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  1. Deck fork not positioned on rod at mid mount point Deck drive belt too loose PTO not tight enough
  2. Troubleshoot this quickly, there's an Eaton 1100 in the classifieds now for a good price if you need one!
  3. Very generous to offer the parts for free, however please re-enter this into the Classified section. When doing so, use the "Insert other media" and "insert existing attachment" so you don't need to re-upload your images.
  4. There's a difference in the front axles between the 6" and 8" wheels. You can put 8" wheels on, but should change out the front axles. I don't know if the axle diameter is different, but the length is, the 6" axles are longer.
  5. Since it's a 520H, does the hydraulic lift work? (Check hydro oil to be sure its full) If not check that the pulley is turning the shaft. If it is, then there is likely internal damage and you'll have to disassemble it. If the input shaft doesn't turn, then the woodruff key on the input pulley sheered (not likely though) If the hydraulic lift works, then: With the tractor on the ground, chock the front wheels, engine running, have someone move the motion control lever forward, observe the axles (not the wheels or hubs) do they turn? If the axles turn, replace the woodruff keys, if they do not then you'll likely have to disassemble to see what is wrong
  6. Recently acquired 310-8, in good condition. The tins are from a 1987 312, but this is a 310-8. Starts and runs great, but I suspect that the carb could use either a cleaning or adjustment as it wants to run on choke a little too long. There is some blue smoke and a slight oil burn smell. I do not know if the hours are accurate, they read about 850, but that could be from the 312? This is for pick up ONLY. PayPal acceptance from Supporter members, otherwise cash. The 2 Stage blower attached is NOT part of the deal, that is not for sale unless you make a really great offer!
  7. After getting the new 42" RD deck and putting it on my 416, I took the old 42" RD deck and put it on my 312-8. The deck should raise until the rubber bumpers touch the foot boards, however I can't adjust the trunion enough to get it there. When I adjust, the lift bar hits the steering shaft and can't go any higher. I'm at a loss why this is happening? I can get pictures after the Danbury meet and greet.
  8. Thank You. As a reminder, you can change the theme by clicking the Theme link at the bottom center of the page.
  9. Check to see if the axle is turning, sometimes the woodruff key shears and the axle just turns in the hub.
  10. That's patina, some pay big bucks for that look!
  11. Yes it is, it got a couple of very small rust through areas, so I sent it to the 312-8 to use.
  12. As per RedSquare classified rules, you need to include a price. In this case you can list the major component prices or the price for the lot.
  13. At least since 1994 none of the 42" RD's have baffles, I suspect that this is because of the recycler attachment for the deck, which won't fit a deck with baffles.
  14. Unbelivably quiet! My old one, the spindles were in excellent shape, but I guess the years make them slightly chatty this new one is smooth as butter, but I still haven't turned it on while on the grass.
  15. Well, I still have to adjust it, but here it is: I'm not so sure that this will see active duty just yet, it's just way too clean, would hate to get it dirty!