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  1. Help identify this tractor please

    Thanks Guys!! :thumbs:
  2. Help identify this tractor please

    Any info would be greatly appreacited. Thanks
  3. My 1989 414-8 Puller

    We have pulled with them but we pull with the group from Evendale-Mt. Plesant Mills most of the time. There rules are 14hp and under, so we stick with them.
  4. My 1989 414-8 Puller

    2010 Project 414-8 14hp Briggs V-twin - called Black Horse
  5. My 1989 414-8 Puller

    More Pics
  6. My 1989 414-8 Puller

    Are you sure it's not a '60/'61 front axle? your right it's out of a 61, got my years mixed up.
  7. My 1989 414-8 Puller

    Hi, yes the front axle is out of a 1958 WH.
  8. My 1989 414-8 Puller

    Tractor was built last winter for my daughter, she pulls it in the 1000 lb. and 1100 lb. classes in Central PA. The only thing we changed on the tractor since these pics were taken was put a low-back seat on it other than that the tractor works great. We're also working on another new 414-8 WH puller for this year.