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  1. C175 repower

    Any ideas for c-175 repower ? 8 speed 36" deck but seldom use it for mowing.Just pulling carts,sweeper,etc. 7-8 h.p. would be plenty
  2. c175 starting

    What size crankshaft on the series 1 & 2 Kolher twin that came standard on C-175 ? (17H.P.)
  3. C-175 value

    I just put it in classified section
  4. c175 starting

    I'm just going to sell it.
  5. C-175 value

    Selling my C175 .any idea of value ?
  6. c175 starting

    I have C175 with Kohler twin #120171148 & #24243 on engine.Tractor model is 11-17k801 KT-175. It does not use any oil and has lots of power after starting. Its very hard to start after sitting for day or 2. Even when its warmed up ,restarting requires long cranking. Always start with full throttle,full choke.except when warm.,then no choke.. Any ideas of starting problem causes ?
  7. throttle linkage

    Yes Thank you
  8. C-175 lights stop working after long idle period. ( Approx. 1 hour )
  9. Deck for 310-8 needed

    Neighbor selling his Workhorse & 48" desk 400.00
  10. 310-8

    Sold to womderful member
  11. 310-8

    Original owner Have manuals and purchase documents. Always parked inside and serviced.
  12. 310-8 value

    Thanks for help.
  13. 310-8 value

    Due to personal health issues I have to sell my 310-8 that I purchased new in 1986.Runs perfect and starts on first turn of key.All manuals and purchase invoice included. Would like to know value .No leaks.Always in shed.
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