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  1. Interesting, there shouldn't be an option for credit card. Select the option for PayPal, in the PayPal you should be able to pay via credit card.
  2. Check your email, I've resent the renewal. You should also see the renewal in your purchases area now as well, Once you purchase, to renew you need to pay the renewal invoice, this is done in the event of a price change you will continue with the original price. It will renew as of the date paid., not the original expiration.
  3. Thank you for remembering Jason, I pinned it to the top for today!
  4. My grandmothers cousin remains entombed on the Arizona and fathers Aunt was living on Oahu that day and recalled the planes coming overhead. Having visited the Arizona on a number of occasions, this is a day which will "live in infamy". RedSquare remembers this day by honoring those lost December 7, 1941 with our Patriotic theme entitled "United we Stand".
  5. *update* I allowed the member number to be seen by all, so you know what your member number is.
  6. Terry, you are member #30 Jason, so glad you keep track of these things, and I have that magnet on the fridge, I can scan it. Those were designed and printed by @Vinylguy
  7. And Mike, you're post #10 in this thread as well, which is quite fitting for the 10th anniversary. I think that you had post #2, and for you being member #2, again fitting. I wasn't here this day 10 years ago, it will be another 2 days until my 10th anniversary here, but I am amazed at how whtractor.15.forumer.com grew to be WheelHorseForum.com. As I sit here thinking of the past 10 years, let me share with you all how I remember this place. First and foremost is member #2. Truth is, if it wasn't for Mike, RedSquare would not exist. I met "Sparky" here 9 years 363 days ago, and initially hit it off with him. This place was really the Mike and Karl forum for quite a number of months, and during that time is when we forged the first "RedSquare" friendship here. I recently saw a picture of his daughter on Facebook, and vividly recall when our girls met and had a "Webkins" friendship going on. By the way Mike, she's grown to be such a beautiful young woman! I have the upmost respect and admiration for Mike and that alone has made the past 10 years well worth while. Mike, I really can't thank you enough for all you do, and for your sense of humor, you are truly an amazing guy and I only wish we lived closer. Always not liking the name "RedSquare", and how I tried to change it a number of times, but was always voted down. Asking Chris to make me a moderator because I wanted to create a classified section so I could find a snow plow. (Moderators couldn't do that, so I asked him to make me an administrator, the beginning of the end!) The "Sparky in Deep" post (my absolute favorite post) Our first supporter, Eldon (kj4kicks) donating $35 so we could buy enough fBucks for chat Starting the supporter program to continue to fund chat as well as ad removal for supporters. The generous members of this forum led by Eldon to procure and gift to me my 1974 C-160, which is the year and model my father bought new! I still tear up when thinking of this. Max Nunn and his tragic story, which broke the hearts of even the toughest men here. The "hostile" take over of our forum data from fourmer.com when they took us off-line for weeks, and refused to sell our data to us, so I crawled the website and copied it post by post. Manually tracking the supporters by spreadsheet, The RedSquare logo contest Countless hours keeping the forum running, with failed hosting partners, software bugs while dealing with *some* members who felt it necessary to criticize the effort. Missing my kids last Halloween where they went together to migrate the forum during a quiet time. Seeing the amazing friendships grow here. Seeing the amazing in-fighting and petty bickering occur here. My first WHCC show and how Kate asked me to sign her RedSquare hat, I was just honored to meet her, and she wanted my signature? Meeting many of the members Knowing that TT is likely the smartest guy I know, and I work with some really amazing minds! Changing the theme of the forum and hearing the praise (and criticism from those who don't like it) Finally getting my snow plow (along with my 414-8) which is the REASON I joined this forum in the first place. Watching my kids box up RS hats, signing their names on the packing sheets and getting them ready for the mail. Tractor races with my daughter My death 4/8/2013 Signed copies of "Straight from the Horses Mouth" And the list goes on and on. It's been a short 10 years, and those 10 years have been the best and to be honest the worst of times. 99.9% of you are really amazing people, and I am so grateful to know you (even if we don't talk). To that .1%, while the number is low, the impact is high, and I do not appreciate being threatened, belittled or called all sorts of horrendous names which seem to amuse you all far too much. Happy 10th Anniversary RedSquare, you've grown from the "Karl and Mike" forum to the largest single brand garden tractor website in the world. It's been an amazing trip, and the baby looks like it's grown up now, which is happy and sad for me, but it is what it is, and I am so proud every time I see a RedSquare banner, sticker, mention in a magazine or hat on people, knowing that I had a little something to do with that. Finally to our members, thank you all for years of support. I have seen many leave, and many come, but you all have contributed so much to the site and the hobby over the past 10 years this place is for you!
  8. It's been a long process, and we reviewed millions of applicants and have asked @JimD @Terry M to help us moderate on RedSquare. Congratulations to Jim and Terry and thank you for volunteering your time to help with the forum.
  9. Going once? Don't like how things are run here? Here's your chance to join the team and help shape RedSquare for the future.
  10. (sign courtesy of CasualObserver) We have some moderator openings available. Please note the following: Must be able to objectively moderate posts Be active on the forum (visit daily) and willing to move posts edit posts (where appropriate) politely inform members when they are in danger of rule violation answer questions in a timely and professional manner enforce forum rules including classified section identify when posts appear to be going in a wrong direction and either take action or inform the team Possess good communication skills If you are interested, place a post in the "Talk to the moderators" section, please indicate when you are usually on-line and a little about why you feel you would be a good moderator. Hopefully we'll get a number of candidates and make some decisions next week. Please note you will not receive an immediate response to you application.
  11. 36D - Argh - I be banned....
  12. The hats were removed from the store when I went on vacation for 2 weeks, and I hadn't put them back because I've been spending a lot of time in Boston making it difficult to get them out the door on-time. If you're willing to deal with a delays shipping, they are back in the store.