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  1. ready for the winter????

    as mentioned my neighbor gave me his 312 and another neighbor gave me her snow blower for it friend helped me fabricate a lift tube today and i just finished painting the tall chute on the look out for chains and weights (some on CL but they are an hour away) looking forward to snow oh and i did route the belt correctly after the pic was taken
  2. Snow Thrower Lift Tube and Flag Dimensions

    thank you VERY much for the pics and specs ordered the flag from ebay and will go and get a steel pipe from home depot
  3. great thanks!! and yup my neighbors are pretty cool
  4. Hello all neighbor gave me a 312-8 with 1000 hours on it last week - and i got it running today and it runs great and my other neighbor gave me a 79360 snow blower - figured out how to install it and it moves perfectly but she lost the lift tube any idea where i can buy one or maybe some pictures so i can have one fabricated other than that - i'm guessing i'll need to buy some wheel chains - Thanks very much steve