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  1. hi, I am new to this forum although I have used Wheelhorses for cutting for a long time now. I am near Horndean and have recently bought a 416-8 which although I am pleased with overall, has a tortured pto clutch/housing. I thought I'd try and find a used one before getting to the buying a new one stage . Can you help or

    any thoughts?

    thanks Andy



  2. My name is Barry...

    Hello Barry welcome to the forum. I have two 312-8's and I'm well pleased with them. I can't help with the deck problem except to say you are going down the right road if you find a good fabricator or maybe blacksmith type guy. I see sevens have been mentioned in your previous comments. Before I got into tractors, I spent a very happy 18 months stripping and rebuilding and driving a classic caterham 7. It had to go regretably. Hope to have a chat at the show. Jeff
  3. D-200 Automatic restoration project (re posted)

    Andy well l like the suggestion I should get one of the cross channel hovercraft up and running as transport to the show. If you could give me a hand refitting the 4 Rolls Royce Proteus gas turbines ( I'm just getting my head round a single cylinder Kohler!) and then we could hover the 165 ton craft down the slip on a cushion of air. Plenty of room for all, they used to carry 60 cars, 300 people. Got my second 312-8 up and running on a relatives small holding near Chichester. It's gratifying that the tractors are being used. Though on both 312-8's ( Magnum12 engines) the fuel inlet needle has a habit of getting stuck up it's hole when not in use for a while. Anybody have any suggestions? Whittling the herd down a bit so my tatty but running C125 is going to have to go, if you know anyone before I flea bay it in a few weeks. Keep up the good work. Hope to make the show but horseless unfortunately. Jeff
  4. D-200 Automatic restoration project (re posted)

    Hi Andy just to say that your D 200 is looking great. I've got the decals on the 312-8 now and not to be outdone with your Landrover picture, I attach picture of the SRN5/6 Well Deck hovercraft, with a landy and the wheel horse aboard. Regards Jeff.
  5. Heres a couple of pictures of my 312-8 working at the Hovercraft Museum. It's up together now and doing good work towing disabled hovercraft around the site. Just need to put on the new decals. The ice cream van was Topgear's atempt at a hovercraft. The Princess Anne did the Channel crossing as a ferry for many years. More hovercraft info at www.hovercraft-museum.org Regards to all , Jeff
  6. Identify this

    Thanks Lars I did wonder if it was a Gutbord . German made I think. All the best for now.
  7. Identify this

    Over in Sweden at the moment. There's a lot of grey fergies over here in the south, but I'm yet to spot a Wheel Horse. I did find this little beauty last year but it disappeared before I could indentify it. See Picture attached. Any clues? 2 inches of snow here. won't be putting in me spuds yet then.
  8. 312-8 manual

    thankyou Dan and Garry, Now I have plenty of homework. Jeff
  9. There's another C in my stable

    Looks good Andy, I'm looking for a snow plough with a view to taking one of the tractors to Sweden where I would have real use for the plough, maybe the GT 14. Last winter we had 2ft of snow which meant alot of shovelling. I,m sure Knusern can understand that. Good luck, Jeff
  10. 312-8 manual

    Thankyou meadowfield, we are gathering strength down here. Hope the GT 14 is progressing. Hello Martin I have copied the PDF's and will go through them soon. they look usefull. Thankyou.
  11. 312-8 manual

    I am looking for a manual for a 312-8. The ID plate on the rear mudguard/seat base reads : ID E112K802 35001 MADE IN USA 9257 I got nowhere using the Toro download site. I have managed to download the Magnum manual ok. Very pleased to have met "Farmer" and "Wheeledhorseman" recently. I am hoping to get my 2 312-8s back in order. I want to work them this spring. One is Registered with the DVLC. I have applied for a V5. Zero tax. I presume I will still need insurance to use it on the road and there will be some restrictions. The Gt 14 I gained in my recent round up seems to have been "messed about with" it is fitted with a 4 speed manual box, just welded on to the angle chassis where the old auto box was cut off. And the 4 stud wheels have a spacer/adaptor fitted between the 5 stud gear box flanges and the wheels. Oh well all good fun. Feather20a
  12. Member Map - let's see a few more of you.

    Sorry, I probably didn't explain it very well. It took me a while to figure the Member Map out. Click on Member Map, its on the main forum page menu at the top. (the last one after 'Classified') On the map of the world find a 'blue hotspot' in Europe and click on it. You will see 2 members in Norway, 1 in Spain, several in the UK. To mark on the map where you live you have to zoom in on your town using the tool at the top left (just like Google maps) When you have found your town you can add your location to the map so that we can see where you live. Hope this helps Andy Hello Andy I see you are just down the road a bit. I am resident in Sweden as well as UK, but the location facility only allows for one location it seems. Any way round that? Also I'm not that sure of my way round the site yet. How do I list my loverly stock of Horses?
  13. UK/SWEDEN Newbie

    The 400 series smallest engine was a 14hp so what you have are 312-8's. Not a lot of differences between 300's and 400's. The 300's came with smaller 6" front rims and 400's came with 8" front rims unless the 400 was sold with a 37"side discharge deck. The 300's often had a 4 pinion transaxle with 1" axles while the 400 would of came with an 8 pinion with 1-1/8" axles. This info is based on how it is over here in the states. The European machines are often different than they are over here. Mike........... Thanks again. One other queiry I have . The C141 and the 12 auto are both made in Belgium. When I go to get manual/ info from toro website , it doesn't regonise the serial numbers. Is there a list available to cross check the details.
  14. UK/SWEDEN Newbie

    Thanks Mike , First one Has a K301 s Serial no 8344451 Which tells me 1979 I think, 12hp Second 2 . Whats the difference between 300 and 400 series? both mine are M12s engines. Third one I like alot. Shame it seems it is not original. This one I'm unsure about all the pedal/ brake connections( not much on tractor just a load of bits of metal in a box., Have to get an illustration/manual. Seasons greetings.
  15. UK/SWEDEN Newbie

    Hello, this is my first post. Last year I rebuilt a JD LX178 and took it to my house in Sweden. This year in the UK I purchased a WH C125. Got it together to use at work for tugging stuff around. Then came across a collection of 6 WH tractors just 500yds from my house in the UK, the collector sadly deceased. Well I took anything that was painted red in the garden! Some impliments and spares. Hooked now. so I need some info on 3 of the tractors as I can't identifiy them. I will endeavour to put photos with this post. Bear with me. This model has no ID plate these models have" Europa 8speed" on the sides. Both with Kohler Magnums. This model 14hp, longer and cast front. (with plastic tank behind -which I need renewing) I think 4 speed gear box. Id plate reads model 1 0502 8 then 917361 although not very clear. other models in the collection were C141 and 12 auto ( presume it's a Charger) Any info appreciated. Thanks in anticipation.