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  1. 1961 Panzer Puller

    Chris11, like the gas pedal ya got on yours. I,m gonna mount one from one of my arcade games I,m going to part out. I,m a pro game/juke.pool table tech. and I have several to choose from. Thinking about a cruisin,U.S.A OR Off Raod for the donor. I reeeealy do not like the pull and twist throttle cable type throttle control design. It,s to damn dangerous when pulling stumps and other heavy duty items. I plan on doing a frame off restore after the monsoon season is over. I know you guys hate non stock paint schemes but mine is gonna get a U.S.C.G. paint job white with the red/blue racing stripe as I intend to use her to pull a float of the HH52A helo I flew SARcrew in back in 76-80. It will still due work duties unless I can find another Horse within what I can afford or a Deere as I like both. I pulled 5 small nasty palms with spikes stumps from in front of my house. My neighbors thought I was nuts but she proved em, wrong !! Latta Gatta :thumbs2:
  2. 69 Charger 42'deck blades

    Thanks guys. Found out its a Toro deck from 96 and I took the belts to NAPA and they matched em both. A local shop helped me figure out it was a Toro. I found mulching blades for $14,99 ea. + shipping. or I can order standard for $54 a set local =shipping or $56 no shipping @ the local Toro shop. Gonna go for the mulching blades. Now I need to find the deck belt cover and the PTO belt cover. My PTO output clutch and pully has the belt going to a dual pully assy. mounted to the front of the frame and it has an adjustment knob on the front of the machine. Al,s says its a 70 according to the Model # whick is 1-7251. Gotta find a Carb rebuild kit and I,d like to get a spare fuel pump if anyone knows the part # I,d appreciate the info. I might evben rebuild the motor after the monsoon season is over. :thumbs2:
  3. Deck $ PTO belts source

    I had a mech. @ at a muffler shop yesterday recommend I go to NAPA my belts and low and behold they had them !! Loca Toro shop wanted $32.95 for just the deck belt !! I got both for $44.57 at NAPA !! one was made in the U.S. and one in Mexico !! NO Chinese junk !!! I be hap hap happy !!!! Love my trctor !! All I need now in new bales and a throttle cable which I found New Stock by google search. I,v already pulled 5 small palm stumps with that baby !! :thumbs2:
  4. Does anyone know the W.H. original part #s for a 42" deck ? if ya do please contact me. Thanks. :thumbs2: