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  1. Best Head Gasket For Kohler?

    Just curious what the best head gaskets are out there for a Kohler 321. Is the stock, Kohler gasket the best? Or is there a better after-market brand out there? Also, what is the best place to buy from? Any vendors on here sell them? Rather than supporting some big-box company? Thanks!
  2. Wheelhorse/Toro NOS 5999 Hydro trans case split gaskets

    Here's the link: https://www.partstree.com/parts/toro/parts/5999/ I have a Bronco 14, and it fits mine. Don't need one right now, but I may buy one since they are no longer available (better to have an not need, than need and not have)
  3. K321S Question

    So I am starting work again on my Bronco 14, that I bought / tore apart a few years back. When I bought the tractor, it smoked a little when it started if I remember correctly, but ran well. I don't really want to do a full tear down (although it is probably the right thing to do since the motor is out). I was thinking about doing some minor work to the engine since it is out, like pulling the head, making sure everything looks okay, and a new gasket, checking the points (not sure if this motor has them), and just cleaning it up nice. Is there anything I should look for? Or suggestions on what I should do? Also, on a side note, are these motors any good? I'd like to keep the original motor if possible.
  4. Front Plow Question

    Tractor in question is a '71 Bronco 14, hydraulic lift. It has been converted to have the "tach-a-matic" style mid and front mount, and I have the set of rear mounts on the square axle tubes on the rear end. From what I understand, this is one of the "long frame" models. Obviously I'd have to make sure the plow / frame I get is compatible.
  5. Was just surfing the local CL ads, and there are a few front plows (rear attachments) for sale locally. They are all priced between $75 and $125 depending on condition. There is one for sale about 20 minutes away (closest one) for $100. Is this about the going price for a front plow? I know there are some attachments that can get pretty pricey, but I wasn't sure if the front plows were typically this inexpensive or not. Thanks
  6. So I was driving to my parents house the other day (only about 2 miles away), and noticed one of the houses along the way had an old, 1-piece "bathtub" style dump cart on the side of the house. Didn't look like it had been used in a long time, as it looks like there were weeds growing out of the cart. Paint was obviously red, but faded and dirty. Was thinking about stopping and asking about it. Obviously, value is based on the condition. It looked complete from the road, but I have not seen it up close. Any thoughts? Should I stop? I've never done a cold-call like this (stopping and asking about something in a yard that wasnt for sale) Looked like the one in the picture below:
  7. Hood Latch Straps

    Based on the 3" dimensions on that first PDF, it look like you can buy the same parts from McMaster for about 7 bucks, offered in zinc plated steel or Stainless. I could be wrong, but based on what I see, it should be close. Part numbers are 1685A32 for stainless ($7.73 each), and 1685A22 for the Zinc plated ($7.06 each) Also, these prices / parts seem to be for the entire assembly, not just the rubber part. https://www.mcmaster.com/1685a22 https://www.mcmaster.com/1685a32
  8. I apologize if this has been covered before, but I tried to use the search and did not come across anything (at least not to help my specific case). I'm starting to work on my Bronco 14 again, and one thing I thought would be a good idea, would be to switch to LED lights in the front. The Bronco already has a spot for 2 little bulbs and a clear lens on the front. Does anybody know of a direct fit LED bulb that would pop into place of the old ones? Or would I have to do a whole new light set-up for this? Thanks!
  9. My '71 Bronco 14 has a red one. I assume it's the stock / factory one, but the tractor has changed hands a few times before me, so I cant be 100% sure.
  10. 1971 Bronco is back

    So, it's been a few years since I've been on here, surfing or posting. Life has somewhat got in the way, but I'm hoping this coming fall / winter will allow me some time to work on my Bronco. I'm the one from a few years back with the 71 Bronco 14 that seemed to have changed hands here a few times, the one with the spider webs that was painted on the side of the hood. Anyways, long story short, I had put it aside due to some girlfriends, one of which has since become my wife. I now have a house of my own, with a garage and a shed, and an acre of flat yard. I've been mowing with a push mower, which is good excersize, but it does take a chunk out of my weekend, and is pretty useless for yard work. I recently came across Jay Bee on ebay (with the repro exhaust mufflers), and that got me thinking about the Bronco and bringing it back. As some of you know, the muffler on the Bronco now was... not right when I got it. So enough rambling, just thought I'd pop in, say hi.... again, and I look forward to spending some time on here and working on the Bronco
  11. Thanks for the start. If I recall correctly, he did say something about the oil sensor, but I can't remember exactly what he said about it. I asked him if he had the right ignition switch, and he said it was exactly the same as the one he replaced it with, so not sure if that helps. If he had the wrong switch, it sounds weird that turning the switch off would kill the tractor, but yet it would not make it start. So to the solenoid, if it is a newer one, will he have to ground it in order for it to work? I will print out the wiring diagram for him tomorrow at work and maybe that will help.
  12. My co-worker has a 1989 Wheel Horse, 10 horse power Kohler, 8-speed manual trans. He is telling me he is having issues with starting it. He has replaced the syloniod, and has made sure all of his saftey switches work. He cannot start the tractor with the Key, however if he jumps the sylonoid, it starts fine. When the tractor is running, the amp-metter does not work, and none of the dash-lights come on. He has checked the battery, and he has checked the connections and they look okay. He replaced the sylonoid recently, and is wondering if maybe he put it on backwards or something, but he thinks it is good. He also just told me that when the tractor is running, if he turns the key to the "off" position, the tractor will stop running. I was thinking the ignition switch was bad, but would that explain why the amp-meter is not working? Also, he is saying the ignition switch is brand new as well. If you guys could provide any help at all, it would be greatly appreciated. He is of an older generation, and isn't too tech-savy, so I offered to help him out by posting on here.
  13. Can anybody out there possibly give me a few measurements off an RJ-58 tank? All I need is overall length, width, and height. Thanks!
  14. Damn, wish my Bronco was done, I have a 44" rear-mounted grader blade all ready for it once I finish the thing.
  15. SuperTrap Quiet Mufflers

    So I know this is an old thread, but has anybody used these mufflers? I am looking for one for my Bronco 14, and would like it to be as quiet as I can within reason. These look like they might work. Anybody???