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  1. I was planning on changing to Solenoid starting circuit for my 875, but am unsure where to mount it. Pretty tight on those short frames between battery and starter. Ideas?
  2. great- even just building the deck liners and letting folks add there own spindles etc.
  3. Dealer List

    Glad to see this being done. I have a couple to add. Meyer Sales and service, Kalamazoo, Mi before 1979- about 2000. Dealer in Quincy, Mi, before 1979- about 2005
  4. Unidrive seals

    just bought 2 of the 9815s at NAPA. $5 ea.
  5. Diff / Trans lube ?

    Piggyback question. If you switch to synthetic trans lube do you have to be extra fussy about flushing out the transmission case. If so, with what? Thanks
  6. Cool Home Built Wheel Horse

    wow. i like everything about it. Thanks for posting it.
  7. MI WH show

    I plan to come. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I'm looking for a B80 steering wheel, dash and column. Saw one at Mentone but didn't get it. Duh! Kelly let me know if you need help setting up. I can help friday morning tiil about 3 in the afternoon. Jim
  8. C series vs 300, 400, 500

    I prefer the look of the "C" series. Even my my 76' B 80 8 spd is a tank in search of a bigger engine i love the classic red and cream look. I've also noticed a lot of peeling paint on the later tractors. Is it just the 300s that switched to 6" front rims?
  9. Has anyone on here rigged up an oil filter / pump on a K series?

    new air filter every 10-15 or blow out with compressed air?
  10. Sharpening your blades

    I've had good luck sharpening on a 1" wide stationary belt sander. 80 grit, 45 degree wood block jig on the sander base. About three quick passes per side, then check balance with dome balancer.
  11. york rake

    Justin, do you have any problems with yours clogging? Thanks, Jim
  12. york rake

    I've been thinking about making a simple "dump rake" type dethatcher. I like the ideas that you guys discussed/shown. Hey 953, do you remember how much those tines were that you bought to make yours? Thanks, Jim
  13. 1977 B80 Trans, Needle Bearing Issues

    Very nice. Love the B 80s. Like your tires. I have a 76 that looks like yours- great shape but broken rod that had to be replaced. I also have 2) little74s with the mid wheelbase and 4 speed trans.
  14. Tranny Fluid Weird Color!

    I have a mechanic friend who also swears by using aft to flush out transmission and crankcase sludge. Great info guys. anyone come up with a new source for the 1533 bearing?
  15. Got a short frame plow ready

    Have you tried the B 80 plow( shorter 4 speed?) on the 657? I sure do like that LITTLE WORKER!