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  1. I had the same problem on my 1981 C125 (gas cap would not fit well), yet on my 1978 C141 which I restored a few years earlier, the replacement fit very well. The earlier replacement was a Toro OEM while the later was a Stens part (I was being cheap). These caps are pretty widely used and perhaps the difference is in the tank design which causes the Toro cap to fit better

    that tractor is a lawn tractor and best suited for cutting grass. If you try to use it for any heavy duty work (like moving snow) you will break something. Just my opinion. There are a few RS members who have these units. Maybe they will chime in with their experience.
  3. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Spending my second winter in FL while my machines are wintering in the shed and garage up north. I don't miss the snow, but it is fun looking at the pix everyone has posted. My neighbor is clearing the drive with his JD 318. I left the 5xi set up and ready to go just in case he has a mechanical problem with his JD. He took the 5xi out during one of the heavy December snows and his feedback was "that is a nice machine" (with a tinge of jealousy). I am mentally prepared to begin selling the fleet in the spring as it looks like FL will be our permanent home. It will be a sad day when that happens. To all of you dealing with the snow, be safe and spring is only 5 weeks away!
  4. sinngle stage CL score!

    Great minds think alike John. I use paint stirrers also, only the gallon size though
  5. Front hitch and hood mount rebuild

    I am always amazed at the stuff Cleat can make. Always well thought out and executed well. Well done.
  6. 520 xi shutting down

    In addition to what Brian and John said, there are three relays that control a lot of the safety circuits. They are on the firewall and they are all identical. One could be bad. Find which one is in the starting circuit and switch it around to see if the problem goes away. If it goes away, switch it back to the original position and see if the problem back. If it doesn't go away, then it is either the ignition switch or the wire at the back of the switch connector in the "run" position. I do not think it is a safety switch as the engine will not even crank with one of them not working.
  7. I also remember the belt length as being about 110 inches. One thing to note, the small idler pulley position may be different on a single cylinder installation v. a twin. Pull a copy of the tiller manual from the manuals section on RS to be sure. As I recall, the description of where to put the pulley on the idler assembly is in there.
  8. sinngle stage CL score!

    Looks like a nice blower, but from the pix it appears to have been repainted. So, unless it was sitting outside for a long time and only been used 5 times, why should it need repaint? The fact that the wings are on backwards also makes me wonder as well. Before you fire it up, check all the bearings, idlers and chain. A few hours of maintenance will pay great dividends in the middle of a howling blizzard. Also, flip it over and check the scraper bar on the bottom. It can be reversed if needed v. buying a new one. I have two of these and although they make a lot of noise, they work great on powdery snow, not so much on heavy wet slushy snow.
  9. Adding a Circuit

    Doing this from memory. I think I bought the terminals and fuse block from Del City. Buy the terminals separated (not in a strip). The separated ones will lock into the fuse block, the strip ones (even if you separate them) will not.
  10. Red Wheel Horse Hydro Filters

    My C125 from 1981 was like that also, but mine came off easily. The first year WH used the Eaton 1100.
  11. What did you NAME your --- WHEEL HORSE ??

    My 1978 C141 we call it "the baby", because it is the smallest machine in the herd The 2002 520xi we call it "the beast", because it is.
  12. For the spindle housing that is worn down, someone forgot to put the spacer between the lower bearing inner race and the dust cap. You can assemble it this way but over time, the steel cup will wear the soft magnesium die casting and then the hole assembly will be loose. I had one exactly the same way. The spacer is about 5/16 inch high. Check your "boxes" I think the spacer is there in all three but on the right box, the spacer may have been assembled between the hex on the shaft and the steel cup. I also use only double sealed bearings and get rid of the zerk. Too easy to over fill with grease and then the outer seal will pop off
  13. Another Bolt removal issue

    I have the same problem on one of my K-series except that it has a metal fan screen. I have resigned myself to grinding off the screw heads and then drill and retap.
  14. Carb issues Onan 16

    My 416H does the same thing lately (surging after start). However, here in MA, it has been colder than normal so I just leave the choke on a bit and within 5 minutes all is good. Winter gas which evaporates faster than summer gas has not yet hit the stations yet (at least in premium which is all I run), so I am thinking that once winter gas is here, the problem will go away. I do not have the "almost stall" problem you mention. As 953 Nut said, I could have a vacuum leak which goes away once things warm up. If you have a real bad vacuum leak, you will know it. It will run like crap all the time. My neighbor has a JD 318 from the 80's and he finally fixed the leaky manifold.
  15. I must lead a charmed life. When I put in the hydro pedal kit in my 416H, I was able to get the steering wheel off without a problem. I tried all sorts of shenanigans to try to get the original motion control lever off without taking off the steering wheel and eventually I succumbed and with patience I succeeded. The only issue I had is the foot board antiskid on 1996 and later are thick and the cast reverse pedal travel is limited because of it. I had to grind a bit off the backside. Motion is still limited in reverse, but I enjoy it every time I take the machine out to play