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  1. 1960 Suburban 400

    Changed Status to Closed
  2. 1960 Suburban 400

    1960 Suburban 400 original K91 engine Had it running a few years ago. It's been sitting in the garage and I don't have time to clean it up to get it running again. Needs recoil.
  3. 312-8

    1992 312-8 1038 hrs Deck needs work Tractor runs great, no smoke firm, first come first serve
  4. 4 HP Kohler no spark

    I did the same thing John did and it worked. I sanded down the points with a fine grit sand paper, re-gapped them and it started right up.
  5. K91 Question

    Let us know if it fits. I pulled the recoil out of my Suburban and snapped it. I was going to purchase the one from Dave's but it didn't quite look right . It's definitely the right price if it does work.