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  1. Yea, I reckon that'd be a bit more thirsty! I just love the russian engineering, all very interesting. You get a whole load of machine for your money with russian machinery. Although everything is very large, its all pretty simple.
  2. 512D

    Well, deal done. I'll let the new owner reveal themselves when the time is right
  3. I think its about 300HP isnt it? I reckon if you gave it a bootful you could get it into single figures! It'll crack on at 50mph if you can stand the noise (straight pipe!) Hi Neil, no chance, it wouldnt even go down the road! It'll have to live at work. Pre 1960, so can drive on a car licence (as long as its unladen). Will do HGV one day but just done trailer test and I dont think I want to do another driving test for a while!
  4. 512D

    Hi Neil, no-one yet, still sat in my yard, but a couple interested hence the pictures
  5. Hi Guys, its Kraz 255b. Russian as Griff said. Its not too bad on diesel, about 10-15 to the gallon. Has a 14 litre V8 diesel, sets off car alarms as you drive by! Im not in possesion of it yet, the registration is not straight forward! But the deal is done (taken over a year to get this far). It has been used for film work, last seen in Red 2 driving around london. At 9.5' wide there arent many lanes it will go down Neil! Its got a big PTO driven winch under the bed, I plan to remove the bed and fit as big a hiab as I can find and use it for recovery (and fun!).
  6. Thought it might amuse you guys to see what I moved on to after WheelHorses. Parked my landrover there for scale
  7. 512D

    Pictures of the 512 More More
  8. 512D

    I will try and get some pictures tomorrow, very busy! Oh, and Stormin, if you are seriously interested I can get it shipped to our yard in York if you wanted to buy it.
  9. 512D

    Hi Guys, I have managed to aquire a 312D wheelhorse in a trade deal with a larger tractor. This is a normal 300 series as far as I know with a single cylinder diesel engine. It has a mowing deck with it. Before it goes on ebay I thought I would offer it here. Is anyone interested? I dont think these come up very often. Shes a tidy tractor, was used weekly until I took it in. Jim
  10. Hi guys, long time no see. You'll have to excuse my blatent self promotion (hope it isnt against the rules), but the 312 with loader and backhoe is up for sale! Ebay Of course if you are interested let me know on here and we might be able to strike a deal! Its been a cracking bit of kit, but it is woefully underused now. For those of you who have never owned a loader, you have no idea how useful it is. The backhoe is dead handy too, I havent used it for digging for a while, but its craking to use as a crane! PS, The Hydro tractor is on too. Very sad to see that go.... Ebay Stay well Jim
  11. Just about to book my tickets. See you there!
  12. Hi Neil, good to see you too. Yes, still have the tractor. Havent used it really for over a year, just sits in the shed collecting dust :(
  13. HI Neil, the 312-8 is a good tractor. Some have the 1-1/8" 8 pinion unidrive which is strong. My digger started out as a 312-8
  14. Generators generally have a tapered crankshaft. To my knowledge the numbers wont tell you the type of crank used. I may be wrong though!
  15. Head removal maintenance at 500 hrs

    I think its because most of the people on here are here because they are enthusiasts, so are more likely to take care of their engines in the way that Kohler suggests. As Scott said, I bet most engines never have much more than basic servicing done, some not even that! Personally, I have never taken the head off as part of routine maintenance. It is just a lawnmower engine at the end of the day! In theory its a very easy job, but experience tells me that it can get very tricky very fast!