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  1. Well executed. Looks like a stock setup. Dr. Mike prescribes a nose weight! MT
  2. Repairing 36" RD Deck

    Think I'm going to take mine to a fab shop and get a new deck made up. Great fix idea! Mike
  3. 701 is finally home!

    Rocking some PB Blaster! Mike
  4. NOT ORIGINAL BUT......Happy Wife Happy Life!

    That looks cool. I'm going to mount mine in the sideways facing holes above the front axle, maybe fab a bracket so the axle doesnt' hit them. Should be cool too! Regards Mike T
  5. 7 hp k161 runs after shut off

  6. Check amazon.com for Shumachers (new). I got an old school one with 2,10,50 amps for 50 bucks. Also, I've seen original bayer asprin used in the cells of a long dead battery to help bring it back to life. I suppose it helps with the sulfation. Gonna try it on my 701's ancient battery and see what's what.... Regards Mike T
  7. 701 is finally home!

    Kudos to Buckrancher for hooking me up. Shifter and some steering arms. CHEERS!!! Mike
  8. 701 is finally home!

    just a green scrubby pad and some dawn after an all over spray oil soak. bolts are starting to move! around the shifter and the toolbox are still pretty crusty. hood came out decent! Mike
  9. 701 is finally home!

    Hand wash, Pickled the engine (turns/good compression) and some new shoes! Regards Mike
  10. 701 is finally home!

    Here is my parts needed list! I need the following for a 701. 1. L steering arm (tie rod to spindle) # 3919LH 2. Shifter rod # 4215 3. Seat Pan (round or square) You can emai me at mrtrimmier@gmail.com Thanks Mike Trimmier Beaufort SC
  11. 701 is finally home!

    BTW I'm willing to trade off the deck I have for the other model if serviceable. Our old tractor had that deck and a silver frame/axle, so that's the route we'll go with this one come time for paint. Almost forgot, need a seat pan as well! Mike T Beaufort SC
  12. 701 is finally home!

  13. 701 is finally home!

    Yep, 3661 deck is it? There is a legible decal but it's been a couple of days. No progress to date, she's still on the trailer! Need a steering arm! The manual calls out P/N 3919LH. Also, what size roll pin holds it on plz! The shifter stick is P/N 4215 TIA Mike
  14. 701 is finally home!

    I'll clean it up as best possible and see if it wishes to obtain operational status. Been hunting ebay for a steering arm to no avail. Anyone have one to sell???? L side tie rod to top of spindle??? And a shifter if anyone has one as well. The rear axle turns as evidenced by the thing trying to roll off the trailer with 4 flats after we got dudes Bobcat running and loaded it up. I had mentioned the electrolysis tank to see if that would help in sheetmetal hardware removal. I'll start with some PB blaster then move to 50/50 trans fluid and acetone if that doesn't work, followed by some heat!!! Might just pull the hood and motor and drop the whole mess in a molasses tank. The hotrod guys seem to have good luck with that method as well! Mike