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  1. Kohler Block Heaters, Any good Ideas?

    Try a fresh spark plug. Makes a world of difference in cold starts
  2. Snow Blower

    Top off the gear box every year. I gone so far as to heat the gear lube in a pot of hot water. When I'm planning ahead I'll bring it in the house and leave by woodstove overnight. Either way wife thinks I'm insane. Take your belt off spin the pulley by hand. You shouldn't have a problem figuring out if the 90 gear box or the auger gears are your problem. Best of luck
  3. Rear Weights Value

    Hey guys sorry if I ruffled a few feathers w the monicker "unscrupulous seller." I am a believer in the free market. A seller is more than welcome to set any price he would like. And an educated buyer can accept or decline said price. However NOTHING ticks me off more than those sellers taking advantage of newbies. These are often the very same flippers who continuously ask insane prices for stuff they most likely picked up for 200% less. Buyer beware! There's a lot of good bad and ugly deals to be had. Be patient. Eventuallly that which you seek will come around at a fare and reasonable price.
  4. Rear Weights Value

    Used to be $1 a pound. Now 125-150 is considered reasonable. Always seems to be one unscrupulous out there trying to get $300 for them. Hope ya haven't run into that guy.
  5. The time has come.

    Jim wishing you the best! My father had a bout w cancer if the bile duct 7 years ago. Duct was removed and intestine tied directly into the liver. Liver had some cerosis, this is all due to having Hepatitis c. About 30 days post op he began collecting fluid on his abdomen. Approx 10 liters were removed every 10-15 days for 4-8 weeks via a shunt. Finally the surgeon recommended a procedure. A line was run from low pressure side of heart to the abdomen. A "primer" was used inline and installed by his hip. He would "prime" just like a small engine 2x a day while lying flat in bed. He pushed the button 10x to prime. Then the fluid would get pulled from abdomen thru heart and give his kidneys a chance to get nutrients from fluid and filter it out via urine. Crazy as it sounds worked! The pump was left in between 30-60 days. Dr said it could've been romeved aroubd 30 days. It gave the liver enough time to heal from surgery and chemo. I really thought my father was going to die. A year later they came w a cure for hepatitis c. $35000 month for 6 months. There were grants in place to cover the costs, we didn't have the $$$$. Today he's hepatitis free. His liver hasn't been this good in 20 years. And he's still here. I hope you're as lucky as my father was!
  6. Power Steering pump help

    Have a guy at work w an 80 el Camino. Steering assembly went on it. If you've replaced the pump and hoses there ain't much left. Forget if it a rack or steering box. Either way time to tear it out
  7. 520XI won't go up hill

    I have one w a loader and 1100+ hours never had a problem. Jack it up and spin tires to inspect key ways on axles. Check trans High low engagement. Is it in gear properly or does it pop out of gear? Is there a lot of slack in foot pedal linkage? Steering also gets sloppy. Spend some serious time tightening and adjusting it. Mine was so bad when I got it I couldn't get 1/2 speed out of her. Yet i don't ever recall it rolling backwards.
  8. I like the spray on bed liner. Fast, easy, and affordable.
  9. '99 314-8 Fixer Upper

    Pretty sweet gift they left for ya. If you can't find Ethanol free gas stick w higher octane. And accept the fact that you'll have to clean carb every couple of years. Don't sweat it. Be be sure to scrape that mower deck clean. I do mine annually, then I spray it down w wd-40 or similar oil. 24 years and counting it still looks great.
  10. Firestone Tri Ribs

    I have the TRI ribs on a 314. Absolutely love them. I find it's easier to steer w 2 stage blower. And they grip a little better in the soft spots while making a turn. Have the Vreedsteins on 522xi loader. I wanted them for a wider heavier footprint w the loader. The Xi has power steering so I can't comment on what it takes to turn them. They hold up well w a full load.
  11. Maybe selling my 520XI

    I have a 522xi w loader. You're going in the right direction. I wish I'd waited for a nice used SCUT instead of settling on this. I use it at the vacation home so it sees limited use. I can't count the number of times I've had to pull it out of a 6" deep hole. It works ok but nothing like a 4x4. It still beats a wheelbarrow!!!
  12. poss rebuild kohler mag 14

    I've had a k341 sitting on the shelf for 2-3 years. I had it bored .010 and the valves done. I was unaware that it's best to own the piston before you have it machined. My shop assured me a Koehler piston will drop right in. Finding a kohler piston was the hard part. I refused to pay $250-300 for a piston. Just found one on eBay for $100. No doubt they're great long lasting motors. I'd advise breaking it down and sourcing all parts before you spend a dime at a machine shop. A little patience you can find another horse for far less than a OEM Koehler rebuild.
  13. Mid-mount grader blade

    I have a 50" blade. Hands down my favorite attatchment! Of all the things I do w my horse that blade gives me the most satisfaction! 2 stage blower in 3' of snow is a close second.
  14. Snowblower or FEL

    I have a loader. It's sold w a 522xi. PM for details
  15. NOS Decks for Sale

    I just modified a twin to that for a C series. Think he had a few more near Utica NY