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    Watch out for the Police. They'll pull you over for disturbing the peace with that hotrod!
  2. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Whoa whoa whoa Horseies! 2 520H's with snowthrowers! Very nice. The token shoveler is nice addition too!
  3. Thinking about 520H Repower

  4. Lets see the snow rigs!

    Ah, the Magic Shed! With 20+ Wheel Horses tucked in there!
  5. Lets see the snow rigs!

    I bought it from another member 2 1/2 years ago. 400 hours.
  6. Lets see the snow rigs!

    I use 520H's at the house. A B-100 at the farm. There really has not been much snow at home to speak of in last 3 years. I've plowed twice this year. I haven't needed chains or weights yet. I set up the other 520H 3 years ago. I've still haven't given it a good workout yet.
  7. WH 518-H questions

    I would pass on it. Lessons learned the hard way.
  8. Gear lube.

    I decided to go with the GL5 80W-90. The manual says 2 quarts for the transmission. If I do that, the oil will flow out of the fill hole. I tipped the tractor up when draining the old oil. Did Wheel Horse change the transmission oil capacity from my 75 B-80 and C-100?
  9. Gear lube.

    I was at Blaines Farm n Fleet. I have a C-100 and a B-80. I used 85W-140 GL5 on those. I think that was close to manufactures suggestion. Thank you for all the suggestions. I didn't know Wal-Mart carried gear lube. I wanted to use at least a 80 weight oil. I'll post my purchase! The rubber boot on top the transmission is in great shape. Gonna leave it!
  10. Gear lube.

    The manual said SAE 90W GL-5 I'm having a hard time finding that. The 75W-90 would probably work. I just want to make sure
  11. Electric Modification question

    It was hastily installed. Wrong one but I can flip it around to work.
  12. Electric Modification question

    Picture of starter.
  13. Gear lube.

    How about this?
  14. Gear lube.

    Is this ok to use in Transmission?
  15. Looking at a 312-8

    What is the parts number for the front wheel bearings? I want to use the RS bearings that don't need grease.