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  1. Save the Earth

    I think cheese fits in somewhere as well?  And beer, can't forget beer... and ....
  2. Save the Earth

    and Chocolate Tractors (with bunnies)    
  3. Straight From the Horse's Mouth

    Try it again please.
  4. Straight From the Horse's Mouth

    Go to the website: http://wheelhorseforum.com if you order now use the Voucher code REDXMAS and you get 20% off AND free shipping
  5. old advertisement literature

    The entire brochure:    http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/file/39-1975-wheel-horse-brochure/     
  6. K-90, and Misc

    Brian, you should re-enter this in the new area, may get better visibility
  7. With the new forum upgrade, trimming down on the shear number of forums helps on the smaller mobile devices.  So I am at the Euro section.  Here's an anonymous poll asking if we should continue to keep the Euro section separate, or merge it into the rest of the forum.
  8. RedSquare

    That's right, RedSquare is up for sale for $72,000.00 USD.  I need a new truck and would like to get a really nice one.  With one kid in college and 2 in High School, it's not likely that I can afford a new vehicle any time soon, so I'll sell RedSquare for the price of a new Diesel Pickup.
  9. 2016 Calendar Picture submissions

    Mike, when you're ready PM me, maybe we can set something up to make the ordering easier.
  10. 1045

    This topic is now unlocked.  The double posting issue has been resolved (hopefully permanently)
  11. My Upcoming Spine Surgery

    We'll be thinking of you!
  12. Anyone lose a horse in Red Lion ?

    You are correct, I probably should have checked the manual first.  Here's what is included in the kit: http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/files/file/2465-lift-hydraulic-1974-8-4112-tiplpdf/