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  1. These decks are heavy

    Go away for a day, or so and look what happens... Get well soon, Terry. Greg B.

    Okay, thanks, Nick and Dustin. Even at 250lb., it beats the heck out of a wheelbarrow! Greg B.

    Dustin, That FEL shot rocks. What can one of these handle, weight wise, on the front end? Greg B.

    Beautiful, Dustin, just beautiful. Gawd, I like those Black Hoods! Greg B.
  5. This was my best day in a long time

    Excuse my :imstupid: question about the mule drive...I still have a lot to learn about the various models. Greg B.
  6. This was my best day in a long time

    Great save, Tim. I hope the engine's okay, for you. I see the tractor and the deck, but I'm not seeing the mule drive. Was it there, I hope? Greg B.
  7. The C-125 is home

    Congratulations, Terry. I'm sure that little Black Hood has found a good home. Greg B.
  8. Welcome to RedSquare (09-Apr-2008)

    Hey guys, , the official WH asylum Greg B.
  9. Box Blade

    Topeka Terry, that's nice. Clean fab work... Greg B.
  10. Another box blade

    Pretty nice looking ya got there, Nick. Even using genuine Wheelhorse parts. Greg B.
  11. DIY Wheel Weights

    Good job, Ian! Eminently practical, cheap (my favorite price) and not half-bad looking. Greg B.
  12. wiring C-121

    Kelly, Had similar symptoms on my C-165 Bypass the Ammeter and see if that helps. My gauge had an intermitent open. It made me crazy, for a while. Wire nuts (po, don't ask) will do that too. Greg B.
  13. That thing is looking good, Nick. Don't look at it as a step backward. Consider it as an "in production enhancement....." Greg B.
  14. This is getting good....We're going through update withdrawl..... Greg B.
  15. resurectin a 753

    Steve, That blast cabinet is a good looking piece of work. I had to give mine up two moves ago. With the "brown" horse, I see another in my future. They're not hard to build, but they are space hogs. The tractor is coming along great. Greg B.