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  1. I will report back but it's going to be awhile. This tractor started out as a C-125 rescue but I am turning it into a custom. I am slow, but so far I can not see any problems with the little stainless covers. It's just something that I dreamed up and wanted to do. I have more dreams for this tractor but time will tell if they will get done or not, or if they will even work or not. .
  2. hm12460 ~ I am planning on doing the same thing. 18hp vanguard in my C-125. I was told to get a vanguard with the keyed 1" dia. shaft that was 4" long. I was able to obtain the 1" dia. clutch assembly from ebay. You might keep checking ebay for someone parting out an 8hp wheelhorse. Mine came with the smaller 4" drive pulley for an 8 speed, I will be using a hydro so I will have to make some changes somehow to get the speed up a little. Just another bridge to cross. I've been told that the larger dia. drive pulley for a hydro is more rare and are harder to find. Maybe I can change the pulley diameter on the hydro unit to get the correct speed. (???) I'm still checking into that. If you do go with a vanguard keep us posted, I would like to follow your progress. Good luck !!!!
  3. Every time I greased my front spindles the grease always works it's way back up and no matter how much I wiped it off it still shows up after a little use. So I started thinking of making some kind of cover. I came up with the idea of drilling a hole and tapping it (1/4-20) in the top of the spindles and bolting on some kind of cover. I made a crude little fixture to drill the spindles. Not pretty but at least it centered the drill and kept it straight while hand drilling. I found these stainless steel 'sink stoppers' at Menard's and they looked like they would do the trick after I cut the top off of them and drilled a hole in the center. I was able to cut the tops off with my Dremel tool with a little cut-off wheel. I also picked up (at Menards) some ¼-20 chrome bolts, chrome washers and chrome lock washers. I drilled the ¼â€ hole in the stainless tops using my lathe before I cut the tops off. (that way it put the hole in the center. The covers are just big enough diameter that they do not rub on the cast iron axle when turning the wheels. I thought I would share my information in case there was anybody who would like to do the same. And NO, I do not have too much time on my hands, just a little off in the head.
  4. Hey Martin ~ Lookin mighty good for what you call 'a worker/play tractor'. You do very good work. Do you happen to know what the seat pan came off of? And did you have to modify anything to get it to fit? I need a seat pan like that to go on a C125. Keep up the good work!
  5. I have been checking Vanguard 18hp information and I can find in a keyed shaft that is 1.0" dia. x 2 29/32" long or a 1.125" dia. x 4.0" long. (no 3.0" long shafts) Wouldn't a 4" long shaft be too long? Would the 2 29/32" shaft be too short?
  6. You guys have some good looking horses there. Looks like I need a Vanguard with a 3" long shaft. I did not know that the drive pulley on a hydro was larger than the drive pulley on an 8 speed. So a hydro drive pulley is 5.25" dia. what dia. is the 8 speed drive pulley? And if my thinking is correct only the 8hp models had a 1" dia. shaft and all other hp models had a 1.125" dia. shaft. Another question is: does the Vanguard keyed drive shaft have the drilled and tapped hole in the end of it like the Kohler had? And do the Vanguard's spin up to the same RPM's as the Kohler? Thanks! Ed
  7. My parts tractor didn't come with a motor, so this is why I am thinking about putting a Vanguard twin in it. Thinking maybe the 18HP model. I need some to measure how long the shaft is on a 12hp Kohler or someone that has done this swap to let me know the length of the shaft that their Vanguard has.
  8. Thinking of putting a 18hp Vanguard twin in a 1980, c-125 parts tractor that I got from good-ole RS member 'Cowboy'. Looks like the Vanguard twin comes in different shaft lengths and all I know is that I don't want the tapered shaft. Does anyone know what length of keyed shaft I would need? On the Vanguard site they list shaft dia. of 1.000" and a 1.125" but I don't know if every model has this option or not. Any input on what kind of problems I would be getting into. I have read where some have a height problem with clearing the hood and that I may have to fab up the exhaust but this is all that I know.
  9. I got this 1980 C125 parts tractor, (thanks to good RS member 'Cowboy') book says some came with an Eaton and some came with a Sundstrand. It must have been the year that they switched to Eaton and used up all of their Sundstrands first. (??) Usually one can tell by looking at the side for the 'figure 8 or single hump' But this one has the external brake drum on the outside and I don't know if it is a Hydrogear or a piston to piston model. Can anybody tell by looking at the pictures? Needless to say that I don't know a whole lot about these transmissions, I'm just tring to find a good one that works. Ed
  10. Met another member today

    Well I have to tell on Steve. I (EdG.),pulled up to his house at about 10:30 AM with temperature already in the mid 90's and there was Steve outside drinking a cup of hot coffee. So the cup WAS near, it just didn't make it into the picture. And Steve remember that I had said that there was a lot of stop lights on the way to your place. Just to keep from getting bored I counted them on my way home, I drove 36 miles and counted 69 stop lights. You could not pay me enough to live up in your 'Chicago' area. ha! (my town has NO stop lights)
  11. I thought it may be a repaint but the red looks to be not repainted. If some came with an all red hood then maybe the black was added. I really like the looks so I am going to re-do the hood with this paint combo. Also there is no indication of there ever being any decals on the sides, but I guess these could have been removed a long time ago and everything faded to the same dull color.
  12. What was the name of the powder that you used? I have been doing some powder coating on small parts and used Bengal Red from Summit Racing and to me it looks to be a good match to IH professional tractor spray paint..
  13. I have never seen a paint combo like this before. Could this be a factory paint job, or someones repaint idea? Ed
  14. Thanks Paul for the input, I knew I had a hydrogear but I didn't know they were not ment to be repaired. Do you know if it's just a bolt-on swap to replace the hydrogear with a piston-to-piston unit? And would I have to replace the rear end with a swap like this? Ed
  15. Well I got a lead on another Sundstrand here from a member in Indiana so I will give one more chance of finding a good one. I looked at my pump problem again tonight and I MAY be able to sandpaper this one part , it looks to be aluminum and not brass. This is as far as I can get it apart, I has a steel outer sleeve on it but it rest looks to be aluminum. But the other part that has grooves in it and it looks to be cast iron, no way I can sandpaper thoes grooves out (too deep), but if I remove the 4 special bolts that hold this thing on, I might be able to have it surface ground, maybe remove .030 or .040" and then make a steel shim of the same amount that I grind off and put it under this cast iron part. Does anybody think that this may work? Ed