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  1. Changed Status to Closed
  2. very nice dump cart. no weak spots. very solid I changed the wheels/tires from 8" to 6". the wheels are from a wheel horse commando 800 and the tires are almost new carlisles with carlisle tubes. the tiller transmission has 2 new bearings and new seals. I rebuilt it a few years ago and it has been sitting in my garage. $150 for the cart $50 for the tiller pickup only. i cannot ship. I will also trade for sheet metal equipment, tennsmith, roper whitney, pexto, diacro, proformer I need a 3-4' brake, 3ft shear, but will consider other pieces send me a few pics and price I can send a few more pics of the cart if you need them
  3. wheel horse no name 8hp 4spd

    the '73 8hp is quite a bit shorter than the '74+ b80. the one real disadvantage of the '73, it doesn't have a separate brake pedal. it can dangerous if you are stopped on a hill, towing a load
  4. Bean , do you still have the ranger belt guard?

    let me know.

    thanks. Jim ( pops)


  5. L-156 Ranger belt guard

    Pops I have one, in good shape. I'll send you a pic of it tomorrow (sat)
  6. Lawn ranger 8x7 rear wheels

    I'm looking for a set of 65-68 lawn ranger rear wheels without tires 8x7. 3lug Thanks
  7. 400 Hub & Axle

    I had a set of suburban hubs on my rj and the set screw wasn't over the shaft key the hub in the pic is from an 854 I think wheel horse got away from the suburban style hub quickly, because it had a tendency to move on the shaft
  8. 400 Hub & Axle

    I had an axle that was worn and did a simpler fix. I drilled a 3/8" hole through the hub and axle and used a 3/8" drift pin. it worked fine, but was a low hp tractor. I wouldn't try it with a 4-16 with 26x12x12 tires
  9. Lawn Ranger 2.0

    I like the black wheels. looks like your close to painting the tractor.
  10. just bought this year?

    nice tractors, but I like the lawn ranger the best
  11. WE DID IT

    beautiful work! and
  12. Lawn Ranger 2.0

    I was thinking about you saying that you had to remove the hood to add fuel. actually, as you know, that is a pretty simple process, just three knurled bolts and pull the pin in the steering wheel. it looks like the clone has the same 1gal gas tank that the Honda uses. I can go for hours on a gal of gas. I usually just pull the wagon around for yard debris and then to haul firewood in the winter. I really only use a few tankfuls a year. btw, did you remove the air filter housing because of clearance, or did you do some performance mods? if you get time, post a youtube video of the ranger. I'd like to see it in action
  13. My winter snow team is all set!

    no, you sold me a deck for a lawn ranger btw, will front 8" wheel horse weights fit the rear wheels on a lawn ranger? awesome machines you have there
  14. My winter snow team is all set!

    Lane have you ever used the 38" plow on the lawn ranger? if so, how did it perform?
  15. Got me a 310-8

    I had one for a few years. they are great tractors. don't underestimate what that 10hp kohler can do . it has lots of power. you could get a 42" deck . and although I never had the opportunity to try one, I believe it would handle a 48" deck oops, I didn't see the deck in the background