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  1. My puller

    Hey thats exactly like the one I just found to start my pulling career with, only whoever had it before thought it would look cool to paint it blue, whatever. Needless to say it doesnt look as near as nice as yours. Great Job!
  2. I want to build a puller...where do I start?

    Just tonight I found a tractor its an older WH with the 8 speed HI-LO trans and no motor. The same guy also had a cub cadet that was in real bad shape but he swore the engine and trans were good its only a 12hp which I was thinking was kind of small but If they can hold their own thats good enough for me for starters. By the way the guy only wanted $225 for everything. Sounds good to me!
  3. I want to build a puller...where do I start?

    Your right about reading the track and I know it takes experience and luck to win, but that doesnt answer any of my questions. If Im going to spend a bunch of money on a hobby I want to win. I dont think it would be any fun even for the spectators if there wasnt a level of competition. Can you imagine how boring it would be to go watch a tractor pull where everyone there was just there to have fun and not to win. I dont know anyone in any sport that doesnt want to win. If your a fisherman you want to catch fish, if your a hunter you want to bag game, if you play horseshoes you want to get the most ringers, if you play football...well you need to find a real sport, if your into racing you want to be the fastest, if your into tractor pulling you want to get the furthest down the track. See how that works? If its not about winning then Ill save my money to buy more duck decoys. On the other hand It wouldnt be as much fun going out and kicking everybodies butt as it would be to get beat once or twice and head back to the garage to do some more tweeking. It would be like going hunting and hitting every duck you shoot at, if you dont miss once or twice your friends wouldnt have anything to pick on you about and visa versa.
  4. Because of my budget and level of pulling "know how" I want to build a pulling tractor to compete in a "garden stock" class of some sort, basically and entry level puller. Being somewhat of a gearhead I think to win in pulling you need to have a hopped up race engine burning fuel that costs $10 a gallon, but I know thats not true in the entry level classes. So where does the competitive edge come from? Is it in weight & tire preasure? I dont want to cheat when it comes to the engine but I dont want to lose either. How much can you get away with doing on a stock engine? I read in some regs that resurfacing of the head was allowed but it didnt say how much, I mean to me that says I can hog .050 off if I want to. There were no regs on the compression ratio or bore size, only the crank, valves, flywheel, and carbeurator had to be OEM. On the other hand I dont want to bend the rules of one organazation and be totally illegal at another. So would a bone stock K321 with a fresh rebuild be enough to compete with (givin good tires with the proper psi and the correct weight combo)? I havent started building yet Im just gathering info before I start shopping around. Right now Im thinking about getting an older wheelhorse probably early to mid 70s B-series, C-series, Raider, or Charger and putting a freshly rebuilt 14 hp Kohler in it with an 8 speed trans. I am a fabricator with a little machining know how so I can make any combination work. I just dont know what that right combination is yet. I am a big fan of "options" the tractor will be completely diverse as far a weights, weight placement, hitch height, etc. and so that is why I think the 8 speed is the way to go, it gives me plenty of gearing options. Im I thinking about this right? It doesnt matter if I win as long as I have fun.....bu!!$h!+, I want to win!! I want to beat the guy thats cheating without cheating myself.
  5. suburban snowplow

    I just bought a snowplow and bracket for my Suburban 401 and there are 2 threaded holes in it on each side where I think some skid shoes should bolt to. I have no idea what the shoes are supposed to look like. Does anyone have a pic so I can make some that look like the originals?Some measurments would be awesome too. Better yet does anyone have any originals laying around they want to sell?
  6. Dude you coulda built a small block chevy for half that B)
  7. You might be right as far as twisting the shaft off if you had too much traction, I just meant on loose or slick surfaces. As far as the valving goes I was talking about an 8 position valve with one lever, actually I think it would take 2, then I guess it would steer almost like a skid stear. Id be curious as to how much this project cost when its done. I cant hardly believe mine will cost much over $500 and yours is alot more elaborate than mine is about $2000 more elaborate B)
  8. Ive been talking with a guy that has a wheel horse deck for sale. I bought a deck from him a few months ago for a '60 Suburban that doesnt have any wheels on it nor does it have rounded shrouds on the ends. I need one for my '61 401 and he tells me its the same as the other one he sold me but it has 4 wheels on it. I looked in the picture gallery at everything up to '66 and they all only had 2 wheels. What could he be trying to sell me? What does a '61 deck look like?
  9. How rare is a K91T?

