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  1. Tiller belt line up or wrong size?

    Ive just been fitting a tiller, had to make the idler and get a belt here in the UK, thought this might help you. http://myoldmachine.com/topic/3727-7-1252-tiller/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-42336
  2. New

    Welcome to RS, I'd like to know more about that frame aswell. Im in the UK down near Brighton
  3. Happy Birthday Steve

    Hope your having a brill day Steve, all the best from over here
  4. HALF a HORSE.

    A short vid for your viewing.
  5. Rural Past Times.

    The guy digging is Stormin Norman with the Blackhorse
  6. Rural Past Times.

    Here's a few photos i took at the show.
  7. Biddenden Tractorfest in the UK

    The display stuff, the 2 RJs, the 400 and the trailer are mine along with the van and caravan. Everyone had a laugh with Steve and all wanted to hold him, hope he enjoyed himself
  8. Biddenden Tractorfest in the UK

    Spent a lovely weekend at our annual tractorfest show with a few Wheelhorse's and a special guest. heres a few photos i took over the two days.
  9. What's In Your Mirror?

    Had a bit of a shock on my way to a show over here in the UK when i looked in my mirror
  10. Building a grader blade

    Koen beat me to it, I was just going to give you the link. Hope its helpful to ya
  11. Here's a few photos from Wiston steam rally that I attended over the weekend. A good selection of exhibits and the weather was brilliant

    That is just fantastic, what a brilliant thread ive had to look at it several times and can't stop laughing. well done to those that helped Jeff to put it together. How do you feel now Steve.?.
  13. First real look around...

    I use Hugh Page at Heathfield in Sussex, they are very helpful and post stuff. The boot ( cover ) is part no 3577, can't remember the spring but they were about £9
  14. First real look around...

    Off to a good start Bertie, looks like you need to replace the gear lever boot which will stop the water getting in the tranny and the brake spring. both parts are available from Toro dealer's here in the UK
  15. Yes again!

    Lovely looking wheelhorse Jeff, sort the carb and move the hubs out and leave the rest as it is.