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  1. Kohler K181 rebuild

    I'll break out the tape measure and have a look at it - thanks ! If the risk of dumping gas into crank case through a bad fuel pump is real - i think i can live with keeping the tank topped off Or replace it with a vacuum pump. Thank - Dave
  2. Kohler K181 rebuild

  3. Kohler K181 rebuild

    Hi Shynon, Coincidentally I am a bit of a documentation specialist. I would be happy to proof-read that document for you ... and you can document the k161 and k181 - - - if I can fwd a few k181 pics to you. Thx - Dave
  4. Kohler K181 rebuild

    Hi all, Back in 2011 you guys assisted me with getting my Commando 800 (engine K181) running properly (http://www.wheelhorseforum.com/topic/27577-wet-cooling-fins/#comment-234931 ). 6 years and many happy memories later that little K181 still runs – but she’s tired. She was tired when we got my issues all ironed out. I never did get around to dropping a new piston and rings in it. At this time the engine is down on power and blowing blue smoke - I dont want to blow up this motor if it can be refreshed. I was thinking of sending the motor out – but I decided I will help my 14 yr old son (Willy) rebuild it. Hopefully I can keep the rebuild costs down – and Willy will learn something interesting. a few questions for the group: Is it possible to upgrade the K181 points ignition to electronic (without breaking the $bank$) ? The points are OK - but im wondering if the motor could benefit from an electronic ignition. Are any of you aware of a document(s) of tips and tricks, and/or procedural documents for going through this rebuild process? Thinking of things like: - Gunk motor off before removal & disassembly - Take picture of carb configuration before removal. - Paint inside of motor with this paint / - Paint outside of motor with that paint - Break in procedures. Please let me know if you have any questions that I can answer up front. Any advice you have is greatly appreciated – and yes I will be posting pics as we progress through this. Thanks, Dave
  5. Hmm... an electric acuator - I have a Johnny Bucket on my Ingersoll with the Electric acutators and they work pretty good... Might be worth looking into - if i can find something compatible/comparible in size to what would be stock. Anyone have any dimensions on the hydraulic rams that get installed ? - Thanks Dave
  6. Hi all, I have a commando 800 / 3spd, 310-8, and a Ingersoll 444... I like the hydraulic lift on the Ingy as I have some shoulder problems. Im interested in finding a W.horse with a hydraulic lift for a mower deck and snow caster... ( and then prob sell the little 800 ) I just found a Charger 12 which is in nice original condition, initially thought Im gonna finally get me a hydro horsey w/ the hydro lift!!! Now I see that the machine has the manual lift for the mower deck / snow caster... my dreames were dashed ... or are they ? Is it possible to install a hydro lift on a Charger 12 ? I would need a the hydraulic ram, control gear and hoses that gets installed on the left side of the dash ? Would it work ? is it worth trying ... is this stuff easily found / affordable ? Looks like the Bronco gives me what im looking for ... I like the look and the size of the charger/electro - so thats roughly the vintage of machine I'd like to be sitting on... - are there other models than the bronco that have the hydro lift ? Thanks - Dave
  7. Another data point for you. I have a commando 800 with the 8hp Kohler / 3 speed manual gearbox. I mounted a 1 7/8 ball hitch to the back and hauled (on a full size trailer) huge loads of fire wood around my "hilly" property. My ony problem was the occasional wheel spin which might have been improved with tire chains (mostly rainy days). I have since then also picked up a slightly larger 310-8 which has the hi/lo range. I don't use that low range much, but when you need it - you can't beat it.
  8. hydro to manual lift conversion????

    Interesting post. I just posted myself, where I am curious about adding a hydro lift to my 310-8... not being terribly familiar with the way hydros are setup - I think I still need to find myself a hydro pump - to complete my conversion. Lots of things to consider in this type of move - and perhaps I will just find myself a good Hydro w/ hydro lift. I'm going to a friends house this weekend to see how that all fits together - and see what Im up against. good luck to you.
  9. Hi all, I was able to use my rescued 310-8 deal with our last snow fall in the north east a few weeks back. I was impressed how the 310-8 (with chains) easily dealt with the heavy snow, ice, and slush near the road from the plows. However – I noticed that the full weight of the plow blade on the ground was not ideally suited for my terrain – and I frequently had to pull back on the lift handle to relieve the plow blade of a few pounds to help things move along. Note – I am simply lightening the pressure on the blade touching the ground – I am not really lifting the blade much from the ground – and if I am I would estimate no more than 1/8 inch. I was wondering about mount some type of hydraulic pump to the 310-8 to do the heavy lifting for me. Has anyone fitted a hydraulic pump and lift into a 310-8 ? Am I better of finding a charger/electro instead of trying to modify what I have ? Does the charger / electro have an hydraulic lift ? ( my shoulder and back were hurting bad after a few hours of tugging on that manual lift bar ! ). Steering and lifting is not very practical either. Thanks Dave.
  10. Kohler K321S - Fuel pump replacement problem

