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  1. these aircraft tugs

    did wheel horse build or where they a after market builder
  2. 14 horse

    ok Sousakerry2 what holes do u use to mount the bigger kohler i and going to be useing a narrow base block i have the oil pan for it
  3. c-81 is alive

    can i get a close up look where u mounted your wheelies bars
  4. My puller

    can i get a better look at your wheelie bars please
  5. any other tire question

    ya that is where my eyes float towards
  6. any other tire question

    ok i know there are several brands that are making ag bar tires what is the best brand other than pro tires in 23x10.5x12 what would be the best to run
  7. did peerless ever put 1in axle shafts in their vertical shaft drive transmissions just thinking i got the 3/4 axles shafts now, any info will be appreciated
  8. Gas Pedal Hook up

    anyone got photos of the setup
  9. pulling tires

    i am going to run 23x10.5x12's with steel rims with 23x11x12 rims so would i use tubes or not
  10. pulling tires

    thanks you two by the way baerpath i want to pick your brain for some tips and tricks in the pulling world for wheel horse tractors
  11. pulling tires

    yes or no question and reason for answer,what would be better to run tubes in the rear tires or not
  12. 552 hot rod

    go with the 24's looks more beefy
  13. Made up wheel centers

    nice nice
  14. friends

    martin u do custom wheel horse decals
  15. friends

    that is a problem i can't help u with there KC9KAS send one of these :teasing-neener: