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  1. Didn't realize this was such a stumper. Not a problem now 'cause I just took a hack saw to it.
  2. Subject says it all. Mine is 20.5" center-to-center and is NON adjustable. Is this the correct length? Thanks
  3. Much appreciated jschahl. Thank you. Odd? The carb image you linked has the fuel inlet on the left (mine is on the oppsite side), and the throttle shaft is horizontal where mine is vertical. Also, the image shows the idle mixture screw is on the top (parallel with the main needle), while mine is on the side. However, I would assume that the jets, needles, brass hardware and seals are the same because they are both are Carter N series - hopefully.
  4. Title pretty much says it all. Does anyone know the Kohler PN for the main jet needle for the K91T carburetor (1960 400 )? (Carter N?) This carb has the adjustabe main needle on top of the carb body. It is NOT a Walbro carb. OR.. if you have a spare needle I could sure use it? Thanks
  5. condensor

    Speaking of condensers, I needed to replace the condenser on my K91 so instead of ordering one, I stopped by my local small engine repair shop. He promptly layed a new one on the counter and rung-up $12.59 on a register (excluding tax). Needless to say, I bought a replacement elsewhere. That's the thanks I get when I try to support local business's.
  6. K91 carburetor - '60 Wheel Horse

    That should give me some numbers to compare. Thank you Also, the tiny holes in the main jet needle may be plugged or restricted. Any idea where I can purchase a replacement needle?
  7. Briefly; The carb that was installed on my 1960 Suburban w/K91 was obviously the incorrect unit. Neither the throttle or choke linkage aligned correctly. I have a spare K91, so I pulled the carb, disassembled and cleaned it. It was pretty bad inside, but i'm hoping it will survive. In researching repair kits and such, I referenced the numbers - which seems to indicate that my carb is not for a K91 after all. The stamped number is G230500 - which indicates it's for a K181. I'm guessing I need a G220517. Is that correct? The G230500 fits the K91 just fine, and may work, but isn't it possible that it has a larger venturi than the G220517? If true, low speed will suffer because of it. Especially since this tractor will spend most of its time at over 5000 ft. elevation. So, does the G230500 and G220517 have the same venturi diameter?
  8. Does the '60 400 use the OEM Kohler K91 fuel tank? I've not measured either, nor been able to directly compaired them, but they sure do look similar.
  9. Kohler Governor Adjustment

    Thanks TT, I've seen the cable routed both ways and just wondered which was OEM. My intent, is to not drift too far from the original installation if I can avoid it. But at the same time, make it full functional AND reliable. This tractor, not unlike many I've seen, came to me without the throttle/choke assy. I can understand a defective part, but it still escapes why so many have been removed.
  10. Kohler Governor Adjustment

    I was just about to post a question regarding the throttle/governor on my K91 - 400 Suburban, when I spotted this thread. Unforunately, it doesn't seem to address my specific issues. First, I need to know how the throttle cable is correctly routed around the engine - front or backside. And second; how, specifically, the cable attaches to the governor arm. I saw the drawing from the Kohler manual (posted above), but I'm not sure it is directly applicable to the 'Horse'.. A pic of the original install would be fantastic.