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  1. Thanks for the start. If I recall correctly, he did say something about the oil sensor, but I can't remember exactly what he said about it. I asked him if he had the right ignition switch, and he said it was exactly the same as the one he replaced it with, so not sure if that helps. If he had the wrong switch, it sounds weird that turning the switch off would kill the tractor, but yet it would not make it start. So to the solenoid, if it is a newer one, will he have to ground it in order for it to work? I will print out the wiring diagram for him tomorrow at work and maybe that will help.
  2. My co-worker has a 1989 Wheel Horse, 10 horse power Kohler, 8-speed manual trans. He is telling me he is having issues with starting it. He has replaced the syloniod, and has made sure all of his saftey switches work. He cannot start the tractor with the Key, however if he jumps the sylonoid, it starts fine. When the tractor is running, the amp-metter does not work, and none of the dash-lights come on. He has checked the battery, and he has checked the connections and they look okay. He replaced the sylonoid recently, and is wondering if maybe he put it on backwards or something, but he thinks it is good. He also just told me that when the tractor is running, if he turns the key to the "off" position, the tractor will stop running. I was thinking the ignition switch was bad, but would that explain why the amp-meter is not working? Also, he is saying the ignition switch is brand new as well. If you guys could provide any help at all, it would be greatly appreciated. He is of an older generation, and isn't too tech-savy, so I offered to help him out by posting on here.
  3. Can anybody out there possibly give me a few measurements off an RJ-58 tank? All I need is overall length, width, and height. Thanks!
  4. Damn, wish my Bronco was done, I have a 44" rear-mounted grader blade all ready for it once I finish the thing.
  5. SuperTrap Quiet Mufflers

    So I know this is an old thread, but has anybody used these mufflers? I am looking for one for my Bronco 14, and would like it to be as quiet as I can within reason. These look like they might work. Anybody???
  6. Where does everyone stay?

    Last year, I took a trip down to the Carlise All Fords Show at the begining of June. I decided I was going 2 weeks before the show, and almost everything was booked solid. I ended up staying at a place called "Microtel Inns & Suites" in a town called Enola. Very nice place, and it is literaly right off 81, so it's super easy to get down to carlisle. You also have the choice of going in the back way, by going west on 944, and then south on Spring Road, and that drops you in the back way. It's a little ways away (5 or 10 minutes), but it was quite, & away from all the hustle & bustle. http://www.microtelinn.com/hotels/pennsylvania/enola/microtel-inn-and-suites-enola/hotel-overview?hotel_id=31979&campaign_code=IP_Local
  7. Cool New Sign for the Garage

    Now that's a cool sign. Great shape too by the look of it.
  8. In the last year............

    It's amazing what people will throw away. That J.D. yard card looks really nice, I'm not even a J.D. fan and I wouldn't mind owning that. Though, it would look odd being towed by a W.H. :eusa-think:
  9. RJ Belt Idea

    I was actually thinking about this to be honest, and was hoping someone would address it. While I think it would be a pretty cool idea, I think it should stay just that.
  10. RJ Belt Idea

    I thought about this too. even if I run a toothed belt, I could run a smooth pulley and you would think it would slip when the clutch was engaged. I think the biggest problem I would run into is trying to find a belt. I did some preliminary searches, and came up with nothing that would work. If I recall correctly, the RJ belt is 29" long. I cannot find a belt that is roughly 3" wide, and 29" long.
  11. RJ Belt Idea

    Vin, I have no plans of running any attachments on this tractor, this is strickly going to be a fun toy / show tractor. As for the belt guard, I was thinking about fabing one of my own anyways, as I have the resources, so that is not an issue. What would be an issue though, is if I make a new guard, and it covers this "belt mod" and nobody can see it, unless I make a window and put some lexan in to prevent dirt and debris from falling in. I could secure the "window" in place with cap screws like I am using on the motor, so that may work. The other big issue, is now I would either have to buy a pulley kit for a supercharger or something like that, and hope I can get the right pulley sizes, or I would have to make them, which wouldn't be too bad. I have access to a machine shop and a lathe, so those shouldnt be an issue. And then a belt, I would have to probably spec out a belt first, then make the pulleys to match.
  12. Was thinking about the belt set-up on the RJ-58's & RJ-59's. I had 2 ideas that came to mind. 1 was to run a dual belt set-up. On my Pinto, there are 2 identical belts that run all the stuff on the front of the motor. I guess the concept was that if one breaks, it will still run okay. My other idea came when I was looking at the old school choppers. What if you were to put like a 3 inch wide pulley set-up and run the wider belt on it. Not sure how these would work with the way the clutch operates, but I'm sure it would be pretty cool none-the-less. What do you guys think?
  13. Does anyone know what a RJ35 weighs?

    Matt, I posted a similar question about the RJ-58. Can't seem to find the thread though. I think the RJ-58's were in the 300 to 350 range if I recall correctly. Not sure exactly how much different the RJ-35 would be. When I get my RJ-58 all done, I want to bring it into work and weigh it. We have a shipping scale that is good up to 1,000 pounds, in 1/2 pound increments. Hope this helps!
  14. RJ-58 Throttle Pic Request

    Yes, I am looking for the Kohler K90 / K91 hook-up. My mistake for not specifying that.
  15. RJ-58 Throttle Pic Request

    Hey guys, got a pic request for you. Picked up a like-new throttle cable & throttle control lever asssembly the other day, but don't have a clue as to how the end attaches to the motor / govoner / carb. I need a picture of the govoner arm set-up and how the throttle cable attaches to the carb / govoner. Thanks guys!