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  1. I don't have a spare heater at the moment, so that's a no-go. As I said, I have to wait until it warms up a bit. I know how ice/cold transmission lube gets. Hahah. I just have to be patient. It isn't going to harm it further being in there another couple days/weeks. Caps-lock, though...
  2. I wish these tractors were more plentiful in my area. Hahaha. Did a little more cleaning on the seat, and just loosely mounted the deck to see how it fit --out of curiosity. Looks really good, and especially when some of the oil gets into whats left of the paint --giving it back it's shine. (This whole tractor is going to need a good pressure-washing and gone over with a wire brush to get the paint flakes and gunk off --and possibly rewired) The seat cover came out really well. Just couldn't get the rust stains out --and some of the discoloration off of the lip that goes around the metal seat-pan. Next is the deck... after inspection, it's really tight --might be shot, but I'll clean it up in the spring and see what I can do. Some rust holes, but what can be expected of a machine of this age? Now, the first dilemma is... how are the foot rests supposed to be positioned as to allow the gearboxes to clear? Otherwise I get 1/2" of lift... Down Up
  3. There is nothing I can do but wait. The drain plug is out of it with a container under it. It's been like that for a day and nearly nothing has come out. Starting to think it doesn't have any fluid in it.
  4. Not much to update on, but the seat over is already looking better! Before: During: After:
  5. Looks like I'm going to be fairly financially involved in getting this tractor running and looking good again. Parts are pricy. I'm guessing eBay is going to be the easiest way to find one of the fuse-box covers?
  6. Thanks guys --going to do a diesel flush as soon as it warms up. Too cold for me. Everything is frozen solid, and this tractor needs time to thaw and dry. It's rather cold and damp to work on at the moment. Until then, I'll work on cleaning up other things, doing research, and cleaning up that beautiful seat-cover.
  7. Okay... Looks like I need to pick up some of these diodes.
  8. Well, a new Horse arrived in the stable today. 1961 551, and in really straight condition. I believe it to be an early restoration. I need to collect some parts, namely the fuse-box cover, belt guard, and muffler shield. It came with a straight mowing deck, and what I was told is an original seat cover. First, some pics: Mowing deck's tight, but I hope it will loosen up with fresh grease in the spring time. Now, first thing is first... to get the electrical system buttoned up: The tractor came with these parts: I know where the points and condenser go... but not the ignition brake? And can someone tell me what type of fuses I need? Next, why do the front rims only have one hole in them? I'd like to mount front wheel weights if/when I can find them... I assume I'll have to drill the other two holes. One the way here, is seems the trans froze up. I'm guessing water in it. Once it gets above freezing I'm going to drain the fluid. If the trans doesn't look good, I may replace it with an 8-speed. And I spent a little time cleaning up the hood once the ice melted off of it from the trip here... (Not too sure why this one uploaded upside-down, but okay...) Well, goodbye GT-14 and welcome 551! Now to find a brother for it... Thanks!
  9. I think it's time to update the signature.
  10. Well, he has a bigger toy to put in there now.
  11. Going to have to make that a "triple-dog dare you." :teasing-poke: :teasing-poke:
  12. Don't think the next machine will fit there as nicely. Hahah. :)
  13. 701 registry

    Don't have one, but wishing I did... A bunch of really nice looking machines you guys have there!
  14. New to me, 603

    Wow! I am amazed in the condition that thing's in. I'm drooling over here!
  15. Pushed it with the RJ today.

    I have to say, Wheel Horse got the nail right on the head early with their plow/front weight design. Only brand I know where you can have a front weight on with a plow.