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  1. Happy Birthday Chris Sutton.

    Thanks guys for all your wishes.
  2. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Nothing wrong with having a in the dinning room Mike.
  3. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Carb all refitted now and a new manifold gaskit. It took a bit of encouragement to get it going but once running and tuned in it runs real sweet. Had it running for half an hour with no missfires or smoke so I'm pleased with that and its restarts easy.
  4. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Yes, first thing i checked. all looking good and quite clean.
  5. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    I was going to pop it in the Ultrasonic cleaner but its really clean inside so I didn't bother
  6. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Yes Mike, on the dinning room table.
  7. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Had a look in my box of carb parts and found a new needle and seat and the gaskits. All back together now and ready to fit in the morning
  8. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Just had another look this morning, first thing i did was to turn the fuel tap off. It started straight away and ran sweet on the fuel that was in the system and as it started to miss i gave it a swirt of fuel with a bottle and it plcked up and ran on both cylinders. I then turned the tap on and it started to miss with black smoke from the exhaust untill it chocked and stopped, then it wouldn't start. Next job is to remove the carb and have a look at the needle valve, it must be jammed open and dumping loads of fuel in the engine
  9. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    I did wonder about that but the plugs seem to be sparking
  10. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Ive cleaned the fuel tank and replaced all the fuel lines and filter
  11. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    I'll take the carb off tomorrow and check that Norm
  12. Help wanted with Kohler K582s

    Its been running well the last few days and ive been driving it around, Started it this morning and after a couple of minutes it started running rich. I switched it off and found No2 plug black with soot. changed the plug and it wouldn't start, checked both plugs sparking, tipped fuel down plug hole and carb and still no go, After a cuppa and a battery recharge it started but started to run rough with-in a couple minutes with black smoke from exhaust and then stopped when I moved the throttle to idle. Any thought's guys ?
  13. Sunstrand Help Needed

    I've filled the pump up with oil and the weld seems to have cured the leak from the damaged area but there's some weeping from the casing gaskit so I'm going to split the pump and make a new gaskit.
  14. New Red Tractor to Me

    Heres my grandson driving,
  15. New Red Tractor to Me

    Here you go Dennis, http://myoldmachine.com/topic/572-the-trachorse-story-and-build/myoldmachine.com/topic/572-the-trachorse-story-and-build