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  1. Question on a cab install

    Where'd you get the skids for your snowthrower?
  2. 520 with lower RPM’s

    Is the throttle linkage open all the way. Have tested it by using the governor?
  3. Wanted: Original Cab roof Part# 8795

    I'm looking for a Fiberglass or ABS roof made by Original Cab. Cab #P650CC01. (Part number 8795 Plastic top, long.) I'm also looking for the glass windshield with electric wiper blade. Part number 5975. Madison, WI.
  4. I recently purchased a Original Cab model P6500CC01. Minus the roof.I was told by Original Cab that the glass windshield and ABS roof that they sell would not work on my cab. Has anyone modified a new roof and glass windshield to work on this cab? Or does someone know where I might find a used roof and glass windshield for this cab.
  5. 854 snowblower

    You have all sorts of Wheel Horse treats in that magic shed!
  6. Tractors that got away

    I sold my 75 C-120 Automatic about 1 1/2 years ago. I regretted it right away. I wanted 1 of each. B-80, B-100, C-100, C-120. And eventually a C-160 Automatic. Well his wife told him he had to chose between the WH and a motorcycle. So I ended up buying it back. It looks in average conditions. But, everything works and it runs excellent. I will sell not let go of the C-120 for a long time.
  7. 12HP Case.

    I gave my 12 up case hydrostatic to a friend. He bought a case 48" snowthrower. I was wondering where I could find a manual for the snowthrower and the tractor. He needs to know what kind and how long of belt he needs for the snowthrower.
  8. The Newest Arrival—

    Been there myself. Bought a 520H about 2 1/2 years ago. Nice tractor.
  9. The Newest Arrival—

    Hmmmm. C-160?
  10. 520 Gauges

    How much for the volt meter?
  11. Cab is on !

    I bought a bicycle tube for between the cab and the hood.
  12. I tried a hydraulic wedge that has a hand jack. That didn't work. I found some other seat springs that are closer in height. I'll use those.
  13. will this Deck fit a 520

    The 42" SD mower deck will work on your 520H. But, the mower deck wheels will rub on your rear tires. I welded a extension wheel bracket on my 42" SD deck. It brought the deck wheels out about 2 1/2". I haven't had a problem yet.
  14. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll post the results.
  15. I have a port o power wedge. I didn't want it to snap. I thought about heating it where it bends. I thought that might make the spring brittle. Um 953....I'll probably be dead in 40 years!