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    1973 8hp 4speed stock will be a 14hp 4speed with 1 1/8 axles
    for pulling
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    Round hoods/1973 8hp

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  1. wheelie bars

    5 inch from back of the wheels and 5 above the ground
  2. wheelie bars

    they are the true carlisles they tires not do not have the same rims in them they are the 12's but they are 11 3/4 12 rims
  3. wheelie bars

    want to build my wheelie bars i will be running 26's how far back from the rear axles to the front of the wheels on the wheelie bars 5in fron the back of the tires
  4. pulleys

    baerpath only going to be running the four speed 1st second and third rear end with 26's cant run the adjustable pulleys
  5. what is the stock belt pulley size for a 8hp 4speed model number 1-0110 and also what is the outside dia of the idler pulley for the same tractor
  6. pulleys

    ok i am going to be using the stock 4 inch pulley on my puller what sizes should i use on the engine a 14hp kohler
  7. feel like heading to Estherville Iowa to do a little ass kicking

  8. does anyone have any 2x8 or 2x10 boards up to 16ft

  9. i need to go get my drink on one of these days with the VB's boys

  10. hey friends in iowa where in my area of schaller can i buy strait E-85

  11. what the f%^k i hear that the minnisota vikings might be moving to LA i dont think so if it does what the f@*k who in the hell am i going to watch, the chefs suck, the rams suck denver not very good and the bears no may be the packers maybe but that is a big maybe i don't know messed up WHAT IS UR 5 cents WORTH

  12. Wheel Horse Super Stock Pulling Tractor

    so what u did to this is built your own frame and added a cub tranny so u got any drawing of this frame an how u built it
  13. kohler recoil

    no longer for sale