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  1. No more leaks on the C-160

    Want to rebuild another leaking welded cylinder? Around here I haven't found anyone who is willing to rebuild a welded cylinder. Great job!
  2. The last 2 years RedSquare in conjunction with ReDoYourHorse.com have provided a live feed for everyone who could not attend to see live the show. This year I am going to take a break from that activity and relax a little more. If anyone else is interested in providing a live feed, we can work out the links on the forum for you.
  3. New Member from Westerwald/Germany

    Peter, your English is just fine, and welcome to RedSquare. There have been a number of times when the members here in the US have packaged up parts and sent them to Europe, including whole tractors so I am certain you will find the help you need.
  4. Embarrassing question

    The ligt mechanism will slide out of the deck hanger when you begin to slide the deck out from under the tractor. Sometimes there may be a clip which needs to be removed, but more often than not that clip is long gone. When you disconnect the quick attach, lower the lift arm, then begin to side the deck out. You should see the lift bar detach (the pin on the lifter just slides our of the slot in the mower carrier). Once it is free, you can raise the lift arm to get the lift bar out of the way as you slide the deck out. Give it a shot, it should be self explanatory when you get things disconnected.
  5. Happy Birthday Karl

    Thank you all for the Birthday wishes, and Craig that's exactly what the cake looked like
  6. Happy B-Day Coach...on 5-11-1963 I was digging a fox hole to hide in in case Cuba sent a Nuke our way!!////of course you "barely" remember that, huh!....hope your day was a "gooden"....Frank #7





    Ok, this one has gone off track enough. To all, RedSquare does NOT advocate removing or tampering with safety equipment which is installed on your machine, and we do not advocate harming children.
  8. Since we do not have two teams, we're going to pass on this for this year. If there is still interest and we have 2 teams we can start this back up.
  9. Best Mascot, let's see if we can get Brewster Bears some votes! Vote often!,,,, http://kicks1055.com/what-school-has-the-best-mascot-the-final-four
  10. Wheel Horse 12" Cast Weights - Sold!!

    Changed Status to Closed
  11. Brussels bombing

    My daughter was in Rome at the same time, just got home tonight. I was concerned for her as she was primarily at the Vatican and with the Pope Palm Sunday and yesterday, GoodFriday. Glad to that she's home now.
  12. You all know Scott, @whfan74as a moderator here, administrator of the Facebook Page Wheel Horse Junkies and the host of the second largest Wheel Horse show in the world, and most importantly a family man and incredible teacher. Scott has poured his heart and soul into Wheel Horses, and spread his knowledge here, on Facebook and by creating a club in the school where he teaches to teach young students about mechanical machines through Wheel Horse. Earlier this week, Scott asked to step down from being a moderator here at RedSquare. I can imagine that with all hisactivities going on, theadded responsibility of being a moderatorhere doesn't help with enjoying what he wants toenjoymost. I am grateful for Scott's contributions here, his dedication to the forum andfor his annual show.While he's not leaving the forum, he will not be wearing the Moderator Badge (unless he changes his mind, he's always welcome back as a Moderator here). Scott, thank you for your help, guidance and friendship. I enjoyed every conversation with you and hope to meet up with you again in person soon.
  13. Prayers for Brrly1

    Prayers sent, thoughts as well, John you're a good man, you'll get through this.
  14. There doesn't seem to be a lot of interest in the shirt. But I am going to place 1 more order, is you are interested in a shirt, post in this thread the color and size. The price will be a flat $25 shipped to your door (unless you are in Europe then we'll have to figure out how much). We'll keep this until March 15th, then I will place the order.