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  1. Coles Burban

    I found the thread for it. There are more Wheel Horses on the second page. http://www.s10forum.com/forum/f42/lifted-lowered-lawn-mowers-436522/
  2. A tractor I could fit in the back of my vw golf!

    The tractor looks very cool! The new rims and tires make it look sweet!
  3. Another What Is It Worth?

    Now he relisted it on craigslist for $450 and sent me an email saying $425...
  4. Another What Is It Worth?

    Let's hope you get the Horse! Looks good and, of course, you want it! You NEED it! Then of course, the Horse will need a companion or two or three, probably more. Let the forum know how you make out. Thanks!! Yeah these old Wheel Horses are very neat and its hard just to have one of them!! lol I will let you know if I get it! If I bought I would hold on to it. Probably buy AG tires for it to make it look cooler. Maybe in few years it could be worth more?
  5. Another What Is It Worth?

    Thanks for the input guys! I really do like it because an original owner Wheel Horse is kind of hard to come by along with all of the original manuals. I now offered $350 and that is my last offer.
  6. Another What Is It Worth?

    Now he is saying $525.
  7. Another What Is It Worth?

    I offered $300 and waiting to see what happens!
  8. Another What Is It Worth?

    He said he is the original owner and has all the original owners manuals. Does that increase the value any?
  9. Another What Is It Worth?

    Thanks for the help guys! I asked what he wants for it and he says $650. I asked him if hes the original owner and if he had any manuals and still waiting for an email back. I think $350 would be the top amount I would pay if he was the original owner.
  10. Another What Is It Worth?

    I recently found a 1980 Wheel Horse B-81. It runs and drives and is in good condition with a new battery. Comes with the mower deck and a leaf collector. What is it worth? Thanks!
  11. Hey Jake Kuhn

    Happy Birthday!! Is that going on the 401??
  12. Winter ready, so ....let me OUT!

    Nice collection of tractors!
  13. Lambert 666

  14. Lambert 666

    Well I got it running today!!!
  15. Wheel Horse Walkbehind??

    No it is pretty close to me, but the guy never emailed me back. I will have to email him again tomorrow!