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  1. need some onan help

    picked up a 78 D160 with the onan engine that needs a crankshaft and piston. the numbers on the tag is BF-MS 3268F. I have been looking around my local craigslist and see a lot of onan engines for sale and also parts. If I find a engine with the same letters (BF MS) does that mean the parts will fit my engine? Any help on this? thanks wk.
  2. D160 onan engine swap?

    Picked up a 78 D160 with the onan twin, has anybody had any luck swapping in a later onan 16 or 18. The engine in the d160 has a bad crank and broken conn rod. I have a 16 onan out of a early to mid 80s C series, just wondering if anybody has tried the swap. The onan with the bad crank is a BF/MS 3268F can anyone tell me where I can find the parts diagram for this engine. thanks wk.
  3. I am looking for hard copies of service,parts,owners,manual for 74 d180. Usually you can find all that stuff on EB but no. would prefer paper copies but if not available a download. thanks
  4. sundstrand trans

    excellent thanks pfrederi
  5. sundstrand trans

    can anyone tell me when they stopped using the sundstrand trans on C tractors?
  6. Going to remove the hydro pump from my 75 D180. Can anyone give me a quick run down on removing the pump. do you remove it from underneath, or remove the motor, any info will help as I have no experience in doing this. thanks. wk.
  7. D series transmission?

    there are 4 files here, do I need to look at all, or any in particular
  8. D series transmission?

    I spoke to the guy that is trying to sell it, he stated that he has had it about 10 years and the guy before him had put in a new or rebuilt short block and a rebuilt trans. He stated that it does not move in forward or reverse and the 3 point hitch stopped work also. I am mechanically inclined but know nothing about these trannys. With what I have told you here what would be your best guess? thanks
  9. Looking at purchasing a mid 70s D series wheel horse with bad trans. will any other model trans fit these old beast or is it strictly the d series? thanks wk.
  10. will grader blade fit

    Ok, thanks bob
  11. will grader blade fit

    I have a 77 C120, What is a long frame?
  12. I picked up a 50 in mid mount grader blade model 0750bm03, 1990. I think I read somewhere that this blade won't fit the older tractors. does anyone know any different. Did toro change the frame length or something on the newer style tractors made after 86? thanks wk.
  13. 16HP tecumseh

    just picked up a 74 C160 with the tecumseh engine. the po tells me it had no spark and many of the wires are cut. Does this motor need 12V to make it spark? if so which wire. I spoke to my local dealer and he told me that the coils are no longer available. Are there other tecumseh engines that the coil is the same? Can't find much info on these old engines, any help would be great! thanx. wnk.
  14. no spark

    went through the test procedures and found it had a bad coil, no continuity between spark plug wire holes. thanx for everyones help. wnk.
  15. no spark

    thanx buzz, thats exactly what I was looking for wnk.