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  1. Building a Pulling engine

    How about some more info on the trans reduction housing? Where did the drop box come from? Looks very nice.
  2. Building a Pulling engine

    Chris not sure your machining capabilities but I know a couple guys that can help you if your interested. I also know of a complete 50.5 that is in the 71-73hp range on alcohol that is for sale. Really good price. far less then what your going to have into what you have to make 70hp.
  3. Kohler model K331

    The engine alone is worth 100. They are rare. You wouldnt be buying it for the gen set half. Just the engine. There hard to find. Economy tractor restorers would like to have it.
  4. JD Open Super Stock twin.

    You could make a roller motor that wasnt so abnoxious as this one. I have seen some 4500rpm roller motors. I really dont see a reason to have a roller motor in a mower or everday use engine. The flat tappet stuff is just fine. This one has billet rods, je flattops, billet steel roller cam from vogel, comp lifters, comp springs for a SBC. SBC pro mag roller rockers, Highly reworked stock heads. 12.5-1 compression. 1.200 gas carb from MWSC. Reworked stock 2 bbl intake. Crank trigger ign. 30lbs flywheel. MWSC 4 puck clutch, dart carrier and axles, 2 gear pulling setup with a hardened top shaft and gears from vogel. This winters updates are a R-1 gear change.
  5. JD Open Super Stock twin.

    Cedar springs michigan during Red Flannel last weekend.
  6. JD Open Super Stock twin.

    Although not red. I though you guys would like it. 45cid Kohler Command. Roller motor. VM11 rear tires. Cub drive train. My ole mans ride. I build his engines.
  7. Standard Tractor

    Matt it looks really good. The brass or bronze ring gear is somewhat common. The older tube frame bolens tractors are the same setup. You can take a file to the gear teeth and take the high spots off. It should be ok and not make any noise.
  8. short block for B&S in GT-1800?

    The block itself is the same between a horizontal and vertical. I know where there is a brand new block. Or there tons of verticals on mowers that can be had cheap. Just switch crank, side cover and dipper on the inside. And all the external parts.
  9. Dual Restore / Rehab

    Wait a minute, I see a Panzer 4 wheeler.
  10. K-341 TLC

    Balance gears are bad news. Especially if you did not replace the pins and bearings. They do not need to be there anyway. The crank bob weight is huge on the 16 crank. The engine is way overbalanced to start. I remove the balance gears from every kohler I do. I have had numerous singles balanced for during engine builds for pullers. You will not notice the difference in the way it runs with them in there or not in there. The rotating assembly is the same wether the engine has balance gears or not. I would take them back out. You have spent alot of money on a rebuild. The balance gears will knock when they wear. When the needles fall out of them it will make alot of bad noises and damage alot of parts. just my .02
  11. Antique trencher - Any info???

    The engine is an AEN or AENL wisconsin. Same engine just one is newer then the other. Its rated at 9.2hp at 3600. I have one set up for pulling open rpm. Good engine. Steel rod with a bearing in it fromt he factory. Tappered roller bearing mains, forged crank and rod. Oil plunger pump splash lube system. Its a plunger pump driven off the cam with a push rod that plunges up and down squirting oil at the two holes in the connecting rod. The rest is just splash from the rod beating the oil to death.
  12. Standard Tractor

    Matt that is really sweet. The clutch setup on there is it just an in-out style with a friction material of some sort? Im going to check out the decal place. Looking for vintage kohler decals for my 301.
  13. Panzer Puller Build

    Here is the hitch. All 1/2 plate. Has 2 holes on top that mount to the seat spring mount and six 1/2-13 tapped holes that bolt it on in the rear. It will hold 240lbs of the suitcase wieghts that are hanging on it. Need to finish the wheelie bars yet.
  14. Standard Tractor

    Matt what kind of ignition system does it have. Looks like some sort of early magnatron. The parts look killer. Did you get all you engine parts of ebay? I love that place. Just never see any panzer parts on there.
  15. Panzer Puller Build

    Is that a t92 trans in it Duane. Any pics of ho its setup. I as thinking of the power king trans and clutch setup in the panzer to eliminate the belt and jack shaft. Wasnt sure if the gearing is lo enough for pulling though.