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  1. Bent trailer axel

    Don't know the answer for straightening. I have seen the problem. My son inlaw has a trailer the same way. I think the main axle is bent because both tires wear like that. I am sure this trailer was overloaded before. Marv
  2. Thanks Ed, I had intended to include that in my description. Old minds forget! I edited the post today. Marv
  3. Sprayer project

    Thanks, I am just an OLD farm boy. We had to make do. I will try to work up something for you. Yes two outlets. One for boom and one for wand. It does have a bypass system.
  4. Great forum!

    Beautiful! They weren't like that when I lived in Mass. But that was back in the 50's. Marv
  5. I have had this C100 for quite a while. I don't use it much. Based on the mushroom on the pin, someone had tried to remove it. The draw bar had been modified and I wanted to return it to original. So, a year or so ago I started working on it. I applied penetrant and tapped it with my small tapping hammer to set up vibration. Didn't work so I drilled the boss to allow for penetrant to get to the pin. Frequently, during that time until now I would add penetrant and tap, tap, tap. Then I struck it with a bigger hammer. Didn't move. Decided to give it a little heat to suck the penetrant in. Still didn't move. I decided to take drastic measures and cut the pin. I cut it flush with the boss (note that I removed the rear bottom bolt from the transmission case to allow clearance for the blade). Started drilling. I started off with a 7/32 drill bit and stepped it up in 32nds all the way to 5/8. I did not drill all the way through the boss I stopped short to be sure the pin would not break off inside the boss (that would be a bummer). I worked from the right side because I am right handed AND TO PROTECT THE NARROWER BOSS ON THE RIGHT SIDE. Ok, now I am ready. Impact hammer here we go. Rat a Tat Tat Tat, it is out. Ruler shows depth of the drill.
  6. 40 Years

    Congratulations Jim. If you do retire you will be lost, Ha, Ha! Marv
  7. Getting ready for the season. Needed a dolly for my sprayer so decided to make one. Pictures (yes I know didn't happen if no pictures). Here they are:
  8. D-250's

    Not certain but I think 2000 of them were imported by wheel horse. Marv
  9. Tractor lift

    Here is mine in use. I used the 3/4 plywood to widen the platform, just didn't have it on in this picture. Works very well for an advanced year man.
  10. Today's haul / how many 310's???!!!???

    Might as well have 2 operational 310s. Marv
  11. Not Pretty but works

    Good point. I must do that for others. See, I never forget (smile). Some folks do though. Now back to serious stuff. What were we talking about. Marv
  12. Frequently moving charger around to different tractors and finding a place to set it so the cord would reach the receptacle and battery without tripping on it, I decided something needed to be done. AHA, some used wire fence post and a couple of wheels solved the problem. Marv
  13. Mine is home made with a single bowl stainless steel sink sitting on top of a 15 gallon transmission oil can. I plumbed a kerosene furnace pump in to the side of the can with a line up to the sink for washing. I use kerosen in it. Still works after 30+ years. Marv
  14. Hydro cold weather operation

    B C D, Owners manual page on operation. I warm mine up 10 minutes if below 32F. Marv Wheel Horse Auto warm up.pdf
  15. First WHCC Show

    We spent our 50th wedding anniversary there. Marv