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  1. Onan Governor

    Hey guys! I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how to set the governor on my p218g onan in my 312 pull tractor. Thevtractor starts and the governor just throws it wide open. I was wondering if anyone knew how to set it, thanks in adavance!
  2. C-120 special?

    Now that's some intresting info! I didn't think aside from the engine there was any differences. Tractors an amazing worker. Maybe this summer I'll give it some loving with some paint
  3. C-120 special?

    Hey guys! I've had this wheel horse of mine for about 6 years now and I've always been curious if it's a common model or if it's more of a not so common thing? I understand that the only difference is they came with a Tecumseh engine instead of the Koehler correct? When I got mine the Tecumseh was long gone and had a princess auto engine on it. I've since updated it back to a k301. Just curios if any other members got these tractors! And of course some pics
  4. Gilson garden tractor

    Is there an online version for me to view it? I didn't see one on there sight
  5. Gilson garden tractor

    anyone know anything about this gilson garden tractor? It was my uncles and I've never seen another. Thanks!
  6. hi guys I got a problem with the trans on my 312. It's popping out of second gear now when under load and sometimes just pulling itself around I know I'm gonna have to split it but I'm looking for whats all in splitting them and what I'm looking for in general to repair Thanks in advance Graham
  7. Yanking with the Wheelhorse

    Done it many times with my c-120. Never took a run at it just snug up and ease into it. Never had a problem. Pulled trees, hay wagons, heck even a 1973 ford 5000 farm tractor just to prove it could. Lol
  8. Trans help

    Thanks for the offer Duane but a few locals have responded to my add Thanks anyways
  9. Trans help

    Hi guys after a half decent season with the new 312 puller I have mixed feelings about the trans. I wrecked the second gear as it popped out on me twice once without shifter locks and once with when it popped out internally. So hunting has begun for a 8 pinion trans but I'm having trouble finding one only 4 pinions so my question is will a good 4 pinion be strong enough for the 18 onan or should I just continue looking Thanks in advance
  10. You got my attention. Let's see another pic!!!
  11. Need help

    Ok I've checked all the things above throttle shaft seems good with little to no play and when I try to richen the mix even a hair it starts to run worse. Could my governor be too sensitive. How do I set the governor? And any other ideas? Thanks in advance
  12. Tractor of the Month ... Continue or Not?

    I say keep it. I really enjoy seeing everyone's tractors
  13. Need help

    hi guys I'm looking for some help with my k301 again. Now that the carb has been rebuild it runs great at idle but at wide open it surges. Not a one after another surge but it will run good the surge then clear for a few seconds the surge again. I was thinking something to do with the ignition system but I'm unsure Any help would be a huge help Thanks in advance
  14. Tire size

    In the classes I run the maximum tire size is 26x12. The tires I had on it for the first pull were 23x10.50 tru-powers. The 15 kilometers is what I checked it at running it around but it gets real close to that wile pulling. Also the bigger tires I were thinking of running are both OTR trackmasters. Here's a pick of what they look like
  15. K301 issues

    Actualy I did try that as soon as it started to surge and while trying to restart so I don't think it's my gas cap. The reason I think blockage is because there was some other fair sized particles in the bowl