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  1. Proper Plug

    Thank you
  2. Proper Plug

    I have a K301S, Spec 47147C which I think is a 1969 on my 68 Charger 12. What is the correct spark plug and gap for this motor?
  3. What is the proper torque for the rear wheels?
  4. Is the drain plug on the bottom, near the rear and takes a 1/4" allen wrench ? Just making sure.
  5. Thank you, It has ATF in it, What is the 90-2046's fluid capacity ? Should I Screw in the plug / dipstick when I check the level ?
  6. I just got a model 1 7231 tractor which I believe is a late 1968 Charger 12. THE transmission listed for this is a Sundstrand 90-2046. Is the correct fluid F type ATF? What is the correct filter?, Wheel Horse and Wix
  7. Kohler K301 No Dipstick

    I will get more numbers,motor, deck etc. I will also take some pictures so we ca play name that Wheel Horse, The tractor has a mule drive, the old style rod to actuate the PTO and old style front tires that look original.
  8. Kohler K301 No Dipstick

    Just picked up what I believe to be a 1973 12 automatic. The motor does not have a dipstick, just a plug on the top of the block and nothing on the back where the dipstick tube usually is mounted. Has anyone seen this before? The tractor has an unusual model Number 1 7211 Serial # 429424. I am not positive on the 4th digit of the model, 1 74?1. Any information would be appreciated.
  9. everyone makes mistakes

    Fix it up. You can learn how to repair the hydro. Don't paint it,just clean it up and lube the hell out of it. I pulled a Raider 14 out of the woods about 4 years ago and now its one of my favorites.It run a 48" rd deck and pulls like a mule. Have fun with something you don't have to worry about. Some of the coolest Wheel Horses out there are the real ugly ones.
  10. 42" Rear Discharge deck

    Can you ship?
  11. Tractor help

    Chains and weights are the way to go. Put on ribbed front tires if you want to steer in snow. Keep a good jack and 2" by 6" 's with roofing material nailed on to them just in case. Happy motoring!
  12. Deck Belts

    I'll be putting the deck on a 72 Raider 14 and an 84 C-165
  13. Deck Belts

    What is the proper deck belt,(to turn blades) and drive belt(from deck to tractor) for a 1984 48" side discharge, model 05-48MS03 deck? I like to use Wheel Horse/Toro belts.
  14. Finally brought the C-125 auto home

    Nice tractor, good price! I have a 81, a very solid hydro tractor.