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  1. Belt size help

    I pick up a 414-8 with no deck. I put a 42" RD deck under it but now I need the drive belt. Can someone tell me part # or size thanks Jake
  2. axles

    Not sure on the Gt14 I had the rear and hydro given to me the C120 is a 1977.What Iam up to is I got a Case 444 with 16" rear wheels and like it a lot. Like to put 16" rubber on a Wheel Horse like to make the C120 a little wider. I thank the axles in the GT rear are longer. Thanks
  3. axles

    Will the axles from a GT14 rear fit in my C120 8 speed this is a project I think the axles are longer and that's what Iam looking for thanks Jake
  4. Is there a right or wrong way to do this input shaft side up or brake side up the c clip came off the axle. Thanks Jake
  5. Drive Belt Help

  6. Drive Belt Help

    I pick up a c105 that needs a belt can someone tell me the size I need L and W thanks
  7. Help ID this Wheel Horse

  8. Just pick this up T 855 / 132505 any help thanks Jake
  9. I wood like to put one in a 1977 C120 will it fit under the hood?
  10. Not a Wheel Horse

    Thanks all. I got 3 155 -224 and a 442 and my 5-6 or 7 Wheel Horses Jake
  11. Not a Wheel Horse

    68 Case 155. Got the decals starting to take shap
  12. 520 and 416 engine

    What is the different in the two engine as far as rod length crank throw and bore. Will parts from one fit the other like rods or crank Thanks