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  1. 312 creeping throttle

    I used I think a #24 bolt. The end of the bolt could be tightened with a Allen wrench. I doubled nutted the other end. I put it through the rivet hole. A lock nut is good too. Use a some blue thread lock also.
  2. Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    I'm half of a real man! I'm cabless at the farm!
  3. Simplicity 4108

  4. Simplicity 4108

    I did get a manual from the simplicity website.
  5. Simplicity 4108

    I just looked at the brake shoes again to confirm it. There's a shoe on each side of the brake disc. It looks like the only way to get the inner shoe off is by dropping transmission out. I don't see how else you would get the brake disc off. Has someone ever worked on a Simplicity before? The brakes are ok for now. But at some point that inner pad would have to be replaced. The disc would rub on the Transmission case eventually. I think it's a poor design. Um, I guess that why I have a Wheel Horse!
  6. Simplicity 4108

    It looks like I have to drop the transmission in order to remove disc. Maybe use a puller?
  7. Simplicity 4108

    The mower deck just needs new wheels. Then some parts to it need to get bent back in the right place. I think the bearings are good. I don't want to go crazy with the project. I just want to make her functional again
  8. Simplicity 4108

    The air cleaner foam is bad. Must be 20 years old. It's falling apart. Does anyone know where I could get a free manual download? The shifter is really loose. Can I take off the 3 bolts that hold a cap on top the transmission? Is there a rubber boot still available? Is there a screw or something to tighten the shifter up? The shoes to the brake look bad. Does anyone know if I can still get brake shoes for this rig? I changed the oil, draining transmission fluid now. The oil drain tube was loose. I took the motor mount bolts out. Then I just flipped the tube around. I used some red lock tight on it. Good as new!
  9. Simplicity 4108

    Can I still get a air cleaner?
  10. Simplicity 4108

    Both headlights still work!
  11. Simplicity 4108

    This is what I mowed about 10-12 lawns with between my Jr. and Sr. Year in high school. 1980 Simplicity 4108. I sold it to my dad in 1982. He mowed his yard for 35 years with it. I figured it has about 1100-1200 hours on it. The mower deck was replaced. It starts right up. Uses very little oil. Dropped off a 1999 WH 312-8 I bought for him this winter. We didn't know what to do with this. So, I took it home. I think I'm going to clean it up and putz with it some. Looking it over, It probably needs about $150.00 at most put into it. And a little elbow grease!
  12. Wednesday, wet, heavy, slop vs the C-175

    Until the snow blows in your face for a hour at 0 degrees. Throw in 30 m.p.h. wind too!🤣
  13. WHX I'd try the green color!😆
  14. Lets see the snow rigs!

    I think it been 2 years since I've used this.