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  1. Originally there was a cup plug in that hole. Was probably removed in the past for Trans repair. This works fine. Marv
  2. Plug it after assembly of the shift rails, spring , stop rod and balls. You can just leave it open until everything is complete then plug it. Marv
  3. Tiller Manual

    Thanks Garry Marv
  4. Tiller Manual

    Thank you Garry. Apparently I didn't get to the right place when I searched. I did find the IPL but I already had that. Would be nice if there was one for the D250 3PT that is used with the tiller. Marv
  5. That hooby dooby ball will get you every time if you are not careful and drop it. Marv
  6. Does anyone have an original operators manual for a D250 Tiller? We don't have one in the manuals section. Marv
  7. I agree with all the above. Some hubs are thicker than others in the area you will be tapping new threads. I suggest you go slow tapping and be careful how much pressure you exert on the tap. The thicker hub can be especially tough. Marv
  8. You mean you actually eat those things . Are you serving them at the show?
  9. Flag Day

    Me too. Marv
  10. Used Rustoleum Canvas White. Used your newspaper Idea. Thank you. Finished product:
  11. Happy Flag day tomorrow!
  12. I am using the Rustoleum Canvas White on some wheels now. I think that is the one Steve is referring to. Marv
  13. It can happen

    That is exactly what happened with this one. Thank you all for your comments. Can't be too careful when doing what we love. Marv
  14. Finally ... My New Shed for the Horses

    Feed it horses and when it expands just tell the HOA it grew just like people when they eat sweets. Marv