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  1. My $30 CL chipper

    Thanks for the pics guys. Forest Road, I live in central NJ right by Great Adventure. Where do you live?
  2. My $30 CL chipper

    Do you have any more pics of this setup? I would really like some close ups of the attachment point as I have a similar chipper to hook up and i am looking for ideas. Thanks
  3. Snow blower compatability

    Where do you find this info? The seller is a CL seller that I am talking to thru email. I don't think I can get another shot at him responding. Is there any chance the number I gave is the correct number?
  4. I am pretty new here and also a new horse owner. I am thinking of buying a snow blower with the following numbers on them. 06425164.In addition there is also the number 2264. It is a single stage with a short chute. It is 42" wide with the extensions on it. Is this enough info to know if this will fit my C-121?
  5. Mid-mount Box Blade

    So Wovenneut, Do you have any pics of your box blade mounted on a tractor? :dunno:
  6. Mid-mount Box Blade

    Who was the original poster of that box blade? If I remeber right he was going to make a few more and sell them.
  7. Mid-mount Box Blade

    Ok, since the change over I can't use my old favorites. So I am hoping someone can provide the link to the mid mount box blade thread that had it completed and all painted :dunno: