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  1. My band just fell off while snowplowing... It definitely needs re-shoeing so I'll be ordering one sometime in the near future... the reviews sound great!
  2. Dozer (snow) blade lift rod replacement

    They are usually much less than a dollar and I'd suggest using nylon lock nuts to keep it from moving over time. Thanks Ed Kennell for posting the photo/image.
  3. My snow plow lift rod broke while clearing the driveways here in Michigan. Of course it always happens when you're at the farthest distance from the barn. I have a C160 made in the mid 70's. It's a plowing machine. Once I managed to limp it back to the barn... I had to get it repaired. I made a trip to the True Value hardware store to buy some 3/8" steel rod; figuring I'd make one on my own... a sales assistant suggested a cement anchor bolt that is 3/8" in diameter, threaded on the correct end and bent on a 90 degree angle on the other end... Well, I compared it to the original and it matched perfectly !!! So instead of buying one off Ebay for $30.00 +/-..... it worked great and cost me less than $3.00 and that is buying two so I'd have a spare! All I had to do was drill the bent end for a cotter pin or whatever you like to use.... It worked great. Just my 2 cents to help you all and save you some serious $$$ .
  4. Solenoid to amp guage wire questions

    So just how does the VOLT gauge wire up ?
  5. 48" Plow/Dozer NEW cutting edge

    Are you still selling and shipping the steel bars? If so I'd like one. Let me know. kooistraw@reagan.com
  6. Solenoid to amp guage wire questions

    thanks a lot... I did upgrade that wire to using heavier wire and a heavier fuse holder and dielectric grease. So far it's been holding fine. I had a similar problem a few years back. While running, I smelled smoke and then noticed the insulated sheathing on the throttle cable smoking and starting to melt. I ended up adding another H.D. ground wire and that seemed to have cured that problem. What next? Good grief. THANKS AGAIN ALL..........
  7. My 75 Wheelhorse C160 has been blowing the fuse between the amp guage and the solenoid. The wires got hot enough to melt the fuse holder a bit. The wire is awful thin in my estimation. What size wire is used for the fused line from the solenoid and the amp guage? also: What amp fuse is to be used to? Thanks.