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  1. Is the gas draining back to the tank?

    So after posting the topic, I hadn't used the 414-8. Since I am getting ready for snow (while it's warm out for a change) today's task is the plow on the 414-8. When I parked it on Sunday, I shut off the fuel petcock. This morning I went out, opened the petcock and it fired up like it sat for only a minute. I like the idea of the electric fuel pump, but think that I will buy a bunch of one-way valves and put them on all the machines. So the next question is where is the best place to install? Closer to the tank (lowest spot), just before the fuel pump or between pump and carb?
  2. Winter prep

    Absolutely right Steve, part of the plan! Ed, the 416 takes several minutes for the lift when it’s cold, been like that since new. Besides, the C has to earn its keep
  3. Winter prep

    I had picked up the 44” blower over the summer, it was run on a 310-8 (bought that too). Was thinking of putting it on the 414, but that does too good as a plow tractor. The 16’s were the best choice because of power, with the edge going to the Onan with torque, since new though, that Eaton 1100 didn’t like winter, so on the C160 it goes!
  4. Winter prep

  5. Winter prep

    No one wants one of those old Onan 8-speeds😄 actually if you’re looking to trade that 416 I can do that, not for the C160, but would be willing to trade The 312, 414 and would throw in the 310 plus a sickle bar for that one.... what a deal huh?
  6. Winter prep

    Beautiful October day, taking advantage of the weather. One of these will be on winter duty, guess which one? funny they all have 42” RD decks on them now left to right: 1994 416-H 1995 312-8 1974 C160 Automatic
  7. The time has come.

    Best to you and hope for a speedy recovery!
  8. I know I remember seeing quite a number of posts on this, but I am completely brain dead this morning. Went to start up the 414-8 today and it didn't want to go. This happened during the summer as well, and I suspect that the gas is draining back into the tank. After a lot of cranking and help from a shot of brake cleaner in the carb, it fired right up, runs perfectly and will restart easily. What stops the gas from draining back into the tank and does this sound like a reasonable diagnosis? When I park it later today, I am planning on turning off the tank petcock to see if that helps.
  9. 10,000 intelligent Posts!

    Sure did take you long enough
  10. Welcome to the 520 Club

    There is a drawback about model specific clubs, and that is posting about issues which are not unique to the model (which just about any is). The 520 is a test to see how this goes, but what may make more sense is a Mid-Western Club, New England Club, or even by state where location specific items can be discussed (weather, snow, shows etc) instead of model specific items.
  11. 420-LSE, 416-8, C-121 for 520-H or C-160

    How about growing instead? I'll trade a 1995 312-8 with 42" RD deck and 1986 310-8 along with a 50" sickle bar mower, all for the 416-8 for an addd bonus, I'll throw in my 1987 414-8 with 42" SD deck 3 for 1 can't beat that!
  12. Welcome to the 520 Club

    I noticed seeing badges in members signature saying "520 Club Member" I thought that I would introduce a more formal 520 club to see how it goes. You are free to join and participate in the 520 Club banter, and remember discussion outside of 520's is discouraged!
  13. Happy Birthday Steve

    Happy Birthday Steve!
  14. 48"-520 Deck and Dozer Blade

    The deck is still available brand new from Toro as well.
  15. I have an old Motorola Droid which I use for the Torque App. I can use wifi, and do everything except make a call with it.