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  1. 314-8 PTO Killing Engine

    I cannot tell you about the no reverse switch on the 1999 machines, mine is a 1998. However, on my 2002 5xi, (with electric PTO) there is a switch under the seat that you must turn to keep the PTO engaged in reverse. You have to be on the seat to engage it and if you get off, it will shut everything down. It is a must have if you are snowblowing.
  2. can't pull front wheel off!

    I am hard to believe that your wheel bearings are not standard sized. WH has been using these standards as far back as the late 1970's (which is when I bought my first WH). The wheel bearings do have a flange on one side to keep you from pressing them in too far. See the pix posted by WHX12 in this thread on Sep 21. As long as you have 3/4 axles and 1.375 in wheels, the standards should work just fine
  3. Getting Snowblower Prepped

    One other part to get is a spare spring that goes on the side of the blower and keeps the tension on the belt. If it breaks, you are dead in the (frozen) water. I agree with Squonk, spare parts have legs. I have a box for ALL spare parts. That way I have only one "go to" place. Of course that does not help when I forget to put the spare parts in the spare part box!
  4. One last thing I thought of. Carefully pull off the foot treads and clean off all the junk under them. If you are lucky, there will not be any rust lurking there. If you break off the plastic fasteners, most autoparts stores have them
  5. Ignition switch connectors.

    I have used Waytek wire and Del City. Both are good but minimum order qty makes them unattractive to me. But then again, some of you have bigger herds to maintain
  6. Ignition switch connectors.

    These are DELPHI PACKARD 2965867. they are for 14-16 gauge wire. There are different numbers for 18-22 gauge wire. You can get them on ebay for $8 plus $2.50 shipping for a pack of 25. Make sure you get the tin plated connectors. Unplated brass is not as good
  7. I think your rattle can paint job is pretty darn good. I wish mine came out as nice.
  8. My tractor melted

    I bought the connectors and terminals on ebay from a company called MJMNational (at least that is how the Paypal showed up on my credit card). Had to buy some minimal number of connectors and terminals but it way cheaper than getting them from other sources and paying a hefty shipping cost. If you go the route suggested by Bob Maynard, that is perfectly fine, just make sure you use tin plated connectors. Unplated brass will become a problem down the road.
  9. It is a shame the way people treat these machines. You did all the right things and it cleaned up quite nicely. I have a 1998 and I recently had to add a conventional clutch return spring because the gas strut was getting tired. Make sure you get the air cleaner back on before the mice move back in. Also, mine had a slow oil leak on the right side engine cover. Kohler used RTV in lieu of gaskets on these engines. I had it repaired-not really a functional problem, I just like my machines to be as perfect as possible. You will like your tractor (except for all the blasted safety interlocks). Although, I must say, my wife cannot drive this tractor with the brake engaged
  10. My tractor melted

    You can get aftermarket regulators on ebay for under $30. Three terminal connector bodies do not seem to be available anymore. I just bought 4 terminal bodies
  11. 9 pin connectors????

    One of the RS vendors, I think it is Glen Petit, makes covers that go on the fuse blocks to keep out water, grass clippings etc.
  12. 42 and 48 deck rollers and wheels?

    I have been using Stens or SJM Parts. SJM I think is in FL so they may be having a few problems right now. I have found that Stens parts bought thru SJM are cheaper than buying Stens direct.
  13. 9 pin connectors????

    Guys, I don't want to rain on your parade (no pun intended) but moisture is not the primary culprit here. It is heat. Sealed connectors came into widespread use because of low voltage/currents could not break thru the oxide on the connectors. A proper connector has a gas (not gasoline) tight seal at the interface between the two parts. The sliding motion of assembly scrapes the oxide from the connector surface and gives a bare zinc mating surface. For low currents, gold is way better since gold does not oxidize. On the Onan WH applications, that connector sits real close to the rear cylinder and it gets real hot. The heat will cause the connector male/female parts to relax (lose compression) and pretty soon you have none at all. When that happens you will get arcing between the male/female parts and now the connector housing will melt and you have a mess. It is not just an Onan problem. I recently had to replace the connectors to the voltage regulator on my C141. The first sign of trouble was that the connector body was melted. A couple of weeks ago, I peeked under there and i could actually see the sparks jumping between the two terminals. So I bit the bullet and ordered new terminals, connector bodies, and a regulator just for good measure. Of course this machine is almost 40 years old so some failure is expected. Deutsch Connectors are great products. Caterpillar uses them almost exclusively and you know what kind of crappy environments their machines have to work in. Twenty years from now, they may need replacing, but many of us will not be around either
  14. Buy new set screws (with the square head). They are about $1 each for high quality ones. Do not reuse the old ones. Do not forget to put never seize on the key and keyway too