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  1. 61 suburban

    Hummm.... Somethin's different about that one........... Can't quite put my hoof on it, I think maybe that little pony is sick. he looks a little GREEN around the gills. Kudos on the work Looks nice, Job well done.
  2. New tractor questions...

    where are you located? maybe some one will offer to take a look at it with you. if your close by one of us. I'm in mid michigan about half way between Battle creek and Lansing. If your close to me I'd be glad to take a look at it, even help you wrench it. :woohoo:
  3. G.R./Holand to Charloot show?

    Hi Kelly you and I met at the charlotte show. I'll see ya in Bellevue this week end. :woohoo:
  4. 1971 800 Automatic

  5. The Devil Made Me Do It

    Good deal! Great looking tractor. would ya be willing to sell parts off the rotted 36" deck? I am looking for the front/middle Double pulley. Mine has the double "D" spindles. Thanks.
  6. G.R./Holand to Charloot show?

    Decided I would pick up a1057 that was a little closer to home. but might just make the road trip anyway. :woohoo:
  7. G.R./Holand to Charloot show?

    Show has all ready started. So You can remove this post. Thanks
  8. G.R./Holand to Charloot show?

    Is any one going to the show in charlotte from the Grand rapids area? And have room for a garden tractor? Willing to discuss fee. I found a tractor in Holland and I live near charlotte I just thought it might help with your gas and help me get my tractor. :woohoo:
  9. I found a place that offers Eaton #7 for $631.99 http://www.cooksaw.com/hydraulics/hydrostatic-transmissions/ Just found out that a #7 is the same as a #6. With improvements made to it. This might be old news for some. but just thought I would put it out there. Also I found a pdf file on this unit. Shows exploded view,part #s, oil recommendations. Etc. This is the link for that.http://www.equipment2u.com/ipl/parts_lo ... .gif∂=
  10. hydro trans slow.

    Thanks woodchuckfarmer. That's what it was looking like. I did bleed it and it seemed a little better. maybe there's hope yet. And thanks for the 3/4 qt. Info.
  11. hydro trans slow.

    OK, One more question. I went to drain the hydro and successfully drained the rear end. "woops" oh well.... it needed it too. So my question is how do I drain the hydro. I do not see a plug. Do I half to crack the hydro unit from the rear end or ???
  12. hydro trans slow.

    can whlvr..... Thanks for looking, I didn't think there was one. Kadetklapp..... The fluid is not low, but it resembles something close to muck. very dark, thick almost jelly substance. That's why I was going to change it. but when I was reading other post that were talking about filters. It got me wondering if the eaton #6 had a filter hiding some where on it. or in it.
  13. I have a 1971 Auto 800. Model # 1-0450 6 Serial# 779595 The tractor is very slow has problem climbing a slight grade. (Goes better when first started,not great but gets worse as it warms up) Was reading other posts about this problem and seen talk about changing the filter. Does any one know if this eaton hydro has a filter? I didn't see a filter on it any where. (internal maybe?) I know, It most likely needs a rebuild. Just thought I would try changing the fluid first. and filter if it has one. Any help would be great. Thanks