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  1. Sunstrand Help Needed

    Its on the side of the aluminium casing below the forward / backwards shaft.
  2. Sunstrand Help Needed

    My kit arrived and I sprayed with cleaner, then with the penetrant and then with the developer, it showed up a small impact on the casing and two small cracks. Ive taken the pump to a friend who will weld a patch over the damaged area and hopefully repair it. I await his phone call.
  3. Sunstrand Help Needed

    Just a small update, As I was told something hit the pump so ive ordered a crack testing kit to try and find the leak before I refit it. Once it arrives i'll test it and update progress.
  4. Sunstrand Help Needed

    Just like to thank you all for your valuable input on this topic, a lot of information on a subject i know nothing about but don't fell so bad about tackling the fault and hope i can fix it whatever it turns out to be
  5. Sunstrand Help Needed

    It has a pipe that goes in underneath and one each side , it has hyd deck lift and hyd steering, the tractor was in bits when I got it and just told the pump was taken off because it was leaking, I need to hook it up to see for myself where its leaking from, I was hoping to bench test it if possable
  6. Sunstrand Help Needed

    Nows your chance to learn something Steve, Many thanks Paul, that's the photo I was looking for
  7. Wondered if anyone can help me with a Sunstrand pump fitted to a Toro gmt 230, As far as I can see the toro part number is 27-3670. I had a look at the pump today that's been taken out of the tractor before I got it as it was leaking oil, the only numbers I can find on it are 90-1093 lh and 02-ub 19646. I thought I saw someone on here had a test bed made up using an electric motor to turn it but can't find it now. Is there anyway I can test it to find out where the leak is or have I got to refit it back in the tractor, many thanks for looking.
  8. Other brands that used Wheel Horse parts?

    That's a Toro 200 series, wonder why they bolted the fuel tank up there it should be on the left hand side behind the front wheel
  9. New Red Tractor to Me

    No its only front wheel drive , It has a Sundstrand hydrostatic transmission and a Dana front axle
  10. New Red Tractor to Me

    As far as I know Ed it was made in Bloomington Minn
  11. New Red Tractor to Me

    Give me a chance to edit it, Here's a few more of last Saturday when I collected it and a few brochures and manuals i got with it
  12. New Red Tractor to Me

    Back last summer while i was at a mates barn having a rummage, right at the back in the darkness i found a red tractor that I've never seen before. After a bit of research i found that it was built by Toro for one year and due to poor sales was dropped from production. The dealer had ten and offered them at a special price and my friend bought 3 all new and in their delivery boxes. Two were used for a contract that he had then parked up and the third is still new and not assembled. The one i have bought is a GMT 230 1978, its fitted with a Kohler 23 hp engine, hydraulic decklift and bends in the middle. It was parked up in the barn in the late 90s after working for 170 hours and left untill i spotted it. After fitting a temporary fuel tank and a good battery it started up with everything working. I have to say I'm chuffed to bits with it and it sounds really nice and is awesome to drive, it will fit in with my Wheelhorse collection nicely. If anyone has one of these or knows anything about them I'd be very interested to hear from you.
  13. Hello From Southampton, UK

    Welcome to RS Graydon, as said, let us have a list of what your looking for and we might be able to help. I'm up near Brighton so not that far away
  14. Kohler K241 or K301

    I'm not sure what the engine was from as I found it at a mates barn but it will probable end up in a Wheelhorse.
  15. Kohler K241 or K301

    The headbolt pattern look the same both 9 bolt, just the spark plug in a different place ?