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  1. Mower Deck Roller Diameter needed

    Hi Richard , Just measured mine and they come out at 62 to 63 mm od. Bearing in mind they are well worn . Another one measured 67mm . Hope that helps Michael
  2. Now that's some scale model of a battle ship

    I used to build rc planes for about ten years when my son was in his teens,it petered out when girls and cars came along.He is now 35 and and started to fly again.His favorate was a Wot4 with an Enya 60 4c engine .The wing folded in half when it had a.61 two stroke in it.The technology has moved on a lot with new rc gear that selects its own channel . Telemetry sent back from the plane. Cameras in the plane that sends the view back live to goggles so you can be flying the plane from the pilots view. Needs a lookout with you so you don't fly off to far. Michael
  3. happy birthday fordsonmajortom

    Many thanks for the birthday messages all of you. Michael
  4. I have also got parts of a 1971 raider 10 that the model number says its a raider 12.
  5. Yep, Look's like your Raider is a ' Belgium Cobble' using a '73' 14hp Motor. Can't find a 14hp model on the Lists/Toro site for '74' either. So your Raider has 2 pedals?. They also changed the PTO design at the same time. As for the 512D, Reckon it's an Admin error in the Lists (there are several). Also, '86' was the year Toro bought WH from the failing A.M.Corp. Many lists were updated by Toro to account for as many of the early WH Models as possible into their(TORO) Parts/Product records. Look's like the 'Code Cracking' of the Euro Model Numbers remains illusive. When I read some of the problems you guys have, I'm just glad my 2 tractors/Model nbrs are correct and to U.S. spec. I have got a 1973 Raider 12 that has got the later style clutch lever but only got one pedal and the remains of a l1973 commando 800 that had the later clutch and two pedals.Must have been a gradual change over.
  6. Late 73 for marketing in 74. I sense this list is a generic Toro reference list. Note the absence of a Commando 7 that has a Kohler K161 in it. Also , all the Model Numbers I can see don't show any Belgium variants. Nevertheless, it's a handy list. Thanks Vincent. In that case my Raider14 is a 1974 model and is not listed in either list and can only have been a european model only.Also the 512D isn't listed either but is in the 1986 wheelhorse brochure.
  7. A very usefull list .Does anybody know what year they changed from a combined clutch and brake pedal to separate ones ?. There seems to be a distinct lack of model numbers from 1973 only a very few listed. Michael
  8. celebrity wheelhorse

    In Rod Stewarts new autobiography theres a pic of him posing on an 875 or similar on the front lawn of his house in 1973. Its worth a look if you get your hands on a copy. Michael
  9. My name is Barry...

    Might be able to help with the deck shell repair PM me with your phone number. Michael
  10. My name is Barry...

    Hi Barry . Welcome, you must be pretty close to me as i am located near Uckfield. Michael
  11. 74 C-120/Raider update

    The outer holes in the footrest brackets are used when you fit a tiller/rotavator on the back . The footrest is moved out to give clearance for the drive belt and another belt cover is fitted, at least thats what happens on my charger 12. Michael
  12. Happy Birthday Fordsonmajortom

    Many thanks to you all with the birthday greetings much appreciated. Not done much to the herd of horses lately as have been trying to lay paving slabs and put up a post and rail fence. When is it going to bstop raining for more than a day!!!!!! Michael
  13. c-141

    Hi I had a look at mine tonight and there should be a flanged spacer No 18 in the hole in the bracket No 25 and the bolt tightened up tight.The clutch actuator pivots on the spacer. All mine are a bit floppy but still work ok. Michael
  14. Anyone have bigger tractors?

    This is a 1956 Fordson Major that has been in the family since 1957. She still goes out to work occasionally backfilling trenches with a side blade. My son James is driving. Michael
  15. Checking in

    I'm here too Michael