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  1. Selling out. Moving to a retirement community where I will not need all these wonderful tractors. First to go is the 2002 520xi with all attachments. It has 590 hours and the hour meter is working. I am the second owner (I think) and have owned it since 2011. It had 352 hours on it when I acquired it. Owners manuals, service manuals, parts lists (paper and electronic), and service history is included. So, here is what is up for sale: 2002 520xi tractor with 590 hours 2005 48 inch SD mower deck, Bought new in 2011. It has about 150 hours on it. 2000 48 inch SD mower deck, refurbished by me 2005 48 inch dozer blade, 2005 model, used twice 1998 42 inch single stage tall chute snow blower Kwik Way loader with pump and subframe Rupprecht’s 2 inch receiver hitch and Heavy Hitch (to mount the suitcase weights) 50 pound, cast iron wheel weights with mounting hardware and 2 link chains (6) JD 40 pound suitcase weights (only 4 are shown in the pix, but there are 6 total) Extra air and oil filters My preference is to sell as a package. Package price is $4800. Cash only and I will not ship. Posting here in RS for a week before it goes on CL
  2. My friends new 312-8

    I have a 1998 314. I have no problems with the position of the fuel tank and it starts fine (probably because it is only 20 years old). Not so much with my 40 year old C141. Have to keep the tank half full on that one especially if it is not used for 2-3 weeks. Other than an oil leak on the PTO side of the engine, (since fixed), I have had no other problems with this motor. As far as I know the drive belt is the same. My gas clutch spring gave up the ghost this past summer. I just added the traditional spring. Gotta be real careful though, pop that clutch and you will lift the front off the ground. Only negative to the newer tractors is all the safety switches and etc. The positive is that my spouse cannot drive it with the parking brake on.
  3. What is this connector called?

    Use the 4 position series 56 connector, just leave the unused position empty. That is what I used when I rewired my C125. Works perfectly
  4. Summer is Here

    Drove up from FL and passed thru Harrisburg on Saturday. Weather there was indeed delightful. Of course by the time I arrived in MA temps were in the 50's and Sunday was just awful with temps in the low 30's and windchill in the 20's. At least no snow here. I am still wondering, why did I leave FL???
  5. 314-8 Rear turf tire size options

    Here is my 2 cents on the whole tire size thing. Different manufacturers have different dimensions for the same tire "size. For example Deestones run on the smaller side. Kenda's have a wider footprint. If all you want to do is cut grass, it is not a problem. If you want to put chains on, it is a BIG problem. Case in point; I put 23x9.5 Kenda turf tires on my 416H. These replaced Titans of the same size. Work great for cutting grass. Try to put on the chains for snow blower and the chains (even after adjusting so they would fit on the tire) would rub on the sheet metal which holds the gas tank. Not to mention that they were painfully close to the spinning hydro cooling fan. I tried running the 416H without chains. Not good. Once you raise the blower and try to back up a slight incline you have no traction without chains. My solution was quite simple. Use the 5xi or better yet winter in Florida

    I second pete's suggestion. Of course by the time I get the last fall cutting done, the sun is too low in the sky and the temps too low for effective drying. So I use a combination of leaf blower and compressed air to get rid of all water on the underside. Then I use WD40 (after all the WD stands for water displacement) and liberally spray the underside. I don't have the space to leave the decks upside down so I hang them vertically on the shed wall. Yes, some of the WD40 drips onto the floor, but it is not a big deal to me.

    My decks are in pretty good condition, very little corrosion on the underside. I used to use a putty knife and wire wheel to get the dried grass off. Now all I use is a garden hose and a wire brush. Wet everything down and the grass crud will soften up nicely. A wire brush will take care of it easily. I am sure a power washer will work just fine, just be careful to NOT spray it directly near the idler bearings on the top side of the deck. The high pressure may move the seal enough to get water into the bearings and then they are toast.
  8. 42in mower deck belt tension

    to add to Lanes advice, buy a few of those plastic shoulder washers and keep them in your spare parts bin. These are the first to wear. They do not cost much so combine them into another order if you are ordering other repair parts.
  9. Mowing deck discharge preference?

    I use both. SD will disperse the clippings, RD will lay them down and then you will have to pick them up or the Mrs. will be on your case. With RD, you do get a lot of grass on top of the transaxle tunnel (but under the shift plate). No so an a SD deck. RD do not cut well if the grass is tall. You could try using high lift blades, it may improve. SD always use high lift, RD low lift (but I am sure high lift will work just fine) Due to the nature of mowing, I prefer to NOT use a SD with an Onan powered tractor. The left front wheel will kick up the clippings and then they get plastered all over the engine air intake. The same problem will occur with a Kohler engine, but the intakes are smaller, the old Kohlers are cast iron, and if you need to rebuild it because the fins got plugged, parts are available. Advantages and disadvantages to both and everyone has their favorite
  10. ID? Or is it home made? Curious parts...

    Set up reminds me of an old Panzer I saw a couple of years ago
  11. Wheelhorse front thatcher

    This is my version of a front dethatcher. Uses snow blower lift rod and yes, you can put down pressure on it.
  12. I couple of things to note. The blower should not scrape the driveway. It needs to be 1/8 to 1/4 inch between the scraper bar and the ground. a paint stirrer can be used to set the gap. I use a hair pin cotter (a big one) to attach the lift arm to the auger housing. Just makes it easier for me to get it off. However, if you are in the habit of running your blower up onto the lawn, the hairpin can be pushed off. Not a good thing in the middle of a snow storm. Keep a spare washed and hairpin cotter on hand. Garry is indeed correct on how to get the belt on. I pondered the same thing and reached the same conclusion.
  13. I had the same problem on my 1981 C125 (gas cap would not fit well), yet on my 1978 C141 which I restored a few years earlier, the replacement fit very well. The earlier replacement was a Toro OEM while the later was a Stens part (I was being cheap). These caps are pretty widely used and perhaps the difference is in the tank design which causes the Toro cap to fit better

    that tractor is a lawn tractor and best suited for cutting grass. If you try to use it for any heavy duty work (like moving snow) you will break something. Just my opinion. There are a few RS members who have these units. Maybe they will chime in with their experience.
  15. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Spending my second winter in FL while my machines are wintering in the shed and garage up north. I don't miss the snow, but it is fun looking at the pix everyone has posted. My neighbor is clearing the drive with his JD 318. I left the 5xi set up and ready to go just in case he has a mechanical problem with his JD. He took the 5xi out during one of the heavy December snows and his feedback was "that is a nice machine" (with a tinge of jealousy). I am mentally prepared to begin selling the fleet in the spring as it looks like FL will be our permanent home. It will be a sad day when that happens. To all of you dealing with the snow, be safe and spring is only 5 weeks away!