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  1. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

  2. Tall Chute Snow Blower

    Changed Status to Closed
  3. The pulley definitely does not screw off from 1997 decks. However, decks from 1977 had tapered shafts. Because you have mostly newer machines I am going to assume that you did not make a typo in your original post. In the late 70's the shaft and pulley were tapered (just like the flywheel is on the engine) and it was impossible to get the pulley off without destroying it, and that was the first lesson I learned many years ago
  4. What Lynmoor said. Make sure you put the parking brake on. More than once I forgot.
  5. Tiller Help!

    If you want, send me a PM and I will give you my phone and it will save a lot of time
  6. Tiller Help!

    I was just in the middle to responding to you. Yes, that is the trick. Suggest you download a manual here as it would have told you that trick. The next thing that will perplex you is how to get the belt on to the mid idler as the belt seems to be too short. The answer is to raise up the tiller first with the lift lever. Now drive pulley on the tiller is just a week bit closer to the engine and you can pull up on the mid idler and slide the belt under it. BTW, do not forget to inset pins into the locking levers on the rear tach a matic. You do nto have to do it on a snow plow, but the tiller can jump around a bit and you do not want it to get undone in the middle of the field
  7. Tach o matic issues with C-85 mower deck

    this may seem obvious, but the easiest way to get the deck latched is: 1. Kneel on the ground on the left side of the tractor 2. With your left hand, hold item 1 in the approximate position so that the fork goes where it is supposed to go. 3. Push up on the lift lever to pull the deck up and the lift lever will latch in the up position and the deck will be held there. 4. Pull the latching dogs (the part of the hitch that moves) toward the rear of the tractor to hold item 1 into place. The latching dogs have to be grabbing item 3 in Garry's pix. If you have done all this stuff, the small spring in the tach a matic may have rusted away. In my experience, it is usually operator error that causes the deck to fall off. Don't ask how I know this.
  8. 1997 decks do not have tapered shafts and the pulley is not keyed. The pulley is rusted to the shaft. Go buy some Kroil. There are other home made recipes that others have used here, but Kroil is my go to for stubborn parts. It is 10x better than WD40 and 5x better than PB Blaster (and it costs about 4-5x the cost of PB Blaster). Spray liberally between the pulley and the shaft. Repeat every day for 4-5 bays. They try Kurt's method. A little heat will help but this stuff is flammable. There is another Kroil like material that someone here uses with great success but damn if I can remember the name of it. Like Kroil, it has also been around for 40 years. It maybe a Lucas Oil product I use Kroil for a handful of stubborn things: Hubs, steering wheels, pulleys and the pins that hold the rear tow hitch on. I am 100% successful on steering wheels and you cannot heat them!
  9. Wheel Horse Tiller

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  10. Wheel Horse Tiller

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  11. there are no tricks. If you have a mower or owners manual and you follow it, the deck goes on like butter, 5 minutes or or off. If you do not have either manuals, you can find them here in the manuals section. If you need a more detailed reply, tell us what is the problem (details) you are having and just about anyone here will know the answer.
  12. 48" deck...100.00 WORTH IT?

    In my experience, you get what you pay for. If all you want is for its parts, maybe a good deal. A lot depends on your standards. I got a deck for free once, the shell was toast, the bearings were toast but the spindles themselves and a couple of the spindle housings were good. A 48 inch deck has a reinforcing plate on the top which will help to keep it in shape. Anything under 48 will almost always have the center spindle tilting forward and to the right. Why?-because too many people overtighten the PTO belt which puts a constant strain on the spindle assembly. Over time, the deck metal will deform. So what? -tt will not give a good cut. Probably not a big deal if you are cutting the back 5 acres, but if you are doing the front yard, you will notice it. Like I said, it depends on your standards.
  13. Gas stabilizer.

    I have been using SeaFoam. Under $7 at walmart for a can. 1 oz per gallon. If you are going to use Sta-bil, get the green kind which is used in marine engines. I have been told that the red sta-bil contains alcohol (to absorb water) and lord knows there is already 10% alcohol in the gas at the pump. I am a snowbird. I see first tropical depression is heading your way. Let's hope this season is kinder than last season
  14. Glen Pettit, in the vendors section has them. There is another thread going on right now on this subject. Check it out
  15. 416's front wheels 8"

    I cannot remember ordering the washer separately, however it was 4 years ago and with age, the memory is not so accurate. I likely did buy them from Jacks Small Engines.