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  1. My Barn Find - Some Round Hoods

    The 401 foot pedals look to be off a old treadle powered sewing machine. Farmer ingenuity at work on that one.
  2. Pond walk behind

    Follow up to this topic. Did you snag this rare deluxe model walk away. Looks like all you need is an engine and hood. Wow what a rare piece?
  3. Pond Walk Behind

    looking good cant wait to see it all done . Boy I love fresh red paint and the rims look good too!
  4. Pond Walk Behind

    Nice find! Bob (whlpny) is Right you have an early model of the belt tension style walkers. From 1948 to some time in 1953 Walkways were engine sliders. ( what i mean is the engine slid on frame to adjust the tension).Then some time in 1953 they went to a idler pulley style tensioner were the engine stayed stationary and the tension was applied by an idler pulley . Also the rims went from spoked style to solid rims . The 6x12 was solid and the 6x16 had the key hole style rims.The handle bars in 1953 started out on the new model as a solid frame (handle bars and frame all in one) they were 3/4 inch in dia. Then in 1954 the handle bars and frame were seperated ( for ease of shipping). The handle bars became tubular (7/8 to 1 inch in dia.) and were bolted to the frame. A nice little plate was welded to the handle bars midway down the bottom of the handle bars and thats were the Pond- Wheel Horse decal was located. Before this model there were no decals only the raised Pond name on the gear box. I have an identical style WalkAway as yours except mine has 6x12 tires and a Briggs 2 Hp model 6 I've dated the engine to early August of 1953. So i think you have a 1953 should have a Clinton 1100 on it. By the way Glen Petit reproduces the coke bottle handles for your walker . He made a set for mine and the are CHERRY! So were did ya find the two wheeler? the rims look quite RUSTY.
  5. 1955 Rj35 Cable steer

    Would love to see a pic of your walk away if'n you please?
  6. 1955 Rj35 Cable steer

    Like WOW another one saved. Is the steering wheel Aluminum ? Also is that a Speedex walk behind in pic number 1?
  7. Early 1955 Ride-Away Stop Button Mystery has been solved !

    Nice job Thank you Mike!
  8. I had it out today...

    He didn't tell every one that there's a elevator and basement in that shed and he's hide more horse's down stairs.

    That potato plow must of been an optional implement that wheel horse sold ? I thought it was a homade plow until i saw yours, I have one exactly like it that came with an RJ58 and i thought about getting rid of it! Things that pop up now and then that make you go HMMMM?
  10. MI WH show Aug, 2,3 and 4th

    i will be there to show and to sell- Erik
  11. got this nice lot of stuff

    The contraption on the RJ half suburban looks to be a homeade one row fertilizer .Its missing the hopper probably rotted out due to the fertilizer. the handle and pulley was the pto for the auger and the brown looking handle on the right side is the exhaust pipe and sausage muffler. Vin could be right about a 59? the lift sector looks almost like two other tractors I've seen with that type of sector . Not like the 400 & 550 suburban. By the way nice early mower deck with the square guards.
  12. Is this an rj58?

    The loose hood is a 56 hood has the toggle kill switch . I would say the tractor is not an early 58. The rear hitch is not the crude early made hitch. The hubs are a late 5 bolt hub not associated with any ball burners. The clutch-brake linkage is rounded not square. Hard to tell if there is numbers to the right of the shifter . If it dosn't have numbers it still could be a early uni drive. Still a very nice save have fun with the old girl!
  13. Walk Behind Attachments

    That sure is a nice little lawn roller! Its For sure a true Wheel Horse Roller. You can see the exact roller on the back of an early 58 brochure and also on a 35 brochure. They were carried over from the walk behinds.
  14. RJ-58 - How Rare Are They?

    Looks like an early 58 has also an early square guard mower deck which was also used on th e Rj-35s . They where carried over on the early 58s. Aslo has an early front hubs and early crude slot hitch check and see if it has casting numbers on top of trans near shifter boot . Can't see the serial number that we also determine how early .The hood looks in decent shape. Still not a bad price for an early 58.
  15. The Farm Truck

    SWEEEEET!!! Like the air foil on the back .Just open the camper shell door. had a 1970 chevy 10 with a 283 and three on the tree when i was young and still in high school that truck would get up and move. still wish i had it. Thanks for sharing Perry!