    Ok - so the electric fuel pump has been on for several months now and im not real happy with it. I like the way it will prime the carb before I turn the engine over - thats real nice. But - I frequently need to charge the battery. I think the pump is drawing more than the 14 HP Kohler puts out. Im sure having the lights on pushes the charging system past its limits ... I run my tractors about 1/3 -2/3 throttle, if im about 2/3 open most times I can restart the tractor. I dont always need 2/3 throttle - while im grabbing a cart of wood I idle my machines down... Question - will the mechanical fuel pump from a 10HP Kohler K fit on the 14hp K block ? Without my spectacles on, theses pumps look roughly the same. If the mech pump doesnt fit - I may try a vacuum pump. I guess I could drill and tap into the block off plate . Your thoughts and ideas welcome on the matter. Thanks - Dave.
  11. 414-8 Tail lights

    While Im not very electrically inclined I have have some experience with this topic. I have used this setup on small tractors (Sears rear engine riders, and a Commando 800) and soon to be modified - my 310-8. I have used two types of red LED lights from the automotive section at Walmart and they are absolutely great! I have also tried the amber LEDS - but they dont seem to light up the area well as the reds. ( I have since moved the Amber under the hood - why you ask ? Cuz' it just looks cool), but dont waste your money on the ambers. The first red LED light is a small piece about 2 inches long with 3 LEDs in it, the other is a larger unit which you would find on a trailer. I have both types of red LEDs on my Commando 800 ... I replaced the single stock red incandescent light on the back of the Commando with the red LED trailer light - which goes on with the head lamps (this piece is almost identical to the shape of the stock unit on the Commando). That single trailer light is very bright and casts a lot of ambient light around the back of the tractor. Its got a chromed plastic piece in it with small holes... I opend those holes up with a 1/8 +- drill assuming it would cast a bit more light. That single light back there is outstanding - and it never gets dull as the head lights do when I idle the motor down. I have two smaller LEDs on the same commando 800, they are mounted on long wires and have computer hard drive magnets epoxied to the back of them. I generally keep them on the side of the tractor - and I have them rigged up to a seperate on-off switch. When I head out for firewood during the winter months - I can Idle the motor down (or shut it down) - and with those two RED lights (one pointed at the wood pile -and- the other moved to the rear of the tractor casting light onto the trailer - I can safely stack wood onto the trailer and still see a good distance around the area. It works better than I imagined it would (or is it wood?) ... So back to your inquiry: The larger replacement trailer lamps would probably be ideal for replacing the dual reflectors on the back your machine( I will probably do this with my 310-8). You may want to wire one into the headlight harness - and one seperately with an on off switch. Oh one other thing - on my 310-8 (which is new to me - and very unfamiliar - im not yet accustomed to the hi-low levers and the dash) I will very likely wire the smallest red LED light I can find under the seat facing the dash panel - this makes the machine "glow" red (very slick) - and also allows me to easily see the controls during the evening wood fetching and snow removal runs. I want for nothing with this setup - that Commando is lit up like a christmas tree when I throw all the switches on (without the head lamps mind you) ... and I NEVER have had any battery drain problems (even with the motor off). Oh and another thing - the red light just seems to be better than amber LEDs , its amazing how well you can see with these things when its pitch black outside - I will frequently only use the red LEDs ( and not the head lamps at all )... I will also say when its snowing out side and and Ive got the reds on ... It looks like Santa'a coming to town... I also picked up some LED 1156 reverse lights - which can be used for head lamps. I tried them in my ingersoll - but the lamp housings point upward to the stars - not frontward. These particular 1156's throw light from the front of the bulb - not the side - so on the ingersoll they are directing light upwards into the bottom of the hood (usless) ... they might work nicely on my 310 which projects light frontward (with a little fabrication work). - Dave
