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  1. 1974 C-160! Before that we had a junkyard Springfield.
  2. No bushing that I am aware of. Remove the tie rod to see if the hole is elongated, if not just tighten it up should fix it. I just replace the tie rods on my 310-8 with @wheelhorseman's and they fit and work perfectly if you need to replace the end.
  3. Let's get the WIKI area populated with all he information on the Anniversary models!
  4. I wonder if Mike Martino is there? That Straight from the Horse's Mouth tractor is slick!
  5. I had a PM conversation.
  6. Man, wish I were there this year, gonna miss you this year!
  7. The notch is on the flywheel side, not the PTO
  8. It's the flywheel side which has the notch. My 74 C-160, 87 414-8 and 94 416-H all have the notch as well. Great question, hope we can figure this out.
  9. So if the engine is fine, belt tension is good you can tighten the PTO by turning the trunion a turn or 2.
  10. Does the engine bog down, or just the deck slow down? If the deck, you can tighten the trunion on the PTO if it's slipping at the PTO.
  11. What has little energy, the motion of the tractor, or the mower deck? I'm confused with what the current concern is.
  12. Checked my 310-8 and 1995 312-8, both have the notch.
  13. Not sure about all E's but the D-250 was made by Gutbrod of Germany
  14. It's a