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  1. The hats were removed from the store when I went on vacation for 2 weeks, and I hadn't put them back because I've been spending a lot of time in Boston making it difficult to get them out the door on-time. If you're willing to deal with a delays shipping, they are back in the store.
  2. Welcome to RedSquare, if your selling, please use the classified area to sell your machine.
  3. Hey just a thought - How about a separate Wheel Horse Picture Gallery section for the electrics? The new thread is very cool and once the pics all come in it would be relatively easy to put them all in one place so folks could access them...


    Again - Thanks for all you do - this site is tops!

  4. Back to the bike!
  5. @GeofThompson this was he and Buzz's idea!
  6. That is correct John!
  7. Remember, that was just a sample of what we can do, the purpose of this thread is to see if we can come up with something which we can do at the show which is special.
  8. John and Bob, good point on the award thingie.
  9. Sorry about Gordan. Terry has a few things to take care of himself. I know that there are a few banners which need to be sent out, give Terry a little time for him to get back into the swing and I am certain he'll get things taken care of.
  10. Ah... now that's how I like to see your profile... welcome back Terry!
  11. Your badge still awaits you, just say the word!
  12. Maybe we can have the "RedSquare featured tractor award" with a first, second and third place plaque voted for by the forum members?
  13. I spoke briefly with Billy at the show, and he was really excited by the prospect that RedSquare could sponsor an event such as the 'build-off" which never took off. The thing that he liked about that was the WHCC didn't need to do anything, but it would be great for everyone. So with that said: Let's come up with ideas where RedSquare can contribute for the next WHCC show. This can be anything, including something sponsored. An example could be that since the theme for 2017 is 520's, perhaps we can have a "Vote" for the best 520? Where entrants submit their machine on Thursday / Friday and we have an on-line vote which concludes on Saturday with the winner getting the cover for the 2018 RS Calendar and xxx (what ever xxx is). So what are your thoughts?
  14. Tom, it was great hanging out on Thursday with you and your wife, you really should do something about that little missing hair thing though Great pictures