  12. Hi all, After some minor repairs to a 310-8 I picked up a few months back - I finally got it operable. Flat tires (tubed) Siezed engine (unseized - and running nicely ), engine oil changed new gas line starter motor swapped out new solenoid The plow blade was attached and I am using an "S" hook for the linkage - for the time being. I've seen a few postings which describe a chain connection and that there is a fixed linkage for the plow blade as well ... Will the lift link PN 7706 work for my setup ? ( seen in : ) Anyway - while the 310-8 has a few minor issues I am very impressed with the way it runs, I immediately put her to work on a large pile of wood chips in the back yard leveling out a bumpy part of my propertly. The "S" hook did occasionally pop off - so if anybody has any photos of how the chain is made / connected (and details such as chain lengths, bolt diameters, etc) please feel free to talk about whats working for you, and of course - what NOT to do is welcome also . Im thinking the chain setup will get me in business until I find myself a lift link - and that the chain may be a better setup for snow removal with the blade. Being used to a Commando 800 / 3spd ... Getting accustomed to the 8 spd gearbox was interesting - with the plow work I can see how the low range is really geared for hard labor. Perhaps tire chains might not be a bad idea when using the plow blade - even in the dirt. Im not knocking the 8spd gear tranny - but I could see where a well built hydro would be easier for the repeated "back and forth" motions of pushing dirt and chips around. Question - I did notice my shoulder being pretty darn sore from repeatedly lifting/dropping that plow blade... Is there a hydraulic pump / lift setup available for these machines (OEM or homemade) ? I have a snow blower for this machine for the winter - so Im wondering if such a pump could be used for the plow blade and the snow blower. Thanks - Dave
  13. Hi all, Working on a Commando 800, where the mower deck ( 36 inch read discharge ) was totally rotted. Eventually I found another 36 (maybe 37) inch rear discharge deck (in pretty good shape) for $250, It was attached to a complete 310-8 WITH a plow blade and wheel horse cart as well. Anyway the new deck went right on the Commando and works perfectly - but the blades are in pretty bad shape. My intentions were to take the blades from the rotted deck and move them over to the replacement deck - if needed. Turns out those blades are not going to fit. The 3 blades from the original deck are held on with a bolt and large washer. The 3 blades from the 310-8's deck are held on with a large nut - about 1 1/8 socket. I still have not gotten them off yet - may have to heat them up ? I see no ID numbers on the replacement deck, are they stamped into the deck somewhere? Can anybody give me an idea what part numbers I need to look for ? Tomorrow Ill head back out and check the width of the newer deck. ( if its bigger than the older 36 inch deck - its not by much ). I'm guessing I should have snapped a few pics. - Thanks, Dave.
  14. Wow - that must a been one heck of an afternoon - swapping tire out ... thanks for that.. Jay - regarding ( my commando 800 is one of my favorite work tractors it turns quickly, goes faster ) Last week I was working on the 310-8 and testing out the trans. While I did not get a lot of seat time on the machine - I noticed that machine seemed ... slow... possibly slower than the Commando with its 3 speed. Your post has me wondering - is the little 4 speed a faster tranny than the 8 speed ? Not that its a big deal - but im just wondering what I should expect.... Hopefully - tomorrow I'll be bringing the machine home . Thx - Dave ...
  15. Hi Jay - thanks for the reply. Regarding : just change the hubs on the commando to make the switch... Not being entirely sure about what you were walking about (change the hubs) I took a look at a unidrive repair manual. And I see the axles coming out from the unidrive with keyways... So I guess these rims / hub combos are not universal across the unidrive lineup then? ... bummer ... Do axle diameters factor into purchase of the correct hubs too ? (in other words - would the hubs from a 310-8 fit onto my Commando's 3 speed unidrive axles ? ) All it takes is money... That combo looks like a great setup for my fire wood fetching machine... (short wheel base, tight turning capabilities for the trails in my back yard, and great clearance for the rocky terrain...) Jay - have you had any problems hanging a mower deck from the machine ? I'd like to be able to keep the 36 RD operational for my young son to mow the lawn for me - I think the 310-8 is gonna be too big for him. - Thx Dave