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  1. The Dynamic Duo

    Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy?😂
  2. Simplicity 4108

    I don't have the space to keep it. Also, I lost interest in fixing it up.
  3. Simplicity 4108

    I sold it🙁
  4. Simplicity 4108

    A update. Using gorilla glue on the front grill. I still have to get headlights working. I have to be truthful. I lost interest in this project. I'll keep putzing with it. I had some sentimental value for this at first. But since I've been using Wheel Horse's the last 8 years.....I'm ready to scrap it! No comparison 😀. Junk!
  5. Mowing In Air Conditioned Comfort

    I think it looks cool!
  6. Mowing In Air Conditioned Comfort

    Does anyone know who manufactured that ride?
  7. Fixing a 90's Wheel Horse Tractor

    It's a axle seal. You can get a set for $10.00. Take the wheel off. Remove the hub. You can take the seal out with a small pic.
  8. Dealer List

    I was there yesterday. Bought my first Wheel Horse there in 1978!
  9. Deck id and service

    I cut triangle shaped holes into the flat steel on the underside that's used to reinforce the deck. It makes it easy to clean out. Also prevents moisture from building up and rusting out the deck.
  10. 312 creeping throttle

    I used I think a #24 bolt. The end of the bolt could be tightened with a Allen wrench. I doubled nutted the other end. I put it through the rivet hole. A lock nut is good too. Use a some blue thread lock also.
  11. Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    I'm half of a real man! I'm cabless at the farm!
  12. Simplicity 4108

  13. Simplicity 4108

    I did get a manual from the simplicity website.
  14. Simplicity 4108

    I just looked at the brake shoes again to confirm it. There's a shoe on each side of the brake disc. It looks like the only way to get the inner shoe off is by dropping transmission out. I don't see how else you would get the brake disc off. Has someone ever worked on a Simplicity before? The brakes are ok for now. But at some point that inner pad would have to be replaced. The disc would rub on the Transmission case eventually. I think it's a poor design. Um, I guess that why I have a Wheel Horse!
  15. Simplicity 4108

    It looks like I have to drop the transmission in order to remove disc. Maybe use a puller?
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