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  1. Found in on front of left side lift cover. Very hard to read the 81 but tool a photograph and blew it up. 81 it is. Thanks to all.
  2. ericj, bingo. thanks can't read the 81 or 91 but the plate is there.
  3. Just spent several hours looking for the id plate on a C-121 I just acquired. It was only made in 78 and 79 but I am assuming that the plate is gone. Any information as to how to id the tractor or where the plate is would be appreciated.
  4. Looking for WH Parts source!!

    Glen I definitely plan on going to Mentone, Tank, I thank you for the link to parts tree. And Kelly, at this point I am looking for a lift link, probably the short. Was going to ask a few if anyone uses the long link for down pressure. I am on mostly concrete and asphalt and down pressure sounds interesting. Also looking for 23X9.50-12 tires. Also the gas strut. I really don't know if the strut is a needed item or just a nice thing but The one I have is definitely worn out. Ordered the decals already and hope to have it done before Mentone so I can gather parts there if I still need any. OH, also looking for decent single stage blower. Thanks for your time guys!!!
  5. Looking for WH Parts source!!

    I don't think I need anything MADE but just wheel horse specific parts Lift link for plow (short) Seat hydraulic strut Rear taillight Momentary ck light switch P.T.O. lever bushings That' why I said source. Thanks for the suggestion. Will ck with him.
  6. I have been going through a 312-H that I bought recently and need some parts. Can someone point me in the right direction for a source. To many little parts to hunt for individually!! Thanks
  7. Duke an old saying comes to mind. Penny rich and pound foolish. The motor is the heart of that machine. $339 over a 10 year period is $33.90 per year for what is essentially a new motor. Bite the bullet and go for it, you only live once. Oh and just as an after thought, how much would a brand new 20 hp Onan cost you if you could buy one?? Bet a heck of a lot more than the rebuild!!
  8. The nerve of some people

    I'm voting with you Sparky! No one needs that kind of drama.
  9. New member with a 417-8

    The best definitive way to determine the difference between the 85 and 86 are the dash lights. 85 did not have them, 86 did. The hood, muffler and air cleaner can be changed easily, the wiring harness, dashboard etc. Would be a mess.
  10. 417A

    Could I ask where you ordered the cam plate from???
  11. Osama bin laden is dead!!!!!

    I always said that there is a special place in HELL for people like him. Hope he has his special place and all his virgins!! That means 73 of these people are in that special place. And it is great that he is dead and not captured. Now we will see what kind of gonads our president has. If he gives the body back to them for a SHRINE it will be worse than when he was alive.
  12. Idea for raffle prize??

    Alright Kelly, I am the new guy that was parked two spaces from you. Black 4runner, Dunk50. WHAT Michigan WH show???? you guys need to not save so many letters and advertise every time you can. I.E. THIS YEARS WHEELHOSRE SHOW JUNE 17TH AT ETC ETC ETC. I did so well at Mentone because I needed some parts that I would definitely come to Michigan!! Taht is if I knew where and when it was!! :D
  13. Mentone Swap Meet

    I will also say it was great but I have a suggestion for next year. EVERYONE that is on the internet / RedSquare etc. should where a paper name tag. YEA a name tag with their user name. I am reading a bunch of guys that were there that I have dealt with and missed getting introduced to. It went like yea, Hi, Paul Hammons, ok, hi Paul. I go by dunk50, oh yea I sold you some parts. Where your names and we could all say HI to WHO we deal with!! What do you guys think??? :thumbs:
  14. Paul, the previous owner says he put a new sending unit in this motor and ever since then the dash light has blinked constantly. My question is where can I get the right one??? Quote from previous Onwer "I think the oil light is electrical. I think it is actually in the switch itself. Last year, the oil pressure switch went bad and I replaced it. Ever since, it has blinked. I wasn't sure what those lights meant as I don't have a manual. I checked oil level and I haven't lost any power since, so I chalked it up to electrical." end quote: So again, where can I get the correct switch?
  15. Mentone Swap Meet

    Jim, great to meet you and thanks for a sweet deal. Hope your as happy as I am!!!Is there another meet in the fall????