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  1. Drawbar versus cable

    Ok guys, here's one for you to ponder. What could take more weight on it? The standard drawbar or the lift cable? I have made a hitch that can either sit on the drawbar or be held by the lift cable. There will probably be about 200 lbs applied to each, but I was curious as to which would fail first. I've stood on the drawbar (180+ lbs) but I haven't stood on a slot hitch or clevis hitch. Maybe I should try. What do ya think?
  2. Need a higher hitch.

    Ok, I don't weld. So, I need a way to lift my hitch to a height about 7 inches or so higher than standard height to accommodate my new log splitter. 2" ball A bolt-on solution would be easiest for me. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. New Wheelhorse Honey-Hole Discovered

    I have also bought from Dave and have met him . Nice guy. Last I knew he was doing weekly trips up to CT on Thursdays. That was a while ago though.
  4. Front wheel weights?

    Curtis, The more I think about it, the more I might want to keep the set as it is. By the way, do you know if that is the original paint on your rear weights?
  5. Does anyone know if weights came as Wheel Horse red or were they painted white to match rims? The guy I got these from said he never painted them, but he couldn't remember if his dad did.
  6. Front wheel weights?

    I just picked these up today. Real nice shape. I didn't know that they made front weights either. Don't really have a need for them. But seeing as they are somewhat scarce, maybe I'll see what I can get for them. I sure wouldn't mind trading for a set of rear and mid cultivators. I am surprised at the weight of these.
  7. Sub-soiler

    Terry, my brother already mentioned that he will weld that gap next time he gets a chance. It's not as bad as it looks, but better safe than sorry. John, the next project is in it's planning stages and will be posted as soon as I can get my brother to fire up the welder. He loves to weld and is waiting but I have a 4 month old and a 2 year old at home plus a 40'x 80' garden that needs attention badly so as soon as I can get pics, I will. P.S. You like Sam Adams? :drool:
  8. I give up.....

    Nice Work! :omg:
  9. Sub-soiler

    Micah, funny thing is, no weight is needed. It pulls itself down. It will go deeper if I set the depth gauge on tractor to let it lower. And by the way, the raider 12 doesn't even know it's there.
  10. Sub-soiler

    Thanks to John (aka wallfish) I was able to put together this homemade subsoiler. I used it for planting my potatoes. It loosens the soil at least 10 inches down. Maybe deeper. John was nice enough to send me two slot hitch blanks which my brother welded to a plow piece I wasn't using. Their aren't enough guys like that around anymore. I got the idea from a site called endtimesreport. Rik has a couple wheel horses that he has modified for his farming needs. Simple enough to put together. Thanks again John. I hope to meet up with you and share a few beers. My next project is in the works.
  11. Found another 4 wheel wagon

    Less then 1% ? Wow! How many were made?
  12. Found another 4 wheel wagon

    Now that would be interesting to know. Just what were the load capacities for these wagons. Anybody care to guess?
  13. Found another 4 wheel wagon

    Jason says it's another 7-2111. Were there others? What years were they made?
  14. 2 NEW HORSES

    I love that Raider! Cigar lighter too!
  15. Found another 4 wheel wagon

    Those are nice wagons! Are they tough to find? I'd love to get one for around the yard. I'm afraid to ask what they demand as far as pricing goes though.