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  1. Winter Battle, getting ready, advice / tires

    That must be the way it works. I didn't set up the cyclone rake and I got leaves. Marvin
  2. Axle issue 85 sk486

    1" axle. I have an SK486 also. Marv
  3. Quality Product!

    His decals are on my tractors. One of the tractors was my dad's and I am real proud to have Terry's decals on it. Marv
  4. New tires and weights

    Does it make it hard to steer? Marv
  5. Pulley for 75-42MS01 deck

    You will need the shaft also. Better to take Dave's suggestion and replace whole assy. Marv
  6. Take a look at this bulletin. Would it work? Marv Engine cooling screen.pdf
  7. D250 Front PTO belts

    This may just confuse the issue. The Guttbrod part number is 000 75 734. In inches the belt is 1/2 wide by 39 7/8 long outside measurements. Marv
  8. Did you say you just took them out of the factory shipping box? Look that good. Come do mine. Marv
  9. Made in the USA

    Now I love that. Greatest thing in the world is family. Close behind is painted RED. Marv
  10. Here is another Way. Marv
  11. Clutch Sring.pdf
  12. seat

    Can't help it, must reply. That switch saves your life when you are mowing the bank of the pond and tip over and fall off the tractor. Get wet but at least the mower doesn't eat you up. Yea I know shouldn't have been doing that. The fellow it happened to swears by that switch now. Marv
  13. Greetings from highlands

    Welcome! Very nice looking horse. Marv
  14. Hello from the UK

    purrty! Welcome! Marv