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  1. A Sobering Day

    Ed, I am sitting here with heavy heart and tears in my eyes. I truly hope everything works out well for you all. Marv
  2. Thank you

    Lit the FIRE didn't it (pun intended)? Now you are addicted to AND the fine people on this site. Glad you are so inclined. Marv
  3. Does it look out of place?

    Neatnik! Marv
  4. Losing It OK?

    young whipper snappers you are. And you already have that bug. Marv
  5. Steering wheel help

    The shaft is splined so there is no pin. If you are lucky it should pull straight up and off. You may have to lift on the wheel and tap the shaft a little. If you do be sure to put the nut back on first. If you have to rap hard use brass hammer. If the never seize is on the splines it should co,e off easily. Marv

  7. What's with the attraction?

    Dang, something is wrong i just counted mine and i only have 9. That's bad it is not an even number. On the other hand if it was i would need another one to make 11. The fellow down the road didn't want to sell his to me. What is the matter with people like that. Marv

    Congratulations. Been retired 18 years now. Yea what daddy Don said. Marv
  9. 42" Deck Questions

    I just finished redoing my MS02 and it has the recessed area. Marv
  10. Yea this is what they just finished. Training is a big problem, always wanting cheese. Editor didn't do a very good job, darn secretaries anyway. Marv
  11. Mice work. It looks great. Marv
  12. looking forward to following this. Will be quite a task i am sure. Marv
  13. Quality time

    Ed, We were just talking about having a family fish fry. You got my taste buds in a lather now. I just loooove white perch. That started in my childhood when my daddy took me fishing for white perch and mama fried the fish and made fried cornbread. I am smacking my lips and licking my fingers just seeing all those beautiful perch you caught. ENJOY! Marv
  14. My biggest D

    The D250 and D200 mated and this is what they produced. must be something askew in their genes, it came out the wrong color. Marv