian version of Radio Shack).for $6. Connected it to the original flat plug at the engine shroud. The violet colored center DC wire dissapears behind the shroud and reappears at the back of the motor and connects to a molex where the wires change colors. I cut the wire at this point to ensure that if my creation did not work, I could contain the damage. I took my measurements at the cut point. It works and changes the AC from the stator to DC. The DC output voltage is almost as high as the input voltage when checked with no load. Will I need to regulate this voltage or will the load (100 watt fornt lights) lower the voltage?
  4. I followed your post. I like the creativity and the way you worked through the problems without quitting. I've used cookie sheets for many many things. Rarely, if ever, to make cookies. There is a guy about 10 minutes from me selling several snow blowers for everything from a Craftsman to a JD. Cheap too. After seeing your work I thought about going to pick one up to fit on a Horse and selling it. My next project is going to be the generator mount fabrication. I would like to sell them...or anything I make for that matter. Including these skis. I'm not looking to make a killing, I just like tinkering, and building. A powder coat oven would be nice....thinking out loud. Hey chinoman: I quit several times during my creation. I quit for lunch and dinner and slowed right down after a couple of pints...... My intent was never to buy a complete unit and spend a fortune. I found the blower online and had to do lots of research from the pic in the ad to find out what it was. The P.O had no idea what brand or its age. I knew I would have to do fabrication to make the two pieces come together. You have seen the voyage in my post. The cookie sheets just sort of happened. I found it would cost over $20.00 to buy sheet metal to make a cover, so $6 for 3 cookie sheets seemed a better idea. They don't require paint either! Well a bit of paint where I welded them.......what a job that was. Like you I would like to sell some of my creations if only to recoup the material cost to continue tinkering. My wife often asks me if I could have bought the same thing for less than what it costs to create. The answer of course is..... "This is CUSTOM and would cost way more than what I have invested"
  5. Hey chinoman. Nice work. Are those skis made out of the same cutting board as your fist attempt?
  6. Hey chinoman: Awesome repurposing of a cutting board! I repurposed 2 cookie sheets to create a chain guard. Check it out. I have a cutting board I could sacrifice ( borrow) ...... I could see fashioning it into blower shoes......... Keep me posted, please!
  7. Thanks can whlvr: I have seen the posts about rubber chains. I really hope I don't need them. I was thinking if the wheels spin I am probably trying to move forward too fast. The blower turns at an insane speed, so unless the snow is over a foot deep or deeper or real wet and heavy I think I will be ok if I choose a lower gear and slow down. I have done the neighborhood drives and sidewalks for 10 years with a walkbehind and the only time the wheels broke traction was clearing the plow remnants from the end of the drive. I learned it was easier to step down a gear or two and keep going rather than kill my back trying to force the machine forward with the wheels spinning. Oh and Merry Christmas :)
  8. Hey can whlvr: I am gonna try a cement and sand combo like I stated earlier. I have one steep drive to do, not crazy steep maybe 10 degrees from level. I can't use chains, I just replaced my drive and the other 4 I do are concrete. Gonna have to wait for snow to see if I need any weight other than my fat butt... :)
  9. Hey HorseNUT: Thanks for clarification.
  10. Skids, Shoes, Skis advice needed.

    Hi Guys: A twist on my original question. Has any one experienced a problem with the shoes scratching concrete or asphalt? What did you do to avoid it?
  11. Skids, Shoes, Skis advice needed.

    Thanks wallfish: I have been following that post. Trying to find a local source for the plastic required.
  12. Hey HorseNUT: It looks like the belt is touching the axle. Is it just my eyes?
  13. 60" two-stage snowblower.

    Thanks Gary! That made me laugh out loud!
  14. Hey chinoman: I just posted a question you may be able to answer... How did your skis turn out? Got pics?
  15. Hi Guys: I have a question for all you experienced snow blower operators. What are the best shoes, skids to use on a blower like this that will not scratch up my asphalt drive or my neighbors concrete drive? I have them set to keep the scraper blade about 1/16" or so above the ground and the lead edge of the blower body up about 1/4". The shoes on this unit have 3 bolts on each for adjustment. and are about 10" long and 3/4" wide.