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  1. Clutch Sring.pdf
  2. Can't help it, must reply. That switch saves your life when you are mowing the bank of the pond and tip over and fall off the tractor. Get wet but at least the mower doesn't eat you up. Yea I know shouldn't have been doing that. The fellow it happened to swears by that switch now. Marv
  3. Welcome! Very nice looking horse. Marv
  4. purrty! Welcome! Marv
  5. 10w30 or 10w40 engine oil. Marv
  6. Welcome to the square! Looks good. Decals will make it pop. Marv
  7. Clutch spring is available from Toro. 108035 Marvin
  8. Thanks Chris. I guess I will just have my machinist friend make them. Marv
  9. I know that one of our members makes steel replacements for the rubber shock mounts. I need to contact them. Who knows? Marv
  10. A little off the question I know. I have the Harbor Freight motorcycle lift. Added a piece of plywood to top too. Works well for me. Now the question, Anybody converted the hydraulics on this unit so it can be raised without pumping the foot pedal? Like a car lift. Yes I am getting old and weaker. Marv
  11. Craig, that is kinda what I had in mind to do. I have mine as a pull behind but I was thinking to add a fixed boom and thought it might work better to have sprayer mounted to tractor. Weight is definitely a factor. I thought about maybe swivel wheels on the dolly while having the unit attached to the tractor so it dos not act like a trailer with a tongue. Marv
  12. Anybody mounted a sprayer on their tractor? Marv
  13. Thank you very much Bob. Now I can mess it up as many times as it takes to get it right. Marvin
  14. I use Facet model FEP 04sv. Marvin