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  1. '68 Commando 6 project

    Hey this is my first time seeing this thread and I have to say this is great work. My Commando 6 is in pieces now, I really need to get back to work on it. Personally I'll say don't worry about what you hear of the Tecumseh's reputation. Mine has worked great for years and I've never had any problems, even plowing 2 feet of snow up a 50% grade. The Tecumseh is great unless you are planning on seriously working the tractor, but then you'd be better off with a better tractor, like a Raider or even a black hood. I'm glad you are keeping another Commando 6 the way it was built. If you don't mind my asking, though, where'd you get the dash decal? Is that from Terry (Vinylguy)? I've been looking for a while for one. Also, did you have any trouble getting the steering wheel off the shaft? I can't get mine off for the life of me.
  2. Best Wheel Horse model

    Hey I know the 300, 400, and 500 series seem to be popular here, as well as c series, but I've read that late 60s through mid 70s tractors were considered to be the best. Now if you look at it from a 1960s perspective, Wheel Horses were about the best you could get. Now once the horsepower started going up in later years, of course they would outshine the 6 and 8 horsepower tractors of the 60s. Also I'll stand by my Commando 6 with its techy. We've plowed snow up a 45 degree incline driveway, mowed with it, and torn up an entire lawn with it, rolled, tilled, and done everything else and it's never complained. I won't argue that the 8 is better because come on, the more horsepower the better. But I like my Techy. My vote is for early 70s tractors, the lot of them.
  3. Very nice. Now what'll make it look amazing is when you get the top of the hood painted.
  4. Wow that looks great. Love the color on that wagon...
  5. Unidrive seals

    Hey I need seals for my 5053 tranny and I don't know where to get them. I found a local TORO liscenced retailer and he could get the main seal as well as a couple other things I needed, but he couldn't get axle seals. Is there a good online parts source I should know about? Or is there a vendor here who can get me these? I need for the two axles, the brake drum, and the main pulley. Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Raider 10 Restoration Officially Started

    Hey a moderator would probably do this but this should be in the restorations topic. Nice work so far, it'll be a fun process working on it little by little
  7. Wow. I just read this thread in reverse order and I have to say you are doing an awesome job. I really like how your are doing this one. Just curious, what type of tires will you be using in back? As in all four of them.
  8. Tomorrow...

    It's been a week and a half for me, we usually do it every week. The grass is pretty long but that's probably good because it's healthier. I'll be mowing after school.
  9. Looks great! Remember to post pics of the retrieval of the new horse.
  10. I plan on getting back into the restoration of my Commando 6 now that the weather's warmer. I've got to strip and prime the frame and tranny, and then paint everything. Then I'll be looking into the little goodies to finish off the restoration like hubcaps, headlight assembly, etc. I want to get a new 3 pronged ignition switch to go with the originality theme. I have been using a different one, and I'd like to get an original switch. I've looked around the internet, but the three pronged version is not exactly common. There are only 5 pronged ones on Ebay. My question is can I substitute a five pronged one in even though my H60 only needs and used a three pronged switch. Or if not, does someone here have one they'd be willing to sell? Thanks in advance for the input.
  11. Well whatever it takes to get it there! I think it's so cool how you made the fiberglass hood. I want to get some practice and skill at fiberglass. Do you have some pics of the parts you fabricated you can post?
  12. I've been reading along and I am really impressed with your work. Please let us know if this beast ever finds itself in the good ol' US of A
  13. Hey it's been a while since I commented here. This thing is really coming along now. To see the beast operating well often with most of the bodywork there makes me so happy. I can't wait to see it with some paint and possibly the plow. This thing is looking better each time I check in. And this is post 972. Let's try for 1000! That's gotta be a record.
  14. Very nice. Both the paint and train table. I know what you mean about having too many hobbies, I can name at least 6 of my own!
  15. Customized,Rare,Weird,Diffrent,Unique Wheel Horses

    I'm sorry but Stigian's 6x6 gets my vote for the coolest. Maybe next to Cowboy's High Horse.