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  1. GT 14+2 is driving me nuts!

    Nice decal on the battery box mate !!
  2. UK Storm Warnings

    Is it really that bad then ??
  3. UK Storm Warnings

    So you'll be out at play with the plough then Mark !!
  4. UK Storm Warnings

    Just hope Dorchester is ok by Sunday, going there to pick up another bargain from that well known auction website !!
  5. Euro Guys ,,,exciting new forum

    Same here, I intend to be active on both forums !!
  6. jim short

    It lives !!!
  7. mayfield merlin

    Ain't she sweet !! Are you keeping this one now Nigel ??
  8. UK Supporter numbers

    I don't think he will take much persuasion Ian !!!
  9. Westwood

    Alas, after all the publicity he got from his 3 pages in tractor and machinery he was made an offer he couldn't refuse and sold it to fund finishing the C-121 you sold him Oops, sorry Mark !!
  10. UK Supporter numbers

    Some good thoughts coming out here guys, obviously a topic for debate, as I said earlier another section in this forum would be fine rather than another forum, thats too much complication
  11. UK Supporter numbers

    Not sure it needs a stand alone forum, it could all come under the Red Square umbrella just be a seperate section from the red tractors... Word of mouth and dissatisfaction with other forums could bring results and get some very useful input on here (not that there isn't already)...
  12. UK Supporter numbers

    Good idea, not just for tractors but other vintage machinery as well, walk behind stuff, tillers etc ??
  13. UK Supporter numbers

    Right,sorted and paid You are correct with the non WH section I do indeed have a collection of non WH machines, wasn't sure if they were relevant here ?? That was fast, I seem to have turned red...
  14. UK Supporter numbers

    Dumb question, how do you become a supporter ??
  15. Happy Birthday Charlie

    Ooops, bit late as well but happy birthday young man, hope your day was a good one !!