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  1. Loss

    Howie, so very sorry for your loss.
  2. New Horse Hauler

    Hitting the road! Short trip, but have been itching to go camping with the "horse" hauler
  3. Rest in Peace JimD

    Jim, you're a friend, moderator and guardian angel of RedSquare now. Rest in Peace my friend, and always keep 'em laughing.
  4. Karl is here

    , this is too funny, thank you this made my day!
  5. Happy Birthday Terry

    Happy Birthday Terry, sorry I’m late, was traveling.
  6. New Horse Hauler

    I don't think that it will all be ready. Getting the hitch tomorrow, then have to raise the camper since this truck sits higher than the F250. So much to do, so little time, but it would be fun to make it to the show. Would love the company again.
  7. New Horse Hauler

    My big and little.
  8. New Horse Hauler

    Fixed.... thank you!
  9. New Horse Hauler

    @Rob R Gonna drive past in 10 minutes, if'n I see ya, I'll stop!
  10. New Horse Hauler

    The same owner of the Dodge dealer owns a Ford dealer as well. Unfortunately they didn't have any Platinum's to look at, but I was able to get into a loaded Lariat and there were certainly some VERY nice options on the Fords. Adaptive Cruise, Lane Assist, trailer blind spot.... made the decision really difficult, but in the end, I have just wanted a Ram Cummins for a long time. I like the look of the Ram better (can't get used to the Platinum led's around the lights) and the interior is nicer in the Ram (in my opinion of course) Sure am glad they put front tow hooks on mine, so those Fords can imagine pulling it out!
  11. New Horse Hauler

    I did not get the leveling package that is the only option this truck does not have. My current camper pin weight is less than 2K, so it's not an immediate concern, but if I can ever afford to upgrade the camper, maybe have to think of something. Good thought on the fuel cap! The cap-less filler tubes always concerned me with dirt getting in there.
  12. New Horse Hauler

    My entire family is totally onboard with this one! So this truck is primarily for towing our 5th wheel, which is about 13K lbs. I got the Mega cab because the heated rear seats recline and there is way more room for longer trips. It doesn't seem any longer than my old F250. Unfortunately the Mega doesn't have the under floor storage, just behind the rear seat is something, but nothing like the crew cab floor bins. I would have liked those. I was looking for a good forum, thank you!
  13. New Horse Hauler

    I can't describe how happy I am at the moment, and not just because I have a new truck.
  14. New Horse Hauler

    Well, I finally got rid of Christine! It's 5 years and 2 months too late, but it's finally gone! It feels like a new chapter in my life, and helps put at least one of the constant reminders of that day behind me. In it's place, is a truck that I WON'T have to work on. Introducing my 2018 Ram 3500 Limited. I got this truck fully decked out with the 6.7L Cummins Diesel and Aisin transmission. Has the 5th Wheel towing package (just ordered the new hitch), sunroof... well everything! This truck is amazingly beautiful, but I think that I deserve this! I'll post more pictures later, they're on my phone and I'm too exhausted t move them at the moment.
  15. 520 H Manual

    Check the manuals section http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/