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  1. You already answered your own question, go back and read what you wrote. When you pickup the 2007, post pictures.
  2. STEVEBO is FORTY FIVE (45)!!

  3. Reminder to those who have not yet purchased their book. Over the years, they will be harder to get and the price will likely be higher!
  4. Happy Birthday Jim

    Happy Birthday Jim!
  5. What pays for your Horse addiction

    I'm an Architect with IBM Cloud specializing in SAP applications, but I take care of a website here and there for kicks.
  6. Lights Out

    No, it's all in your browser.
  7. Lights Out

    You needed to add a HumBug in there somewhere Change your theme to the RedSquare (no lights)
  8. Lights Out

    Probably an Apple Safari thing, no sound on my Mac with Safari either, using Firefox I get sound.
  9. Looking for a 3 series with deck

    I have an 87 310-8 with a 36" SD deck and a 1995 312-8 with a 42" RD deck. Both run and mow fine. The 310 is in good condition, and the 312 is in very good condition.
  10. Looking for a 3 series with deck

    Do you have a price range in mind?
  11. Manual Lift for 2-stage snow-thrower ???

    Got my 2-stage over the summer, it was hooked up to a 310-8. I was actually surprised how light it felt with the manual lift. All the same, it's sitting on a hydro-lift horse now so it feels even lighter
  12. Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    Great, I’m running a porn site
  13. Happy Anniversary Red Square !

    Happy Anniversary RedSquare and @Sparky. Hard to believe it's been 11 years it seems like just yesterday. I wonder what the next 11 years will bring?
  14. RedSquare style info for RV & Camper users?

    Pop the thermostat cover. Check the red wire should be +12v. Check that there’s a white wire, this should lead to the furnace. Get creative on how to trace that wire and insure no opens. If the wiring is good, jump the red to the white furnace should fire up. If furnace fires up, replace thermostat. If if doesn’t check that the thermostat white wire at the furnace has power, if it does, then furnace problem, if not then wiring problem.
  15. RedSquare style info for RV & Camper users?

    The thermostat depend on the age of the camper and the size. Some campers have A/C controls on the roof mounted A/C and are not controlled by a thermostat, and a separate control for the furnace (usually on the wall). These are usually older or very small models. The most common tie the main A/C thermostat with the furnace. These usually have a switch for heat and cool. Large campers may have more than 1 thermostat. The main thermostat would work as above, and secondary thermostats control 2nd / 3rd and even 4th A/C units. And if it's a used unit, a previous owner may have replaced the RV thermostat with a residential. Tough call on how that works then, but usually there's an external added switch to control it some how.