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  1. question

    wow! I paid 50 plus shipping for mine on e-bay!
  2. My Maine Snow Team

    didnt you have the c-160 for sale?
  3. type of white?

    does valspar make a version of this linen beige?

    with a little egineering you can make one of those 30 horse kohlers fit. I have resolved myself though the a rebuild on the onan if anything happens to it such as bearings or con rod or valve. anything short of the block cracking I would build it up and make a hell of an engine for less than a full engine swap.
  5. Intake Valve Build Up

    ok...here goes...I am not trying to offend anyone...but...thank God the old days are over please dont pour water down the carb because that would be bad in so many ways. the carbon build you see may be a "gum" from the gas or you valves are bad and blow by burning a little gas before it goes into the cylinder. replacing valves is not hard if you know what you are doing if you get new valves it is good to get a machinist to cut in new valve seats. if you run the tractor all the time it might be worth sprucing up the c-160. if you only using it occasionally than I personally wouldnt go through the trouble buy a can of carb cleaner rather than sticking a cotton swab down in the hole. the carb cleaner will probably dissolve most of the build up anyway. although doing that isnt very good for the valve seats either but its what I would try first. hope this helps.
  6. for my 1970 electro 12 I decided to paint the fly wheel screen and the PTO white as kind of a different touch. I also purchased a NOS head light delete plate for it that in the garage seemed to match all the decals and the white. well...today I drove it outside for the first time and the white from the decals and the pure white spray can accents I put on do not match. I cleaned off the wheels and they seem do match the decal color and the head light plate color. my question is: does the 1970 electro 12 have the linen biege color? if not what is the type of white I should be using? thanks
  7. How Much For A Full Restoration?

    full restoration for me costs between 700 and 1000 bucks including the price of the tractor. this is a labor of love and I dont like to ask myself the money questions because it kinda takes the fun out. if you buy a little bit at a time maybe 200 bucks a month worth of parts its easier on you, your wallet, and your wife :hide:
  8. Which way does it turn

    when you are referencing direction of rotation you always speak from the item that is being drivens point of view, that way their is no confusion.
  9. wheel horses in new england

    not to be a turd...but...new jersy isnt part of new england new england consists of maine, new hampshire, vermont, mass, and I guess we will take half of connecticut if we have to and give the other half to new york :D
  10. Info on 520-H

    I have a 520-h that started out with engine trouble...it was all electrical...so watch out for that. also watch out for cracked fuel pumps which are exposed on the left hand side of the engine. these are extremely heavey duty garden tractors. any attachment you cant buy an amature engineer can make (wood splitters and backhoes). if you can get one cheap with a bad engine you could do an easy engine swap for a higher horsepower engine even. good luck and welcome to redsquare :hide:
  11. Type of Gas/Oil to use?

    older engines 50's and 60's may not have had hardend valve seats which would require a lead additive to lubricate the vlave seats. I would check it out to see if those old engines have hardend vlave seats. my 1970 electro has them which means kohler was probably ahead of that curve.
  12. quick oil question

    ok...5w-30 is your best bet. I do not use a full synthetic due to my newest tractor being 14 years old. seals and gaskets get conditioned using fossil oil (dyno oil). when you switch to a full synthetic it want to recondition your old seals and typically this is a bad thing in old tractors. with that said I use castrol GTX synthetic blend 5w-30 all year around in all of my tractors...even my 1970 electro 12 and I have zero leaks. you have a better viscosity index with the GTX syn winter blend for better all around performance and lubrication. most engine manufacturers tell people not to switch to a synthetic oil until they have 20,000 miles on an automobile engine (duramax diesel). I actually switched at 22,000 miles in my truck. so I guess my recomendation as a certified lubrication specialist would be to go with the syn blend 5w-30.
  13. wheel horses in new england

    the adds on craigs list advertising the highest price paid for garden tractors really P's me Off. I keep my eyes open in many states though and those guys are all over the place...its kinda odd. but whats really bad is this ontoyou fella that is driving prices up in New england. a lot of people that have a horse to sell check out what the going price is. when they see this wacko they over price their stuff thinking its all good. he is also on ebay and makes it hard for an honest fella to get a good resto project for a decent dollar. and no people in maine dont have a lot of money...well only southern maine, I am up north... micah :hide:
  14. I have noticed that wheel horses tend to command more money in maine and the new england area more so than in the mid west. wheel horses in maine are going for almost the same money as what a green and yellow jobby are going for. its kinda cool to see a horse valued with the deeres. it does make it hard for guys to get many good deals, but they do come along. 60's wheel horses are very rare up here though. 70s horses are fairly easy to find, but command some money. 80s stuff is everywhere and the same with the 90s stuff. when you find one you want up in maine you better be prepared to shell out the coin though. it is almost to the point were I can justify driving 600 miles to pick up a horse...so be on the look out for this rustler :horseplay:
  15. What are the 22 attachments?

    aux. fuel tank for 520