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  1. BTW I run a bunch of weight. 50lb wheel weights. And 300+ on a ballast rack. I used a 2” receiver hitch to mount the ballast. Also have a ballast box I can swap in. Comes in handy when I doing chores as a tool holder, rope, shovels, chainsaws....
  2. Looking good! My Xi loader is mounted to the rear axle as well.
  3. Later model 48” decks had the reinforced topside. My 1994 42” RD is going strong without any cracks or rust.
  4. 416-8 running out of ideas

    I usually just jump right across both sides of the start solenoid. That’s the doohickey w large diameter red wires on both sides one goes to back of starter and other to the battery. More room to do so on a Kohler think the Onan makes that area a bit tight. Remeber your not cranking to start the engine you just want to verify the starter is good. So a quick tap is all you need.
  5. 416-8 running out of ideas

    Jump a wire from battery to starter to confirm starter works. Then troubleshoot the old girl
  6. Is one of these hubs stronger than the other?

    I used another hub and a whole bunch nuts and bolts as a puller. 3 jaw could easily break it.
  7. Wheel Horse safety video

    No wonder sales fell off....
  8. Tractor to run tiller

    Manuals are better for tilling. Hydros get pushed by tiller
  9. 44” 2 Stage skipping in heavy snow

    What they said!!!! A worn chain will be the down fall of most chain driven machines. It’s prone to breaking and destroying anything in its path. It wears down the drive teeth prematurely. And it wastes energy. I change mine every other year at a minimum. Also after I get done using it EVERYTIME. I leave it running at idle with blower engaged. Spray chain w some wd-40 or similar product. Then I drip some chainsaw bar oil on it. Use gear lube, motor oil, etc. point is it keeps the moisture away and ready for next storm.
  10. Need opinions on rear discharge deck?

    You’d be a fool to pass on that deck. I removed the recycler insert from mine. Weighs 1/2 as much now. As long as the deck isn’t cracked or rotted through that’s a steel!!!! Used spindles are easy to come by should you need one. I have a bucket full of deck parts. Hope I never need to use them. I prefer an RD over SD. You can get close to the edges of your lawn on either side. Scrub mine annually down to bare metal. Then spray it down w WD-40. Stand it up for the winter in the shed. No rust to speak of and it’s 24 years old.
  11. Your 312 will run a 48 but it’s really going to struggle. 42” would be fine especially in the deeper stuff. Step up to a c-160 and the grass will really fly. Welcome to the WH world!
  12. 520 xi

    I have one w a loader at 1200 hours and going strong. She’s ugly! It’ll run circles around the classics all day long. Accessories are hard to come by.
  13. Tiller

    Changed Status to Closed
  14. 8” wheel weights

    Changed Price to $100i Changed Status to Closed
  15. 8” wheel weights

    Still available