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  1. Wheel Horse 875D

    My future project
  2. Wheel front weight

    125 pounds compatible with its front plow

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  3. Wheel Horse front and rear weights

    Front weight is useful for a better steering action on ice and wet lawn.

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  4. Wheel Horse wheel weights

    Those weights are 175 pounds each.

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  5. Wheel Horse weights

    Wheel Horse 875 with front and rear weights: Total of 940 pounds.

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  6. Hydrostatic oil

    Here is the inside of the transmission. The key of the left hub is almost cut and the hub keyway is broken. I have decided to make another and longer keyway. This shaft is made from a very good steel since hardness = 55 Rockwell C. This is the reason why the problem is in the hub. The shaft seal is no longer available from Toro. This is a 1.500" O.D. and 1.000" I.D.
  7. Hydrostatic oil

    It worked fine but since I got it last fall only, I don't know its performances on summer time. The only thing I can tell you is that it was not able to spin its rear wheels when pulling heavy loads. I also have to declare that it is loaded with 2 wheel weights of 150 pounds each. I do weight 225 pounds myself and it was equipped with ice tire chains. It is not very reasonable I know but as a clue, the engine never stalled. There is no wear marks in this tranny and it seems like new even after 47 years of use. Finally, I probably have my answer...
  8. Hydrostatic oil

    Tap53, If I understand well, it is much more better to run with Hy-Tran Ultra since copper and brass weight loss and deposit is fas below than others. This means there is much less wear in piston pump and other bearings into the tranny isn't it?
  9. Hydrostatic oil

    I had to open my transmission to fix a small leak. Now, since all Dexron ATF is removed, I can change the type of oil. My question is what is the main advantage to change this ATF for something else like engine oil for instance. I also have a hydrostatic CubCadet 2185 and the maintenance manual indicates a special oil for this application. Is it possible that another type of oil provides a higher pulling torque? Better performances in very hot conditions? Reduces leakages? I look forward your opinions. Regards.
  10. Sundstrand Dipstick length

    You are right, I have made the dip stick according to those dimensions and even if the transmission leaks significantly since last falls, there is still to much oil on it. This was may be the reason why it leaks. Thank you very much for this information.
  11. I own a Wheel Horse 875 with a Sundstrand hydrostatic transmission. My problem is that I can't check oil level on it since there is no dip stick under the filling plug. Would it be possible for someone to take a picture of it with a measuring tape just beside to help me in making one identical. I would appreciate so much.
  12. Old american tractor = good stuff...