    I bought an EZ-RAKE lawn vac last weekend only because it has a K91T on it. Its the only one I have come across in 6 months of searching, even on ebay, all I can find are parts. Are these things that hard to come by? If so, what are they worth? I have $185 into mine total with $100 for the unit and $85 in fuel to pick it up. Was it worth it?
  10. $$$$$CHA CHING$$$$$. All I see when I see the word "hydraulics" are dollar signs going up in smoke. Thats why I have decided against it, my original idea was to go with power steering but I wanted to put my power to the ground. Im not sure exactly how much horsepower would be lost with a power steering pump but its alot, and with only a 13hp engine and 8 tires to rotate I couldnt afford the luxery of power steering. On the other hand if your pockets are deeper than mine it might be a better way to go. With the steering I have in mind Im relatively certain that it wont take very much effort to turn it...as its rolling. At a "stand still", thats a different story, I dont think Ill even budge it, and because Im going with a drive shaft I have to limit my turning angle to about 30 degrees off center to keep my driveshaft from binding too much (which will leave me with about a 20ft turning radius) with hydraulic drive thats not something you have to worry about. Heres a little food for thought, if I was going to build a hydraulic drive tractor I would use an 8 way back hoe valve on the drive motors so I could run some wheels forward and some backwords, and some not at all. With it valved this way you would be able to go sideways on a slick or loose surface. With the steering turned all the way in one direction, the front tires rotating forward and the rear tires rotating backword the tractor would move sideways. I wouldnt do it on the front lawn but with the right tires and sharp enough steering it would work. not that its needed but it would be nice to have that kind of versatility in a 4x4. It would be near impossible to get stuck, even if it was "high centered".
  11. I picked up a GREEN WEENIE!

    friends dont let friends drive green tractors! But I have to admit I own a '65 myself. I paid for it what all green tractors are worth $0$0$0. OK on a more serious note I have seen these old round fenders go for over $800 at auctions. As far as the year goes I think they started in '64 with an 8hp 3 sp and in '65 it was an 8hp 4sp in '66 they went to a 10hp 4sp then changed something else in '67 but if its an 8hp 4sp Id say it was a '65, that is, if that information is correct, but the pics of your tractor look a little squatty. either your hood is shorter than mine or the pics were cropped to fit other than that it looks identicle to mine, I know mine is a '65 Im the second owner and I have the original bill of sale as well as all reciepts for every tune up its ever had. If you want a pic of it I can send it to via email (file is too large to put on here)
  12. homelite T-13 tractor

    Hey nice tractor my grandfather and I each have one. I bought mine at an auction for $35 with the deck and drove it on the trailer! Needs alot of work though someone painted the the whole engine white and if yours is original they painted the whole undercarriage blue. Is it supposed to be blue? Could yours be built by Allis Chalmers? the model #on mine is 169050 which is a Simplicity # and a different shade of blue than yours. What is the model # ?
  13. EZ-RAKE ring any bells?

    YUP thats the whole reason I bought it (for the kohler) Ive been scrounging for original parts for my suburban for almost a year and I havent come across a K91T untill now. Not even on ebay. Are they that rare? At first I thought it was a '60 400 but its actually a '61 401 hopefully they still put the K91T in the '61s or I lost a bundle of money. It cost me $85 for fuel to go get it, $100 for the vac itself, and my truck lost oil preasure on the way there and drove it all the way home at about 35-40 mph with the crank knocking, so now I have to rebuild my truck engine. Oh well I guess nothing will stop a Wheel Horse guy from gettin what he wants.
  14. I stumbled upon this post looking for 4x4 mods, I thought I was the only one building an articulating 4X4, mine is now where near that big though. I tossed around the idea of going with hydraulics and decided against it to keep the cost down. Mine is shaft driven from the transaxle to a differential in the rear axle. which of course is homemade I can go into greater detail if anyone cares to hear about it. Also my engine is in front of the transaxle (front axle), the front tires are next to your feet as you are sitting on the tractor. Its got duals all the way around using 8 6x12 ag tread tires. Im using as much wheel horse stuff as I can find, hood, steering wheel, engine controls, rims, transaxle, and Id like to find a big kohler engine, right now the biggest engine I have is a B&S 13hp. When its done it will be a wheel horse 8213 which means 8 wheels on 2 drive axles 13 hp when this one is done Ill try to make a 12220. but right now Im trying to figure out how to make it turn without using hydraulics. Im thinking about using part of a truck flywheel centered on the pivot point and a starter gear on the steering shaft. That should be low enough gearing to turn it, even though the rear axle is POSI. Oh by the way over all length is only about 6 feet and Im using 2"x2"x1/4" angle iron for the frame. Kind of like a beefed up suburban frame. Keeping with the Wheel Horse theme. If anyone has any parts they want to donate to the project I would appreciate it and Ill post pics as soon as I can find my camera.
  15. EZ-RAKE ring any bells?

    heres a link to a picture of it. Its the bottom 2 pictures GL4X4