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  1. Tiller drive belt and idlers

    I think the belt length is 140.5 or 141.5. Buy a WH belt. you can get the P/N from the IPL which I am sure is available in the manuals section. Idler bearings are not replaceable. You can buy new idlers from a variety of on line retailers, Jacks Small Engine or Mowpart to name two. Again, download the IPL for the tiller and you will be all set.
  2. Front tire replacement.

    The easiest way is to go to Harbor Freight where you can buy a small tire changer for under $40. There is a learning curve to using it but once you have it mastered, there is no better way. Indispensable if you have horses. If you do not want to spend the $40, make a semi circle out of wood to match the tire rim diameter. Put it onto the tire and then drive over the wood with your car. That will break the bead. You still need to get the old tire off and you will need tire spoons for that. My advise, spend the $40
  3. Dave, here is how I did my 5xi. Jack up the tractor so both wheels are off the ground. With the selector in neutral, start the tractor and let it warm up. Once warm, there should be no movement of the wheels, either forward or backward. Loosen the hex bolt that goes thru the bigger hex cam. Turn the cam one way or another until the wheels stop moving. Tighten down the hex bolt. What you are doing is adjusting neutral creep. When neutral creep is zero, the forward and reverse speed should be at factory spec. My 5xi would only do 5-5.5 in forward. After I set neutral creep, it was back to 7.5, factory spec. How do I know? I went for a ride on the tractor, holding with my bicycle garmin in my hand.
  4. The end of the road

    Thx, I will check into it. I have seen one one or two custom carts with big block motors (Briggs Vanguard Twins seem to be popular) that have real clutches so the motor does not shutdown when you take your foot off the accelerator. Ufortunately, golf carts are just not engineered to behave like cars so flipping them on turns and stopping them can be a challenge. Most carts are governed to 20 mph, but owners sometimes bugger the governor to eek out a bit more speed. When I follow a cart on my bicycle, I can tell who is "illegal" since I can cycle at 21-22 mph and if they out run me, they are cheating.
  5. I have not looked, but somewhere on RS, I do remember someone finding them and making an adapter so they could mount behind the st'd WH bezels
  6. The end of the road

    After 39 years of Wheelhorse ownership, I am now horseless. My last and favorite tractor, the 1978 C141, will leave today for a new home. I hated to do it but we will be moving to a retirement community where there is no room and no need for these fine tractors. The shed that my 5 horses and a myriad of attachments called home is empty and hollow. Only a few oil stains on the wood floor are there to remind me of the time I spent on them, restoring, cleaning and repairing them. Over the last 7 years years, this forum has been a great source of helpful information. I have "met" several wonderful people in this virtual world who have helped me thru many problems, John Matthews (shallowwatersailor), Forest Road, Jerseyhawg (Glen) and of course Garry who always seems to have his finger on his keyboard, ready to respond with the needed manual pages. Special thanks to Glen Petit and Terry (Vinlyguy) who provided parts to add the finishing touch to make my restorations true to the originals and to Bob Maynard who was the source for replacement Molex connectors to keep my 416H electrical system in top condition. As I move on, I guess I will have to get a golf cart (although I do not golf) to have something to tinker with. I am sure there is an owners group for golf carts lurking out there, but I have yet to find it. It will be a difficult task to find an owners forum as helpful as Red Square. Cheers to all.
  7. I had a similar problem with the tail lights on my 1998 314-8. The tail lights sockets are crap. any moisture gets in there and they corrode. You can buy LED tail light assemblies for about $5 at superbriteleds.com. Look for M9x4 part number. They are a drop in replacement. Just remember that LED's are diodes and +12V has to be applied on the correct wire. Also, you will have to ground the other wire to the seat pan using a star washer to bite thru the paint
  8. Also, your mid idler spring needs to be attached to something to keep tension on the belt
  9. Davoman has one suggestion. Personally, I have not seen a misaligned rear hitch but I suppose it could happen. As Dave suggested, another possibility is that the idler on the tiller itself is not parallel to the belt line. A little bit off here means the belt is a lot off at the mid idler. Get a 10 or 12 inch adjustable wrench and tweak the bracket that holds the tiller idler opposite the direction that the belt jumps off. The steel is not hardened here so you can bend it pretty easily. Take your time, be patient and you can dial it in pretty good.
  10. 308-8 42” deck

    Either the deck is not on correctly (where it attaches to the mid hitch), a broken baffle weld on the underside, or something is bent. Pix will help us diagnose but you have to be a paying member of the forum to post pix
  11. Attachment Tuesday guys!!

  12. Tall Chute Snow Blower

    Changed Status to Closed
  13. The pulley definitely does not screw off from 1997 decks. However, decks from 1977 had tapered shafts. Because you have mostly newer machines I am going to assume that you did not make a typo in your original post. In the late 70's the shaft and pulley were tapered (just like the flywheel is on the engine) and it was impossible to get the pulley off without destroying it, and that was the first lesson I learned many years ago
  14. What Lynmoor said. Make sure you put the parking brake on. More than once I forgot.
  15. Tiller Help!

    If you want, send me a PM and I will give you my phone and it will save a lot of time