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  1. 1056 k-301 starter gen.not charging.

    I'm having the same issue with my 1056 and a 857.It's not charging.how do you set the regulator.
  2. Battery not charging

    Ok it has a kohler with start gen.How can I test the regulator to see if it's charging.
  3. Battery not charging

    Hello fella's I recently restorted a tractor that I got over the winter time.My battery is not charing so i'm thinking when I got the tractor it was not charging then also.does anyone have any idea's as what chould be causing this.
  4. Not charging battery.

    Hey guys can someone please call me I just redone a model 1056 but the battery is not charging and can't figure out why.I'm much better at talking to someone on the phone then to read on the computer any idea's.please call me at cell 1401 339-6570 thanks.
  5. I may have scored

    Sorry guys I didn't get it cause the tranny was acting funny and for some reason it would engage for no reason start going again.
  6. I may have scored

    Hi guys I may have scored a gt-14 for $350 with snowblower in running condition.Can anyone tell me if those tractors are good and whet to look for.I basically want to sell all and keep this one for personal use.Does a long frame plow fit on this tractor thanks any info is helpful.
  7. battery not charging

    hi guys I just finished a model 1056 put a new battery in it and the battery is now completely dead. How can I check to see if the battery is being charged I have a 10 horse with the starter generator any advice.
  8. Wheel horse 12 automatic

    cool maybe I will keep it then.How hard is it to replace the rings on a 12 horse.The guy says it blows smoke so I'm thinking it's blowin by the rings.
  9. Wheel horse 12 automatic

    I really don't know what im gonna do with it yet.I might trade for a 854 round hood not sure yet or might keep it for parts or flip.I already have 6 wheel horse and im running out of room LOL.How are these automatics for plowing.
  10. Wheel horse 12 automatic

    It is a 12 automatic for $50 engine needs rings but complete.
  11. Wheel horse 12 automatic

    I was driving by an old farm house a spotted a wheel horse just sittng there with no engine and no hood and thought to myself should I stop or forget about it well I turned around and went back no one was home to answer the door so i went back yesterday and the guy was outside feeding the beef cows i just had to ask what was up with the tractor he said the engine was blowning smoke right by the rings and that he was going to fix it but does not have time now so he asked if i was interested in the tractor I said yes. I was the first person who even asked for the tractor.He was going to junk it next week if I didn't asked for it so make a long story short I got the complete tractor for a cool $50.00 with the hood and motor.Can anyone tell how are these automatics.
  12. Should I trade

    I'll have to do that tomorrow thanks.
  13. Should I trade

    I just traded a mowerdeck and $75 for a great running 1056 but it needs a both belt guards does anyone have them for sale.I'm also picking up a model 857 from the same guy with mower tomorrow feeling lucky all of a sudden :-)
  14. Should I trade

    Hey guys I just want to know,should I trade a 42" mowerdeck and $75 dollars for a model 1056 tractor with HI/LO range.I always loved these tractor with the different front grilles on them.I want to hear the motor run first before I even trade.The guy also has a 857 model with mowerdeck but no HI/LO range which one is better for a trade please help me out thanks
  15. It runs only with starter engaged

    How can I do that.