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  1. what size axles?

    Thats nice from you pfederi. Thanks for the translation. But i have to learn the american language too, because in the future i want to life in the USA with my wife. :thumbs:
  2. what size axles?

    What means this 1" or 1 1/8" ? I ask me which axle my 316-8 has. What do i have to measure?
  3. Look the new shoes of my 316-8

    The tires are from duro. Three ribs looks great. I will try to find the firestone in germany. What i need too is the rear tach a matic for mounting my snow blade. Is there anybody who has one to sell?
  4. Look the new shoes of my 316-8

    Yes i mount the tires with my tire machine. With that there is no problem to mount or put off tires of rims. normaly i repair cars in this garage. But now is Wheel Horse time!
  5. Now tractor rolls on 23x10.50-12 tires. I am very happy about the style. But now i need front tires that goes with the rears. Has anybody an idea which ones looks good in the dimension 16x6.50-8?
  6. How to measure a deck?

    Ok, then it is a 42" mower deck. But i am even so happy. Principal thing is that i have finally a deck for my 316-8. And a 42" dozer blade too. Is it possible to get Recycler kits in the USA?
  7. Hello, i have found a mower deck in germany and now i asked me if it is a 42" or 48" model. Where i have to measure to find it out? regards Jens
  8. Lets see some tools

    My tools are all from FACOM, MAKITA and BOSCH.
  9. Why do you collect these tractors?

    I like them because in europe there are no other garden tractors like wheel horse. They are stronger, bigger, stabil and much more beautiful as the german tractors. And i love wheel horse because it
  10. 300, 400 and 500 series differences

  11. Another home built accessory

    Yes, that is a really good idea. I think i will build something like this too.
  12. Front Wheel Question

    Looks like 400 series rims.
  13. That is what i will start in the next days. I hope i will have as much success as you. That is really a great job you have done.
  14. Will this snowblade fit on my 316-8?

    I prefer original parts. Normaly there are brackets on ebay, but now when i need one there is none. I
  15. Will this snowblade fit on my 316-8?

    What i need to mount is a rear axle bracket. Anybody here want to sell one and ship it around the world to germany?