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  1. allis chalmers parts wanted

    i was woundering if anyone here may have the tiller pully set up for an allis chalmers b-10 or no of a place i can get one please ;et me know thanks dan
  2. Dual Wheels and a F.E.L--Stability????

    i love my dual wheels on my FEL and it does help with stability when you litf the buck up higher
  3. Stopped by a friends house!

    you should sell that 310 to mikey
  4. slow air leak

    i used bead lock on mine works great
  5. 42" deck on a C-81

    i had my self a 48" deck on my c-81 and it worked great.
  6. one scary day

    well last Wednesday was not a fun day for me as now i am out of my right leg for a mounth. heres the story i finished up mowing my lawn and threw all my leaves and grass into my garden and then i grabbed my alis chalmers tractor with the tiller and went to go till my garden i made one pass and was on my way around to to the second when my foot came off the rest and the tie caught it and then as that happened it caught the other side and pulled both legs between the tires and the tractor and on the left side is the pulls for the tiller and needless to say after 5 minutes of screaming for someone to get the tractor off me i remembered my leather man was on me and was able to cut my phone out of my pocket and was able to get my dad out side and get it off of me and found that one of the pullys cut a 4 inch gash into my calf muscle had a cast on for a week only 9 stiches on the out side there were to many to count on the inside but the good news cast if off and doc says were healing good and should be back up and going soon thank the lord im going insane not being able to do anything. heres the damage
  7. show your favorite tractor

    this here would have to be my favorite tractor no matter what i put it threw it just keeps going.
  8. Liquid Ballast In Front Tires??........

    i loaded my tires on my tractor and uses a drill powered water pump with 1/4 inch hose going into the vale stem and 5 gallon bucket and it worked awesome
  9. beaver 752

  10. Duro AG Tires...??

    i had 26x12x12 on my c-81 with a 48" deck but it hit the deck wheels so i had to take um off but 23" tires i think you should be fine.
  11. good day went baddd

    i fixed it thank god it was only the key for the pully on the tranny :thumbs2:
  12. good day went baddd

    checked it all when its running i can shift threw all the gears without putting the clutch in not good
  13. good day went baddd

    just stoped moving and in every gear it dosent do anything axles arnt spinning either so im not sure what i have to do now :thumbs2:
  14. good day went baddd

    well today was a good day until i went to go load my c-81 loader onto the trailer and clunk there gos the transmission on the darn thing no gears work whats so ever this sucks and i had work to do with it tommarow :thumbs2:
  15. beaver 752

    went and picked me up a 1949 beaver 752 tractor for the great price of free and even better it was sitting for 9 years i put the jumpers on it and some gas in it and it fired right up and ran awesome.